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We eat semolina: from how many months can children be given?

We eat semolina: from how many months can children be given?
We eat semolina: from how many months can children be given?

You can often hear from today's grandparents that in their time, babies were raised exclusively on semolina and gave it to children every day and twice a day.

Porridge: not as easy as it seems

At the same time, modern pediatricians say that it is with this dish that one should be more careful - its composition is not as simple as it seems, and the product itself is rather difficult to perceive. Because of such a difference in opinion, the question involuntarily arises: "Semolina porridge from how many months can be given to children and in what quantity?"

semolina porridge from how many months can be given

According to the data obtained by nutritionists, it is semolina porridge with very frequent use that can change the intestinal microflora (due to the phytin it contains). Thus, it limits the intake of vitamins in the body. Vitamin D especially affects the process - it is well known that its deficiency in a baby can lead to the development of rickets. Another manifestation of an “overdose” of semolina is frequent colds at an older age.

Waiting for up to a year

At the same time, parents know that kids are very fond of semolina. Sohow many months can you give a child such a dish? Of course, each parent himself is looking for answers to such questions, trying not to listen to the advice of others in order to save the nervous system. This will also happen in a situation where he will decide how much semolina porridge can be given to his baby. However, it is still desirable to listen to the opinion of pediatricians. And they say that it is undesirable to start the introduction of complementary foods with semolina porridge.

semolina porridge porridge since how many months

Not only does it contain gluten, which can cause allergies in an unprepared organism, it is also cooked with the obligatory addition of milk. And for a baby who is just starting to try adult food, it is advisable to give dairy-free cereals for testing. Otherwise, you can easily provoke the appearance of loose stools, and even indigestion.

And especially for those who wondered about how many months semolina porridge can be given to a baby, pediatricians have indicated the optimal age - 12 months and older. Moreover, in this age interval, it is important to strictly dose the amount of the product eaten by the baby. At the age of three, the child can eat this porridge in unlimited quantities - by this time his intestines are already mature enough to carry it in large quantities.

Children - harm, and adults - benefit?

Think about why semolina porridge was so popular three decades ago? Porridge from how many months was given to babies? The children were fed with it from a very early age, simply because it was quickly prepared and was not in short supply.In addition, she helped babies who were thinner to gain weight faster.

By the way, there is no point in denying its useful properties - the product is made from wheat, which has been cleaned and carefully ground. Semolina porridge is still considered a dietary product in the world of adults, which even doctors advise to use after operations.

how much can semolina

Maybe that's why our mothers and grandmothers (unlike the generation of modern mothers) were not tormented by looking at semolina - how many months can you give? They did not take into account only the fact that due to the sensitivity and immaturity of the baby's gastrointestinal tract, he althy semolina loses all its best properties for him.

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