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Upland uterus for conception: how to take, reviews
Upland uterus for conception: how to take, reviews

The birth of a child is a great happiness for any family, which some couples have been waiting for years. Unfortunately, in recent years, cases of treatment of spouses diagnosed with infertility to medical centers for human reproduction have become more frequent. Moreover, this problem occurs not only in women, but also in men. Not all couples become parents after long-term treatment and turn to traditional medicine as a last resort. And she, in turn, offers to use a plant that was well known in Russia to our ancestors - a hog uterus. For conception, women used it everywhere and knew several ways to prepare tinctures and decoctions on it. Modern medicine considers herbal medicine to be a very controversial method to get rid of the problem and achieve the desired pregnancy. However, the opinions of experts are refuted by happy women who left theirreviews about the upland uterus (for conception, by the way, obstetricians often prescribe it when all other methods have already been tried).

We tried to carefully study this issue and give our readers the most truthful information. Today we will tell you how to take the upland uterus for conception, in what situations it will be justified, and also describe how to prepare it.

problems with conception

Let's talk about infertility

In Russia, approximately three million people are unsuccessfully trying to have children and have a history of infertility. The saddest thing is that mostly young couples face this problem. Moreover, earlier infertility was diagnosed mainly only for people over thirty-five years old. Since the disease has become much younger and can significantly worsen the demographic situation in the country, it is being seriously de alt with at the state level. But, unfortunately, quite often traditional medicine turns out to be powerless and then the spouses turn to the old proven methods that have been used since antiquity for conception.

The upland uterus is used for these purposes most often. Many drink it along with sage and red brush. These plants also help to find the happiness of motherhood, effectively coping with many problems of the female reproductive system, which are often simply called "infertility". Although, in fact, this can only be discussed in cases where a woman has had her uterus or appendages removed. In all other cases, pregnancy can occur if problems are solved,preventing conception.

Experts advise couples to start worrying about difficulty getting pregnant if pregnancy doesn't occur after a year of trying. The couple must have unprotected sex at least twice a week. In such cases, the doctor prescribes an examination to the spouses to identify a factor preventing conception. From a medical point of view, if there are no problems, thirty percent of couples get pregnant in three months of trying, sixty percent of couples get pregnant in seven months, and only ten percent by the end of twelve months. If you have already consulted doctors, then you should not panic, because in fact there are quite a few causes of infertility and most of them are treatable.

causes of infertility

Reasons for infertility diagnosis

Even long-term followers of traditional medicine believe that before taking a boron uterus for conception (reviews give information that it is very effective), it is necessary to understand what exactly prevents pregnancy. And for this you need to undergo a series of examinations that can reveal the following causes of infertility:

  • Disturbances in the endocrine system.
  • Adhesions that caused obstruction of the fallopian tubes.
  • Infections of the reproductive system.
  • Endometriosis.
  • Immune problems.
  • Increased anxiety and suspiciousness.

Some of these problems can only be solved thanks to special procedures and medicines, but many are completely solvable with the help of a hog uterus(for conception, it must be drunk according to a special scheme in combination with other herbs). Below we will analyze in detail all the voiced causes of infertility and tell you in what situations it will be justified to turn to traditional medicine.

Pregnancy and hormones

We think it's not a secret for anyone that all our vital activity is regulated by hormones. They are produced by various organs and our weight, height, mood, libido and so on depend on how they function. When we talk about pregnancy, it is very important that the hormonal background is normal in different periods of the menstrual cycle. In the first phase, the level of estradiol increases sharply. It is responsible for conception and decreases sharply after ovulation. In the second phase, an increase in progesterone is observed, with a lack of it, a woman will not be able to maintain a pregnancy and a miscarriage will occur at the earliest possible date. Therefore, first of all, the doctor will prescribe hormone tests for the woman who came to the appointment in order to confirm or refute the assumption of hormonal disruptions in the body.

Modern medicine makes it possible to accurately diagnose such problems and can correct violations with the help of drugs. However, not all women easily tolerate such drugs, so they have to use the old methods available to our great-grandmothers.

They used sage and hogweed to conceive. In combination, these two plants were very effective due to their phytohormones. They are found in all plants and can significantly change the hormonal background of people. But not to hurt yourselfyou need to know what to apply for certain problems. For example, if you are not fully producing estrogen, then in the first phase of the cycle, start taking sage. It will increase the level of this hormone in the blood, which will help pregnancy. In addition, it is sage that suppresses the production of prolactin, a hormone that relaxes the muscles of the uterus. Usually, its concentration increases markedly in pregnant women before childbirth, it signals the body that the baby is ready to be born and starts the lactation process. However, for those who only dream of a child, an increased concentration of prolactin can become a serious obstacle to conception.

Upland uterus can be started to drink in the second half of the menstrual cycle. The medicinal plant has a wide range of effects on the female body, but the main ones are its ability to suppress the immune system, which can reject both spermatozoa and the fetus, and contribute to the fixation of the egg in the uterus after fertilization. However, remember that after conception, the boron uterus should be stopped immediately.

upland queen in bags

Obstruction and adhesions

These problems are often encountered by women who dream of becoming pregnant. As practice shows, in most cases it is the voiced violations that become an obstacle to conception. But doctors do not recommend drinking the upland uterus to solve the problem. The fact is that the plant has the ability to increase the patency of the tubes, but in situations where you have adhesions, this can cause an ectopic pregnancy.

Therefore, obstruction of the fallopian tubes and adhesions must be treated with traditional methods. In addition, modern medicine has a wide arsenal of tools that contribute to the complete cure of a woman. If you consult a doctor in time, you will be given an almost 100% guarantee that within a year you will be able to experience the happiness of motherhood.

Infectious processes

The female reproductive system is very sensitive to various bacteria, viruses, weather conditions and other factors that cause inflammation of the pelvic organs. In turn, they lead to cycle failure, ovarian dysfunction, and adhesions. If the doctor suspects you have a similar problem, then in order to eliminate it, he will need to find out the cause of the inflammatory process in the body. There are basically two of them:

  • Sexually transmitted infections. These include such common and well-known names as "mycoplasmosis", "chlamydia" and the like. Since in most cases they are asymptomatic, they manage to cause significant harm to the body.
  • Tuberculosis of the genital organs. It is quite difficult to identify this disease, because its symptoms are disguised as ordinary fatigue and beriberi. Women feel increased fatigue, periodic mild pain here and there, and sometimes a slight increase in body temperature. In order to determine tuberculosis of the genital organs, a special doctor is needed, who are sorely lacking in Russian clinics.

The use of a boron uterus for conception in case of detectioninfectious diseases is justified. It has a pronounced anti-inflammatory and antimicrobial effect, boosts the immune system and at the same time is an antiseptic. However, doctors advise only to supplement the traditional treatment regimen with the upland uterus. After all, it is almost impossible to cope with the infection with one medicinal herb.

infertility treatment


This disease can become a serious obstacle to pregnancy, so its treatment must be taken with full responsibility. The cause of endometriosis doctors call a failure in the hormonal system. As a result, in the first phase of the cycle, a woman has an excess of estrogen, and in the second - a noticeable lack of progesterone. If you are interested in how to take a boron uterus for conception in this case, then be very careful. The disease should be treated with hormonal drugs and a doctor should prescribe them. In combination with a hog uterus, they can have the opposite effect and completely disrupt hormone production. In very rare cases, doctors themselves recommend a course of treatment with a hog uterus, but in parallel, he prescribes medications that “do not conflict” with grass.

Immune problems

It is extremely rare for a woman to experience malfunctions in the immune system and her partner's spermatozoa are perceived by her as something hostile that needs to be blocked when entering the body. As a result, pregnancy never occurs.

You should not look for how to drink a boron uterus for conception in this case. The effectiveness of a medicinal plant in such problems is extremelylow. Therefore, it is better to use traditional methods of treatment and delay the process for many years, resorting to traditional medicine.

Psychological problems

It is not uncommon for women to experience increased anxiety associated with a future pregnancy. They worry that they will not be able to bear the baby, they fear for his he alth and the upcoming birth. Such ladies often “sit” on pregnancy forums, where girls like to tell all kinds of horror stories. In this regard, psychological problems arise that prevent the onset of pregnancy, although physically a woman can be absolutely he althy and ready to conceive.

In such situations, judging by the reviews, the upland uterus for conception will have a kind of placebo effect. The woman will think that now she and the unborn baby are not in danger and will relax. As a result, pregnancy comes easily and naturally.

reception of a boron uterus

Upland uterus for men

For conception, not only women drink the tincture and decoction of this herb. It is also indicated for men who have some he alth problems and who want to have he althy offspring.

The upland uterus helps future fathers with diagnoses of infertility, cystitis, inflammatory diseases of the kidneys (including pyelonephritis) and inflammation of the bladder. In addition, an infusion or decoction of this plant will help to cope with ulcers, diseases of the liver and bladder.

boron uterus tincture

Features of the hog uterus

Of course, there are always people who are skeptical aboutherbal medicine. But still, even they do not undertake to challenge the effectiveness of such treatment. However, it should be borne in mind that only a doctor can give all the information about the use of the boron uterus (we will tell you how to take this herb for conception a little later). Ideally, he should recommend treatment to patients with this folk remedy. Women need to understand that the upland uterus will have to drink for at least two to three months in a row. Treatment with any herb is a very long process and the result will not be noticeable before two courses.

If we briefly describe the healing properties of the hog uterus, we can note the following: normalization of the cycle, getting rid of ovarian cysts, polyps and cervical erosion, alleviates the symptoms of premenstrual syndrome and is an effective antiseptic. As you can see, this plant can solve a lot of he alth problems, but when using it, you need to follow a number of rules.

Before starting treatment, be sure to get tested for hormones and consult a doctor. After two months of using the hog uterus, take the tests again and do an ultrasound of the reproductive organs.

Be aware that even herbs have contraindications and can cause a severe allergic reaction. Be prepared for this and stop treatment immediately if the first symptoms appear.

The upland uterus will be especially effective with a high level of estrogen in the first phase of the cycle. If the level of hormones is low, then the herb will lower it even more. But in the second phase, a tincture or decoction will not hurt and will have the desired effect.

If you are undergoing treatment for an inflammatorydiseases of the pelvic organs, then carefully protect yourself. During this period, the onset of pregnancy will be undesirable. After a course of treatment and good tests, you can begin to prepare for conception.

Remember that during menstruation, the boron uterus cannot be used. It can cause severe bleeding, which can only be stopped after hospitalization.

If you wish, you can use a boron uterus and a red brush for conception at the same time. These two plants are a great combination and together give a very good result.

decoction preparation

Upland uterus for conception: tincture, teas and tablets

It is believed that the best way to take the herb is in the form of an alcohol tincture. It is sold in many pharmacies, but anyone can make their own at home. To do this, you will need fifty grams of boron uterus and half a liter of forty-degree alcohol. All ingredients are mixed in a bottle and placed in a dark, cool place for three weeks. Periodically, the tincture needs to be shaken. After the specified period, the solution is filtered and taken thirty drops three times a day.

Ready-made bagged teas with a pine forest can be found in any city, but it's still better to make a decoction yourself. In this case, you will get much more benefit. The broth must be prepared strictly according to the instructions. It usually says that to obtain concentrated tea, you need one tablespoon of dry boron uterus, filled with water at a temperature of eighty degrees. All this goes through the process of boiling on waterbath for about ten minutes, then the mixture must be infused (at least four hours). The resulting tea is taken five times a day, one tablespoon.

Some women prefer dietary supplements with boron uterus extract. Experienced herbalists question their effectiveness, but the ladies themselves who use them speak very positively about this form of treatment.

If we analyze the reviews about the upland uterus, they are almost equally divided into positive and neutral. Some women describe that they were able to get rid of he alth problems during the treatment and successfully conceived a child. And others did not notice a pronounced effect and could not find the happiness of motherhood even after several courses of boron uterus. Therefore, we believe that readers should decide for themselves whether they should rely on traditional medicine for such important issues as infertility.

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