Flowers for a first date: dating etiquette, whether to give flowers, choice of flowers and bouquet options

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Flowers for a first date: dating etiquette, whether to give flowers, choice of flowers and bouquet options
Flowers for a first date: dating etiquette, whether to give flowers, choice of flowers and bouquet options

Video: Flowers for a first date: dating etiquette, whether to give flowers, choice of flowers and bouquet options

Video: Flowers for a first date: dating etiquette, whether to give flowers, choice of flowers and bouquet options
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Whatever the age of a person, a first date is always exciting. Therefore, preparation for it takes quite a lot of time. And if we talk about what a man needs to analyze, then this is the question: what flowers to give on a first date and whether it is worth it at all.

A matter of etiquette

If before the rules of etiquette depended on what class a person belongs to, now they have become more situational. There are certain rules of conduct and situations in which they must be observed. If you draw a line, then all facets of etiquette on a first date come down to a few simple theses.

First of all, all your command and appearance should speak of respect for your companion. Remember that the original rules of etiquette appeared during the time of chivalry. Then love was required from a man. And all his behavior emphasized this, even in deciding what flowers to give on a first date.

Accordingly, in our time, when knighthood, unfortunately, has already been abolished, if you want to lookas a cultured person who knows etiquette, your behavior should emphasize precisely the fact that you are the same prince on a white horse that the girl wants to meet. If we talk about flowers, then just handing her a "broom" of an incomprehensible look and content is a complete non-observance of etiquette.

Now in the vastness of the Web, it is increasingly possible to meet the opinion of girls who emphasize that no self-respecting man will appear on a first date empty-handed. At the same time, it is noted: the best thing that can be in the hands of a man is a bouquet. This behavior sets the right tone for the whole date. Therefore, the question of whether flowers are needed for a first date is not even discussed.

Second thesis - no bulky bouquets. Remember that even the most chic bouquet can become a key to contention. Why?

what flowers for a first date
what flowers for a first date

No big bouquets

After flowers are presented, the first date will continue. This means that with this load the girl will have to walk with you. If it will be a huge bouquet, guess who will wear it and who will be embarrassed for it. Do you want a fancy gift to ruin your very first day of dating?

So if you want to give flowers on your first date, don't try to increase your value by purchasing a huge bouquet. One flower or a small bunch is enough.

first date and flowers
first date and flowers

Talking gift

If we go back to history, there is an opinion that in the Victorian era, the best way to tell abouttheir feelings, it was to give a bouquet. And not just the first flower that came across. It was necessary to pick up such a plant, looking at which, the girl could understand everything. This was especially important when flowers were needed for a first date.

It's amazing, but some girls are still looking for a hidden meaning in the presented flowers. Since this is the first date, you cannot know for sure if the girl understands these subtleties. Therefore, when choosing which flowers to give on a first date, it is better not to risk it.

If we talk about the color palette, it has long been established that the best shades to use are white, pink, pale purple. Let the flowers reflect your tenderness, not passion.


Increasingly, you can see that modern guys prefer to give wildflowers on their first date. And it's great, actually. Why?

At all times, these plants were the emblem of innocence, tenderness, timidity. The guys who presented such bouquets always appeared in the form of a romantic hero. Agree, lately it is not so often possible to meet a man who still retains some share of romanticism. And if we remember that the presented flowers are an observance of the etiquette that came from the time of chivalry, then the scale of such a gift is greatly expanded.

giving flowers on a first date
giving flowers on a first date

Flowers in pots

One of the latest fashion trends is fresh flowers. Many girls defend the idea that giving flowers on a first date is a kind of murder. For suchlovely ladies, you can give a flower in a pot. Here, however, it is worth considering that if a cactus is chosen, even if it blooms, the girl may think that this is a hint of her nasty character.

To avoid such embarrassment, you should choose a flower in a pot, armed with one of the simple rules:

  1. He should be low maintenance. Since these are flowers for a first date, you hardly know how a girl feels about home floriculture. But if it’s some cute succulent that doesn’t like regular watering and generally comes from the desert, its beautiful appearance, which by the way, vaguely resembles a rose, will surely be able to imprint a date in a girl’s heart for a long time.
  2. Don't give a big pot. The principle is the same as with a large bouquet - it will not be very convenient to carry it.
  3. It is better to present a gift in a solemn package. Now it has become fashionable to give flowers in paper packaging.

Let's talk about timeless classics.

interesting color options for a first date
interesting color options for a first date


Perhaps the most popular type of flowers that are customary to give are roses. Someone prefers to bring one and a large one, others believe that you can collect a small bouquet. But very often it is the color that matters.

  • Red. This is the most popular color that can be found in every flower shop. But giving it is probably already considered bad manners.
  • Blue. Giving such an unusual flower is an opportunity to declare your non-standard approach to business. Although in nature to find sucha flower is unlikely, but modern flower shops will pick up a color that is not so exclusive.
  • Yellow. It is not recommended to give roses of this color on a first date, as most see them as a sign of friendship or even a hint that the relationship will not last.
  • Black. Unlike the option with blue flowers, black is better to give, perhaps, for parting than for a first date. The fact is that although it looks pretty solid, it is unlikely that such flowers will add solemnity to this event. Rather grief.
  • Tea rose. But this option is given the least often. It is curious that in ancient times this particular flower was used to tell a girl how feminine she is.

Roses were given in all ages, as soon as they met. These fragrant flowers have long pleased the eye with their beauty, and the sense of smell with their magnificent aroma. However, remember that no matter what roses you choose as flowers for a first date, the main thing is to present them correctly.

How beautiful to give a bouquet

There are two ways to give a bouquet. The first - the easiest - is to go on a date with him. Some people hide it behind their backs. This is a more classic option for those who do not really want to bother.

The second way is more expensive - it's courier delivery. Moreover, you can order flowers directly to the girl's home if you know her address, but there is an even more romantic approach.

Since the first date is often planned by a man, you can order a bouquet to a certain place already bythe end of the date. Such a surprise will surprise your companion and allow her to come home with a fresh bouquet.

what flowers to give on a first date
what flowers to give on a first date

Combine flowers

It is interesting that it is not the sellers who work in flower shops. The people who offer you flowers are florists. They undergo special training in order to be able not only to care for flowers, but also to combine them correctly. What does this mean to you?

When you go to a flower shop, don't hesitate to ask the girl who serves you to put together a special bouquet. Often, for example, various flowers and branches are added to the same roses. This makes the bouquet more complete and extraordinary.

It is florists who can recommend you use flowers such as: lilies, gerberas, callas, daisies and so on. And at the same time, they can combine it so competently that the girl, at the sight of your bouquet, will simply be speechless. To achieve this effect, it is important for you not only to trust the master, but also to express your wishes. But how do you know which bouquet you want?

Don't be afraid to search the Internet for the answer to this question. There is such a huge selection of different options in search engines that it will not be difficult for you to simply download a picture of the bouquet you like and show it to the florist in the flower shop.

However, there are bouquets that you can't buy in a flower shop. Namely, they remain in the heart of the girl with whom you go on a first date for a long time.

first date do you need flowers
first date do you need flowers

Fruit Bouquet

If you don't knowwhether they give flowers on the first date, allow yourself to be original. So, there are quite a few options for bouquets not from flowers. One of the most popular is from fruit.

Strawberries, pineapple, kiwi grapes and so on are often used to make them. Usually, at a distance, a bouquet differs little from a flower, but its benefits are much greater. Such a gift will be especially relevant if you plan to spend your first date in nature. In that case, grab a bottle of wine and get ready to have a good time.

do they give flowers on the first date
do they give flowers on the first date

Bouquet of sweets

If you know that your lady is not indifferent to sweets, then why not use this addiction and not think about what flowers to bring on a first date, but give her her favorite treats.

Since most men don't make candy bouquets, they'll have to find masters in this area of sweet design. You can choose the type of sweets, the appearance of the packaging and present the most unusual bouquet in a girl's life. Just imagine how surprised she will be when she realizes that you have studied all her preferences. Moreover, such a bouquet is suitable for those who suffer from allergies to flowers.