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Interesting script for Children's Day in kindergarten

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Interesting script for Children's Day in kindergarten
Interesting script for Children's Day in kindergarten

The beginning of summer is the most fun time, there are many warm days ahead. The bright sun pleases us with the first tan. Adults are waiting for holidays, and children - holidays. In preschool institutions, the beginning of June is a special day. It is necessary to adjust to the summer mode of operation, form new lists of children, hold a fun event, because June 1 is celebrated annually as Children's Day. The scenario of the holiday in kindergarten is thought out in advance; as a rule, it includes children's performances and surprises. Our article will tell you how to prepare this holiday, offer an option for holding it outdoors.

How to set the mood

You need to prepare for the holiday in advance. Be sure to think over the design that will create a joyful atmosphere in the morning. These can be themed decorations, depending on which scenario is chosen for Children's Day. On the street, at the entrance to the kindergarten, balloons, flags and garlands will please the eye. In the garden itself and in groups, it is also recommended to hang congratulatory posters, organize exhibitions of children's works (drawings, crafts) orphotos.

In addition to the colorful design, music will help create a festive atmosphere. Let your favorite children's songs sound throughout the garden on this day in the morning, making children and adults want to sing along.

The usual morning exercises can be replaced by a small disco. Let the children dance to express their positive emotions.

children's day script

In the hall or outside?

There are many options for how to spend this day. First, decide when you will write a script for Children's Day, whether the action will take place on the street or in the hall. Games, contests and other moments will depend on this.

The place where the festive action will take place must accommodate all the children. The area near the garden is ideal for such an event. Firstly, it is new and unusual for children (outdoor holidays, unfortunately, are held much less frequently than in the hall). Secondly, all children will be able to participate at the same time (only two or three groups would fit in the hall).

The downside of an outdoor event can be considered its dependence on the weather. If it rains, the holiday will have to be canceled or rescheduled. Another disadvantage is the difficulty in performing the songs and dances learned by this day. If the sound amplifying equipment can be taken outside, then the children will be able to dance to the audio recording. Some songs are also performed to the soundtrack. And those that are learned to the accompaniment of a music director playing the piano can sound unaccompanied (a cappella). In addition, they can not be included in the script of the day.child protection.

script children's day in kindergarten

Poems for the holiday

This is the first day of summer, Everyone knows about it, The songs are singing loudly

and read poetry.

We call all the guys to the meadow, warmed by the sun.

Let's collect bunches of herbs and flower bouquets.

We will arrange a round dance - bright, colorful!

Because it's sunny, because it's summer!

It's very good that the sun is shining

And lets bunnies come to us in the morning at the window.

It's very good that the flowers are blooming.

Let the bright summer days decorate!

It's very good that children laugh, Fun and joyful life in this world!

script for children's day on the street

"Hello red summer!" (Children's Day outdoor scenario)

Since the holiday is for children, girls and boys should be in the spotlight. They will be the main characters on this day. Groups are built on the site near the kindergarten. Cheerful music sounds.

The clown Cheery comes out:

- Hey guys! Congratulations on the start of summer! Let's say hello: shout "hello!" and wave the pen.

(Children perform) Wanna have some fun? And how are we going to do it? Maybe you know funny songs or dance?

- Yes!

- Wow! Will you show me?

(Here you can include any poems, songs or dances learned by children in the script of the child's day)

Sad music sounds, clown Sadistka comes out, goes,head down, not looking at anyone.

Cheerful: "Guys, this is my girlfriend (speaking to her), hello! Are you sad again? What is it this time? What happened to you?"

Sad girl: "Hi! (sighs) In the morning I was the most cheerful in the world, and now … (sighs) I found a wonderful flower - each petal of it was different in its color. Surely it is magical! But the wind blew, and that's it the petals were blown away, but I still didn’t have time to make a wish (sighs)!"

Merry: "It was a seven-flower! I know such a fairy tale. Do you guys know? I came up with something! Let's help my friend smile! Let's collect all the petals of a magic flower for her. She says that The wind has blown them away, but we'll find them! Only to get them back, we'll have to complete various tasks. Can you handle it? Then we'll meet here when you collect all the petals!"

children's day holiday script

Petal Picking Game

Further, the script for the day of protection of the child is built in such a way that there are seven points on the garden plot, when a group of children comes to them, they complete the task and receive a petal. Bypassing everything, he collects a seven-color flower.

Children can expect a variety of tasks, they can be met by fairy-tale characters with unusual tasks or just garden workers. The he alth worker asks questions about edible and non-edible berries and mushrooms or about medicinal plants. The music director gives a creative task: to sing, dance, repeat the rhythm or something else. The physical education instructor asks to show the movements of charging,which they will do in the summer.

You can make riddles, play games, solve puzzles. The main thing is that the tasks are feasible, interesting and alternate in types of activity, the mobile should be followed by the intellectual and so on.

Prepare in advance all the props that the script will require. Children's Day in kindergarten should be fun and get the kids in a festive high spirits.

Fly, fly, petal

After collecting all the petals, the children return to the playground. Sad and Cheery come out.

Merry: "How are you doing? Did you manage to collect the petals?"

Kids: "Yes!"

Sad girl: "That's great!"

(clowns are looking at the flowers that the groups got - seven-flowers)

Grustinka: "How many cheerful flowers I saw! And I have only one desire that the summer be warm and cheerful! Just remember the words. How are you … "Fly, fly, petal, from west to east …. » (guys help to remember).

Veselinka: "I thought about it and decided that we would not tear off the petals, it would be better to launch balloons into the sky (takes them out)."

Let's say out loud: "Hello summer!" Children repeat these words together, after which a bunch of colorful balls flies up. At the end, the children perform a song together or some kind of common dance that completes the scenario.

Children's Day in kindergarten can continue with a competition of drawings on asph alt, sand figures or other fun. You can involve parents who organize master classes, teach children how to do someor crafts, model figurines from long balls, apply face painting, weave wreaths, make bouquets.

theatrical script children's day

If the weather is unlucky, you can arrange a holiday in the hall. It can be a puppet show, a concert or a theatrical scenario.

Children's Day is a great occasion to have fun for boys and girls. Let the coming summer bring its surprises and delight you with warmth!

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