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He alth groups for pensioners who do not want to grow old

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He alth groups for pensioners who do not want to grow old
He alth groups for pensioners who do not want to grow old

To maintain good he alth in old age, it is necessary to pay close attention to the systematic exercise. He alth groups for pensioners help elderly people to strengthen joints, muscles, increase endurance, increase coordination of movements, maintain respiratory organs and the cardiovascular system in working order. Instructors working with this contingent select exercises that would exclude the possibility of damage and injury.

he alth groups for pensioners

What should a trainer consider when working with the elderly?

Exercises for pensioners in the he alth group should not include tasks for speed (timed races), strength actions (the concept of a barbell). The load must be selected by the instructor, taking into account the individual condition of the pensioner. It is better for older people to perform sets of exercises in the morning. The number of repetitions of one task is no more than 10 times.

exercises for pensioners in the he alth group

How to properly distribute the load?

He alth groups for pensioners are engaged with experiencedinstructors who make sure that "beginners" do not overdo it 2-3 days after the start of physical activity. The duration of classes gradually increases, new movements and exercises are added. It is advisable to combine breathing exercises (gymnastics) with physical tasks.

he alth groups for pensioners in St. Petersburg

Option of a complex of physical exercises

He alth group for pensioners in Moscow is in every district of the capital. Elderly people visit them not only for sports, but also for communication. What can be included in a set of classes for this age group?

  1. The legs are placed shoulder-width apart, hands are placed on the belt. The head is smoothly tilted to the left and right shoulder (alternately), trying to reach the ear. Then the slopes are performed back and forth, trying to touch the chest with the chin. Gradually, the speed of movement increases. When performing this exercise, the head should not turn. As the final element, a circular movement of the head is performed in a clockwise direction.
  2. The starting position remains the same. Slowly tilt the body to the right, pull the right hand to the knee. At the same time, we raise the left hand to the armpit. We perform similar tilts to the left. When performing the task, we try not to make sudden movements.
  3. We return to the starting position. We perform circular movements with the shoulders. The back during the exercise is as rounded as possible, we are trying to bring the shoulder blades together.
  4. We place our feet shoulder-width apart, stretch our arms in front of us. We bring together and breedboth hands at the same time, doing the exercise "scissors". Then we make circular movements with our hands.
  5. Put your hands on your belt, your feet are shoulder-width apart. We turn the torso to the right, then return to its original state, stretch our arms forward. We repeat the task, turning to the left, then we take the initial position.
  6. We sit on the floor, having previously laid a thin gymnastic rug. We stretch our legs forward, smoothly tilt our torso, try to reach the tips of our toes with our hands.
  7. Lean against the wall, raise your hands smoothly up. Then we move away from the wall for 1-2 steps, we try to lean back, touch the wall with the tips of our hands. We return to the original position.
  8. Lie on your back, spread your arms to the sides. Bend the legs at the knees, lift them up alternately, trying to touch the chest with the knees.

He alth groups for pensioners can use other options for physical exercises, supplement or modify tasks at the discretion of the instructor. If age and physical condition allow, in addition to exercising in the gym, you can ride a bike, ski. There are also special he alth groups for pensioners (in St. Petersburg and other cities) in swimming pools, specializing in water gymnastics.

he alth group for pensioners in moscow


There is no such thing as old age for those people who do short morning runs daily, regularly visit the pool, walk in the park with their grandchildren, lead a he althy lifestyle. Numerous groupshe alth care for pensioners are created so that people do not feel like unnecessary old people, stay young, fit, active as long as possible.

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