What are cotton gloves for?

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What are cotton gloves for?
What are cotton gloves for?

Video: What are cotton gloves for?

Video: What are cotton gloves for?
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Many women have recently complained that the skin of their hands does not look perfect. Various cracks and redness, itching and often pain, peeling - this is not the whole list of inconveniences that female representatives have to deal with in the daily performance of household and professional duties.

On the skin of the hands can be negatively affected not only by dust and dirt, but also detergents, cleaning tools, washing powders, cold, wind … How to protect yourself from the negative effects of external factors? It turns out that hands look much better if cotton gloves are used. Of course, you can’t wash floors, dishes, and do laundry in them. They are intended for the most part to eliminate the consequences of the negative impact of aggressive detergents and climatic conditions.

cotton gloves
cotton gloves

Varieties of cotton gloves

You should know that there are various types of similar products on sale. After all, they are used not only for cosmetic purposes:

  • Laboratory assistants cannot do without cotton gloves. Non-slip and thin products allow you to freelyhandle a variety of test tubes while protecting your hands from chemicals and sera.
  • Cotton hand gloves have taken root in medical practice. They are often used as a backing for latex gloves.
  • Cotton products are widely used by professional massage therapists.
  • Representatives of trade establishments and public catering also appreciated cotton protection for hands. White gloves made of natural fabrics on their hands are not uncommon.
use of cotton gloves
use of cotton gloves

As you can see, the choice of functions for cotton products is large. Before buying, you need to decide for what purpose they are needed, and in what conditions they will be used in the future.

Which to choose?

To choose from, sellers today offer the following types of gloves:

  • laboratory;
  • medical;
  • household;
  • cosmetic.

At the same time, they can be designed for both single use and reusable.

Size grid

Products have not only different purposes, but also different dimensional characteristics. The sizes of cotton gloves are as follows:

  • S - small palm.
  • M - middle palm.
  • L - large palm.
  • XL - standard male palm.

Dimensional grid may vary depending on the manufacturer. Glove packages indicate the length of the product, width, as well as marks by which you can determine the size of your palm.

An example of the use of gloves incosmetic purposes

Cosmetic purpose of cotton gloves is to ensure a lasting effect from the use of medical products. This is true for peeling of the skin of the hands, redness, cracking, cuts, minor injuries. Cosmetic gloves made of natural cotton fibers have a porous fine structure, which allows the skin of the hands to breathe even when applying creams, gels, various masks and healing agents.

gloves cotton sizes
gloves cotton sizes

Here are a few tips on how to properly use cotton products to improve the skin of your hands:

  • They are worn mostly at night.
  • Only clean items may be used in each procedure. Disposables are replaced with a new pair. Reusables require washing and heat treatment before the procedure.
  • Gloves should be worn on the hands after the cosmetic is well absorbed into the skin.

It should be noted that cotton products help to fight not only with household damage to the skin of the hands, but also with medical problems - diathesis, eczema, allergies, mycosis. Regular procedures with their use accelerate the process of healing and regeneration of the epidermis. Natural gloves are the best hand protection for a wide range of uses.