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A day of laughter in kindergarten. April 1: script for children
A day of laughter in kindergarten. April 1: script for children

You must have heard the expression: "Humor is a lifeline on the waves of life." Is it possible to disagree with the words of Antoine de Saint-Exupery? A sense of humor is an important property, it develops in childhood. Therefore, children need fun holidays, such as April Fool's Day. In kindergarten, it is usually held on April 1, because it is on this day that people joke and have fun, are ready to play pranks on each other, come up with funny stories and create funny situations.

day of laughter in kindergarten

Let's start a fun day with exercises

How to spend the funniest holiday in kindergarten - April Fool's Day? In the morning, as soon as the children come to the garden, you can start it, for example, with fun exercises.

What can cheer up the little ones? Instead of the usual educator or physical education instructor, some character can do the exercises. It could be a funny clown orany other hero of children's parties. A bright costume, makeup, a cheerful speech from the very morning will set the children in a cheerful mood and create a festive mood on April Fool's Day in kindergarten.

In addition to the unusual presenter, on this day you can make the complex of exercises funny by replacing the usual movements with funny ones. For example, exercises can be based on imitation of animals. Children will laugh heartily as they run around the hall on all fours barking like dogs, arching their backs and purring like cats, or jumping around like monkeys.

Another way to diversify the morning routine moment, giving it a cheerful mood, is to replace the set of exercises with a disco. Dance music will perfectly cope with the task set before the exercise, wake up the muscles and ligaments, with the help of peppy rhythms the emotional sphere will also wake up. So the day of laughter in kindergarten will begin with positive emotions, joy, fun, laughter and smiles.

The main thing is that the suit fits

laughter day preparatory group

If you warn children and parents in advance, you can arrange a real fun carnival. Let the outfits on this day be not ordinary, but cheerful, causing smiles. Boys can playfully wear dresses and tie bows. A variety of masks, funny noses, horns, unusual hairstyles, socks, caps, gloves and other attributes of fun are welcome.

What a wonderful day

On April 1, April Fool's Day, the script can be written for one group, and maybe for two or three groups. In this case, it will be more interesting for children to see how they preparedother guys and make each other laugh. Groups can be combined by age, for example, invite two older groups to the holiday and arrange humorous competitions for them. You can choose another option when the preparatory group holds a day of laughter for the kids, preparing funny scenes, songs and games for them.

April 1st April Fool's Day script

Funny scenes can be shown by the guys themselves, or maybe fairy-tale characters - adults in disguise. Joke, Smile, Smeshinka and Cheerfulness can come to children. You can involve not only educators, but also parents, grandparents in the performance of roles.

Colorful balloons are the joy of kids

There are many ways to have fun on April 1st. For preschool children, a game program can be held in the hall. April Fool's Day should be felt already in the design. Bright balloons are already a reason for joy, and if you add flowers, children's toys, crafts and smiling photos to the hall, then a festive mood will be created from the very doorstep.

We all come from childhood

Educators, parents and children will be interested in a stand with children's photographs of educators and kindergarten workers. It will be interesting to guess who is who, to find familiar features of adults in children's faces.

In any case, April Fool's Day in kindergarten should be a holiday of fun for children, a special day when you can joke and play a little naughty. And in the evening, the children will share their impressions with their parents and make them smile. Let a sense of humor at least for a little while make this world a little kinder.

1April - April Fool's Day: script

For children of senior preschool age, you can have a very fun holiday. An example program might look like this.


  • Create a cheerful joyful atmosphere.
  • Develop a sense of humor.
  • To develop interaction skills between children and adults.
  • laughter day holiday

The course of the holiday

Children gather in the hall, are divided into 3 groups, sit along three walls, with the letter "P". With this arrangement, it will be easy for everyone to get up and go out for games, each child will clearly see and hear everything that happens.

Host: April 1 is a day of joy and laughter, April 1 is fun and fun. Let's have fun, let's play! And with friends to sing and dance together.

Do you know what day it is? What do they do on this day? (answers guys)

Let's launch a rocket of joy. Team 1 - clap your hands! Well done! Team 2 - slap your knees with your palms. Excellent! Team 3 - stomp your feet! You are doing well! And now all together!

Children make merry noise. Music plays, an alien appears.

Alien: Hello earthlings! I flew to you from the planet Smeslandia (sits on the floor). Why are you sitting on benches? In Smeshland, everyone sits on the floor, come on, and you sit down (children sit on the floor). What is going on with you today? Holiday? And what are you doing? Have fun? How do you have fun?

Presenter: for example, sing songs!

fun day games

Children perform a funa song of the music director's choice.

Alien: And I love to sing! And I know the songs. Let's have a competition!

Who will sing whom?

Alien: Here you are, the first team, sing me a verse of the song “Let them run clumsily” (sing). And let the second team sing a verse of the song “Little Christmas Tree” (sing). And the third team will sing “A grasshopper sat in the grass” (sing). That's lovely! And now we all sing together, at the same time!

Children and adults sing together, it's noisy and fun.

How do animals sing?

Alien: How do animals sing on your planet?

Presenter: And they don’t sing with us…

Alien: How is it? And we sing in Smeshland! Do you have cats? Dogs? Pigs? How do they speak? This is how they will sing. Let's meow the song "Let them run clumsily" like kittens (sing). And now - let's bark like dogs (bark). And now let's grunt like piglets (grunt).

Alien: What else are you doing at the party?

Presenter: dance!

Performing "Seated Dance"

Alien: Do the animals on your planet dance?

Presenter: No!

Alien: And let's dance like in Mishland!

fun day game program

Funny dancing

Alien: First team, dance like hippos (improv). The second team is penguins (dance). The third team is monkeys (children perform movements to the music). You're doing great, and most importantly, have fun! Just like ours, on the planet of Smeshland. And now I tell you riddles aboutI will guess animals…

Make riddles - tricks that have a catch - you want to answer in rhyme, but the answer is completely different.

  1. In winter, a shaggy, clumsy one sees a dream in a den … (bear).
  2. Who loves to rush through the branches? Of course, the redhead… (squirrel).

Alien: It's great that you can sing songs and dance in a fun way! And I know another way to cheer up - games for April Fool's Day! Do you like to play?

Next, one or more games are played.

Alien: Dear guys, I really enjoyed your holiday, but it's time to go home. I will definitely tell my friends, smeslyandtsam, about you. And now let's say goodbye for goodbye!

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