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Persil washing powders. Liquid powder "Persil"
Persil washing powders. Liquid powder "Persil"

Washing clothes, linen, household items is a part of every housewife's life. We all know how important it is for the result of our labors to be immediately visible to the naked eye. This means that all stains should be gone from the first wash, and the laundry should look fresh. Unfortunately, not all powders are able to provide such a result. Where as often you have to pre-soak, wash, and also rinse additionally to get rid of the pungent odor. Today we will talk about how Persil powders cope with these tasks. To what extent the price of this promoted brand corresponds to its quality, we will find out the opinion of end users.

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History of the famous company

Persil powders are not a novelty that appeared on TV screens in the 2000s. In fact, the brand recently celebrated its centenary. Back in 1907, Henkel made a real revolution in the world of household chemicals. Based on two active ingredients (sodium silicate and sodium perborate), the world's first composition for washing without tiring friction of linen on the board was created. Released on boilingnumerous air bubbles, which provided delicate whitening. This made it possible to do without chlorine, which means that washing was not accompanied by an unpleasant odor. Even then, Persil powders conquered housewives and firmly entered the lives of Europeans. By the way, the brand name comes from the name of its components, perborate and silicate. So it has been preserved unchanged to this day.

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In step with the times

The formula remained unchanged for a long time, only in 1959 a new, heavy-duty synthetic formula appeared. Powders "Persil" began to evolve rapidly. Now formulated with synthetic anionic surfactants and a fresh fragrance.

The technological revolution was preparing a new test for manufacturers. Already in 1969, the mass production of washing machines began. Washing powder "Persil" instantly adapted to the requirements of the time, including foam inhibitors in the composition, which were designed to regulate this process when the temperature changes. It was a must for machine wash.

In the 70s, surprises again awaited consumers. Washing powder "Persil" with a new formula has become able to penetrate deep into the fibers of the fabric and ensure the removal of complex stains. An additional bonus was special additives that protected the washing machine from corrosion. Since the aggressive components that were then used in the powder quickly disabled an expensive washing machine, this was a very important point.

Achievements of our time

We all remember advertising for Henkel products from the 90s. Every year the product got better and better. First of all, the concentration of active substances increased, now the powder is consumed more economically. In addition, fragrances were no longer added to the composition. As the variety of fabrics grew, the bleaching powder was no longer able to meet all the requirements. Manufacturers have launched a special series that contains an inhibitor of fabric fading. Thus, colored fabrics do not stain those that are washed with them and retain their brightness longer. Once again, the company surprised its customers, as until now the powders have not been separated depending on the types of fabric for which they are intended.

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Henkel worked hard to increase the concentration of active substances, so in 1994 the powder was replaced by granules. Now, instead of 290 ml, it took about 90 ml per wash. Then the company thought about people suffering from allergies, dermatological diseases and asthma. A separate series has appeared that can be used to wash baby clothes. Since 2000, Russia, using German technology, began to produce Persil powder. Consumer reviews highly appreciated this tool. Now it is able to provide perfect whiteness at just 40ºC. This was a significant breakthrough, as it allows you to seriously save. Clothes at this temperature wear out less and last longer, in addition, you pay less for electricity. Finally appears in 2010new formula with intelligent stain removal system. This is where the evolution of the powder stops for now.

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Laundry detergent: options on the market

The stores offer a wide selection of Henkel products, in particular, today we are talking about Persil powder. Reviews show that so far it is the usual form of detergent, powder or granules, that is the most purchased. Among them are formulas for automatic and hand washing, colored and white fabrics, as well as universal formulations. All these tools do a very good job with their primary task, namely, they perfectly wash stains. But at the same time, the housewives note a significant minus - this is an unpleasant, pungent smell of linen after washing. To solve this problem, set the extra rinse mode more often. Another drawback noted by those who use Persil powder is the price. She's actually quite tall. Of the entire Henkel family of household products, these products occupy the highest price category.

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Gel Persil EXPERT

Another option on the market is the gel formula of the familiar powder. Concentrated gel provides excellent washing quality, in addition, it is hypoallergenic. That is why it is often chosen by people suffering from allergic reactions and having sensitive skin. It is also indispensable when washing baby clothes. This is a very famous Persil powder. Its price is slightly higher than the usual one, ingranules, but it is well rinsed out, leaves no traces and smell. For washing, a measuring cap is used. The agent is poured into it, after which the cap is placed in the drum. For hand washing, add one cap per 10 liters of water.

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Persil EXPERT Color Gel

This is a concentrated color washing gel. Thanks to its thick formula, it effectively removes stains with minimal consumption. A special stain remover removes even the most stubborn stains while keeping colors vibrant. Like any other "liquid powder" "Persil", this product is well rinsed out of the fabric, does not leave an unpleasant odor and marks on the fabric.

Persil expert duo-capsules washing powder

Another popular formula today is capsules. In principle, this is the same gel, only enclosed in a special shell. Convenient, you do not need to measure the amount and use special caps, just throw the capsule into the drum. The composition includes a stain remover. Capsules are ideal for white and light colored laundry. As a result, you get snow-white linen, your favorite summer clothes look perfect over and over again, without the effect of washing and gray plaque. Does not require pre-soaking or bleaching. Can be washed from 20 degrees.

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Economy packages

We examined a variety of Persil powders, types, methods of application, advantages and disadvantages. If apowders in granules are often accused of being difficult to rinse, leaving an unpleasant odor, while gel analogues can only be blamed for their high market value. However, liquid powders in large packages, for example 5 liters, are considered the most profitable today. If you count the number of washings, you get a very small amount. Add money savings on electricity, because you can wash at a temperature of 20-30 degrees and get a great result. And low water temperatures, in turn, protect the fabric from premature fading, deformation and wear. Thus, you get quite serious bonuses. Be sure to try Persil washing powder. Hostess reviews recommend it for use.

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