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Good mattresses for newborns: characteristics of fillers and manufacturers rating

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Good mattresses for newborns: characteristics of fillers and manufacturers rating
Good mattresses for newborns: characteristics of fillers and manufacturers rating

At the birth of a child, they must buy a crib. And every mother wants to choose the best mattress in the crib for a newborn. A small child spends a lot of time lying down, so parents should approach the choice of a mattress responsibly. Filler, size, stiffness and manufacturer reviews should be taken into account.

Orthopedic properties of the mattress

Standard dimensions for a baby crib mattress are 120 x 60 cm. If the crib is the same size, the mattress will fit. If the bed was made to order, then you should check the parameters. If there is a mismatch, the mattress will have to be sewn to order. The distance between the sides and the mattress should be no more than 0.5 cm.

good mattress for newborn baby

A soft mattress is contraindicated for a newborn. This can negatively affect a fragile spine. Therefore, if the question arose of which mattress is best for a newborn, then you should choose hard or moderately hard. For a baby, firmsurface to maintain he alth.

Choosing the best filler

Good mattresses for newborns should have the following features:

  • have good ventilation;
  • be waterproof or have a waterproof cover;
  • the cover should not have rough seams;
  • should be free of small parts that a child can tear off;
  • mattress surface should be made of natural fabrics and be durable;
  • do not contain chemicals used to control insects;
  • be hypoallergenic.

Types of mattress filling that are on sale:

  • cotton wool;
  • foam;
  • coconut;
  • struttofiber;
  • horse hair.

Mattresses with a jacquard cover are recognized as the best mattresses for newborns. In the reviews of mothers who have already bought these, it is indicated that it is better to give preference to double-sided copies. In winter, you can use an insulated surface, and in summer a cooler surface. Simply turn the mattress over.

Wadded mattresses

Such are still popular. The filler is natural and cheap. It is bought if parents want to choose a good mattress for a newborn baby at the best price. But in this case, a cheaper option may have a negative impact on the comfort and he alth of the baby.

Wadding often rolls off, from this the surface of the product is deformed. Tubercles appear that will negatively affect the formation of the spine of the newborn.

This filler easily absorbs odors and moisture. If an “accident” happens, it will become difficult to ventilate and dry such a mattress. Moisture will provoke the appearance and reproduction of microorganisms and dust mites. For a baby, meeting with them can provoke allergic reactions.

Foam mattress

Good mattresses for newborns should be safe. Foam rubber is an artificial material, the basis of which is processed polyurethane foam. The mattress can consist entirely of foam rubber or contain only one layer of it.

There is still no clear answer about the dangers of artificial filler. Many believe that it releases substances dangerous to the body, but there is no scientific evidence for this.

what is the best mattress for a newborn baby

The main advantage of foam rubber is its low price and the ability of polyurethane to restore its original shape. The porous structure of the mattress filler has a high degree of elasticity and density. Even after an adult rests on it, it takes on its original form. And also polyurethane foam has low moisture permeability. If it gets wet, it is enough just to remove and wash the cover. The mattress will remain in its original form.

Among the shortcomings, it can be noted that the material does not like prolonged contact with moisture. It is destroyed. For the same reason, direct sunlight should be avoided. But mattresses are usually not stored in the sun.

With prolonged use, the foam is still deformed, so the life of the mattress is 3 years.But this disadvantage does not apply to products for newborns. For more than 3 years, the mattress for babies has not been used.


While wondering which mattress is best for a newborn, many parents prefer coconut coir. This type of filler is natural, formed by pressing coconut fibers.

mattress with coconut

The main and, perhaps, the only advantage is the correct distribution of weight over the entire surface of the bed. In addition to natural coconut, artificial latex is used to connect the fibers. There is an opinion that the last component provokes the appearance of allergic reactions in the newborn. If you smell rubber when buying, then it is better to opt for another mattress.

One of the varieties of coconut mattress is biococo. It is a mixture of natural fibers and polyester. It does not allow bacteria and mites to multiply, does not emit harmful substances, and does not cause allergies. Withstands moisture, which is an important indicator when choosing a good mattress for newborns. And also the material is easily ventilated and does not absorb odors.

Cocoon mattress

This is a pretty interesting device for babies who love to sleep next to their mother. The design is an oval "nest" with sides. Thanks to this, the baby can be carried from one place to another or rocked on his knees.

mattress cocoon

This mattress is not basic. It is designed to make life easier for mom, allows the baby to fall asleep in a comfortableergonomic posture. Natural materials are used for its manufacture. Due to the small size, it is easy to wash. But not all mothers welcome such an innovation because of its high cost. There is an opinion that you can do without a cocoon mattress.


Parents who cannot choose which children's mattress is best for a newborn should pay attention to struttofiber. Today, it is the highest quality filler in the production of such items.

The mattress consists of two planes, between which there are vertical fibers. The weight distribution is similar to the independent spring block, which is the best choice for children's spine.

A distinctive feature of the new material is wear resistance and durability. To give additional properties, natural components are added to the fiber. Linen keeps you feeling cool, while goat hair makes it warm.

Positive qualities of struttofiber:

  • has elasticity;
  • recovers shape easily;
  • moisture resistant;
  • does not rot;
  • does not encourage dust mites;
  • affordable.

Coconut coir can be used as a supplement. This mattress does not require special care.

Horse hair products

Mattresses based on horsehair keep their shape well and are elastic. Passes air and does not retain smells. Horse hair practically does not absorb moisture. It is the most hygienic among other fillers. AdditionallyLatex can be used to increase durability and minimize allergic reactions.

orthopedic mattress

If latex predominates over other fillers, then the mattress will not be able to provide sufficient rigidity, which good mattresses for newborns have. At the same time, such devices are not cheap.

Springless mattresses

These are suitable for both very young children and preschoolers. The main filler is polyurethane foam and coconut fiber. Parents have to decide which mattress is best for a newborn. Consumer reviews of this type of mattress are mostly positive. Felt or wool can be used as an additional layer.

Some manufacturers offer asymmetrical mattresses, one side of which is made at an angle. It is comfortable for newborns.

A baby needs a hard mattress. Therefore, preference should be given to coconut fillers.

When inspecting a mattress in a store, you need to make sure the quality of the materials used. You can request certificates of conformity from sellers. It is advisable to choose a manufacturer who has been manufacturing mattresses for a long time and has proven itself on the positive side.

Spring Mattress

Spring mattresses are a universal model. Suitable for newborns and older children. Due to the small weight of the newborn, the springs do not play a big role. The main pressure falls on the layer that is located on top.

Spring blocks are divided into dependent andindependent. What is the best mattress for a newborn? A mattress with a dependent spring block does not have an orthopedic effect. This type appeared a long time ago and has been tested by many people. During operation, a creak appears and over time the mattress sags. The weight of the newborn will not allow the mattress to quickly become unusable, so this type is acceptable. But it should be remembered that the springs should not protrude, and the last layer should be stiff enough.

Mattresses with springs, each of which is hidden in a separate cover, have gained great popularity. These mattresses are more expensive. The number of springs is much greater than in the dependent block. Each of them does not depend on the neighboring one and independently receives the load. Due to this, this type of mattress has a pronounced orthopedic effect.

spring mattress

When choosing a spring mattress, you should give preference to a product with the characteristics of 300 springs per 1 m2. Lower rates are considered a budget option and have nothing to do with orthotics.

Quality spring mattresses:

  • products are durable with proper care;
  • to be repaired;
  • price ranges from economy to premium;
  • it is not recommended to jump on such mattresses, because they will become unusable very quickly.

Rating of the best producers

Based on consumer feedback, selected the best mattresses for newborns. The ranking of the best manufacturers is given below:

  1. Russian producer "Bottle Dolphin Baiu-Bai"leads with a score of 9, 8 out of 10. Such a mattress is springless and multi-layered. It consists of natural coconut, polyurethane foam, latex. The layers are stitched in such a way that the deflection of the mattress occurs only along. The absence of glue makes the product hypoallergenic. It has 2 sides and a jacquard cover. The main disadvantage is the high price.
  2. Italbaby Jolly Plus is a quality hypoallergenic mattress for the little ones. The rating is 9.7 points. As part of polyurethane foam, which has sufficient rigidity for the back of the baby. Does not accumulate moisture, does not allow microorganisms to multiply. Suitable for babies with a tendency to allergies and often ill children. Has a removable cover.
  3. Lapsi Cocolatex Lux consists of natural latex and coconut coir. The natural cover contains cottonseed and cellulose, which contribute to the durability of the product. The mattress is bilateral, possesses "effect of memory". The breathable cover does not allow moisture to accumulate. If necessary, it can be removed for washing. Mattress rating - 9.6 points.
  4. "Plitex Junior" is a budget children's mattress, almost as good as other manufacturers in quality. Consists of coconut fiber impregnated with natural latex. Possesses orthopedic properties. The only downside is that the calico case is too thin. The consumer rating is 9.4 points.

Tips for choosing a mattress

Parents face a difficult choice, because they need to know which mattress is best for a newborn baby and how not to overpay. When evaluating all factors, one should take into accountfollowing points. The child can wet the bed, therefore, the mattress must not absorb moisture, otherwise there is a risk that the product will become unsuitable for further use. You can buy a waterproof mattress pad to avoid this situation, but this is an additional cost.

latex mattress

The model should support the baby's back well, be tough enough. When buying, there should be no foreign smell, extra elements, coarse locks, small fasteners.

Baby will sleep in a crib for 1 to 3 years. Therefore, you need to be sure of the quality of the product. At the same time, you should choose in the price category that is acceptable for parents.

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