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Dielectric gloves - reliable protection against electric shocks
Dielectric gloves - reliable protection against electric shocks

Dielectric gloves - one of the means to protect against current when working with electrical installations. They are made from special rubber, which includes substances that give the product elasticity and electrical strength, however, such a material tends to collapse under the action of oils, gasoline, heat or mechanical stress.

dielectric gloves
dielectric gloves

Dielectric gloves according to their purpose are of two types:

  • Suitable for use in electrical installations where the voltage is not more than 1000 V.
  • Suitable for electrical installations where the voltage is higher than 1000 V. In this case, dielectric gloves serve as an additional means of protection when working with basic safety equipment (high voltage indicators, rods, protective and electrical clamps, etc.).

Without the use of additional protective equipment, an independent isolating device is used when working with disconnector drives, circuit breakers and other equipment where the voltage is more than 1000 V.

To do this, the gloves are worn to their full depth,pulled on the sleeves of the clothes. It is unacceptable to roll up the bell.

On sale you can find several types of this protective agent:

  • seamless dielectric gloves;
  • seamed;
  • two-toed;
  • five-fingered.

Regardless of this, there are the same requirements for all types of gloves:

  • their length must be at least 350 cm;
  • mandatory presence of marking;
  • glove size should be such that knitted gloves can be worn under them, for example, when working in the cold;
  • The bell should be wide enough to fit over the sleeve.
seamless dielectric gloves
seamless dielectric gloves

Dielectric gloves: features of use

Before use, they should be carefully examined for mechanical damage, dirt and lack of moisture, and also check for punctures: twist the gloves towards the fingers.

Each time before use, dielectric gloves should be checked by filling them with air to identify through holes that can cause electric shock.

To protect against mechanical damage, it is permissible to wear leather or canvas mittens over dielectric gloves.

Periodically wash gloves in soapy water and dry.

How to test dielectric gloves

They must be completely immersed in a bath of warm water. Water is also poured into the gloves. Whereinthe water level both inside and outside of the gloves should be five centimeters below the top edges, which should remain dry.

dielectric gloves
dielectric gloves

For one minute, a test voltage of 6 kV is applied between the body of the bath and the electrode, which is lowered inside the glove. If desired, it is possible to simultaneously test several pairs at once, but it is necessary to control the value of the current passing through each glove. It should be no more than 6 mA.

In case of breakdown or exceeding the rated current, gloves are rejected, and their further operation is strictly prohibited.

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