Tights firms: review and rating of manufacturers

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Tights firms: review and rating of manufacturers
Tights firms: review and rating of manufacturers

Video: Tights firms: review and rating of manufacturers

Video: Tights firms: review and rating of manufacturers
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Beautiful legs are the dream of the fair sex. Beauty from birth is given to a few. Someone improves the appearance, resorting to feasible workouts and pumping up certain parts of the body, and the majority wears shapewear and tights. And if, over time, the appearance of the legs leaves much to be desired, nature itself orders to resort to small tricks. After all, even in the cold season without pantyhose anywhere, and in warm weather it will be possible to hide flaws with the help of this clothing attribute, or maybe prefer the thinnest stockings. Let's find out which tights manufacturers do their job perfectly and help us to always be on top.

Unusual Stories

pantyhose shop
pantyhose shop

Since women's nylon tights appeared in Russia much later than in the GDR and Czechoslovakia, from where they were imported to us for the first time, it was not customary to throw away such a scarce product. After being used for its intended purpose and in the event of holes, they found many uses in everyday life. Here,for example, some interesting ways that have survived to this day:

  1. Moth and insects. Small pillows are made from the toe part of the product, filling the voids with lavender or tansy, after which they are laid on the shelves with linen and clothes.
  2. Tie up plants. Until now, gardeners and gardeners collect torn tights in winter, and use them in the summer in the country as a stretching cord for attaching tomato bushes or fruit and berry crops.
  3. Toys. Remembering their difficult childhood, some grandmothers make dolls with babies from broken products, stuffing them with pieces of fabric to put on a home performance.
  4. Costumes. For a masquerade, where you need to create the image of an animal, you should also use part of the tights. The company is irrelevant in this case. The product should be selected by color. Usually black or brown tights are used to make, for example, the tail of a fox or a cat, and gray or white are suitable for a bunny.
  5. Aromatherapy. Stuffed with dried orange or lemon peels and hung in the bathroom, you will smell citrus when the room is humid.
  6. Cleaning and polishing. If you use cream for shoes and rub it with nylon, the result will be perfect. The same applies to furniture. Only in this case, you do not need to use an additional tool. You just need to rub any piece of furniture with pantyhose. They can achieve the shine of glass, mirror, wooden polished and varnished surfaces.
  7. Vacuum cleaner. Pulling on the toeproducts on a pipe with a suction hole, small losses can be detected. It will first be attracted when the vacuum cleaner is running, and after turning it off, it will either remain on the pantyhose or fall to the floor in your line of sight.

The best products of our time

Printed types
Printed types

You can start ranking women's tights from different angles. Given the manufacturer, as well as the classic characteristics and requirements that women place on these products, the places were distributed as follows:

  • First in the list of the best were Pierre Cardin tights with a rating of 9.9 out of 10.
  • Professionals gave the second place to Calzedonia (9, 8 points).
  • Place of honor 3 for Minimi (9, 5).
  • In fourth place is SiSi (9, 4).
  • Fifth position Omsa (9, 2).

Pierre Cardin

According to women, these are the most durable tights. Velmont Group LLC, which produces these tights, is known both in Italy and abroad. The manufacturer offers four product lines for sale:

  • City - Highly supportive and able to hide figure imperfections with several models with a corrective effect.
  • Basic - A matte finish with a reinforced toe and cotton gusset featuring flat seams. They produce models from lycra, microfiber and slimming.
  • Rosee - Includes decorative options and insulated swatches.
  • Platine is an expensive series of tights with a wide waistband and flat seams.

The only oneThe negative point when wearing Velmont Group LLC tights is the simultaneous appearance of holes and arrows after hooking. But many ladies note only the pluses, forgetting about such a minus, and rejoice at the softness, elasticity, tightening effect and variety of models.


Samples of this manufacturer are considered to be among the best. After all, no one has such an assortment as they have. Separate categories for children, pregnant women, for the purpose of body modeling and seamless patterns have been added to multi-colored, with prints, in a mesh, with arrows and other models. Some women claim that you can leave a fortune in the stores of this manufacturer precisely because you want to buy everything at once. Of course, these tights are also recognized as the most expensive, but their high quality, resistance against snags, additional cotton gusset and anatomical shape, according to experts, are worth it. Of the minuses, the girls note the rapid formation of scuffs on dense samples and the frequent appearance of wrinkles.

Tights "Calcedonia"
Tights "Calcedonia"


This is a relatively new brand of a well-known Italian company. Tights have an attractive price, a wide range of thicknesses from 8 to 600 den. The advantage is the presence of sizes from zero to six and 17 colors. Several lines differ in appearance. So, for example, classic samples are produced, dense tights made of wool and cashmere, with the effect of adjusting the figure, with an openwork top and a festive version. The advantages of models are special softness,flat seams and lack of arrows from hooks. The main disadvantage of women is that they often run into fakes of poor quality, and original tights can lose their shape and leave wrinkles over time.


A feature of the manufacturer of this brand is the strength of products. Representatives of the fair sex say that, for example, SiSi 40 den tights are an ideal option, combining increased wear resistance and an attractive price. Specialists add to these qualities the elegance and style of the samples. There are several lines in the series:

  • Vitabassa features low waist and soft waistband;
  • Tuttonudo correct the figure;
  • Caldo Inverno introduces insulated options;
  • Corpino ricamato have an ornament.

If we talk about the main disadvantages, we can note uncomfortable seams, ease of appearance of hooks, short-term retention of the anatomical shape of the samples, synthetic gusset and lack of softness of the threads.

The pluses include the absence of arrows during the formation of holds, a wide range of sizes and colors.

Pantyhose "Sisi"
Pantyhose "Sisi"


Tights of this brand are the most bought in our country. Firstly, the advertising of the 2000s stuck in my memory, and the name for the younger generation, apparently, was absorbed with mother's milk. Secondly, they are available to Russian women who have even a modest income. Thirdly, a fragrance with a pleasant aroma has been added to the main materials (polyamide and elastane). Fourthly, tights "Omsa"keep their shape perfectly. Fifth, they are snag-resistant. And finally, there is a children's series, which indescribably pleases the mothers of little fashionistas.

Summer Options

Orodoro Cool Summer 8 den tights are recognized as good for a summer look. The manufacturer claims the effect of weightlessness and cooling effect. Reviews on the Web confirm the first point, and according to the second option, many of the fair sex had doubts after wearing it. According to women, these are really super thin tights that are suitable for warm weather. However, it is not possible to put them on so many times, since they do not differ in particular strength. Ladies love them for their special comfort and lack of steam effect in the heat.

Tights "Conte"
Tights "Conte"

Conte Elegant Summer Open Toe 8 den are tights with open toes that can be worn under sandals. Such samples are produced for those cases when it is impossible to appear at an event without them, but shoes would be out of place under a summer dress. Here, the open toe will save the girl, which will not only add confidence, but also allow you to cool off under the influence of the wind.

Omsa Sun Light 8 den are recognized as the most durable in this category of products. In addition to being really invisible, tights can withstand a lot of socks. They are the same as the previous options, absolutely invisible. However, they do not differ in any particular lightness from the competitors described above. Their affordable price and the ability to wear not one or two, but several dozen times allow the manufacturer to win newcustomers who, after trying this sample, purchase goods from other categories of this brand.

Perfect value for money

Warm tights Ori Sensual 150 den is a great option for winter made of microfiber with 3D effect. Customers are pleased with the matte tone of the product and flat seams. Experts note the softness of the product and the cotton gusset. The advantages of this model are also their slight transparency, which does not visually thicken the leg and does not weigh it down.

Another Ori Avance tights at the perfect price for this quality. They are strong enough for a thickness of 20 den, transparent. The lack of gloss and a certain degree of haze attracts customers. A woman looks elegant in them. The advantages of the model are:

  • classic fit;
  • flat invisible seams;
  • soft elastic band;
  • invisible toes;
  • cotton gusset.

Domestic brand of tights Allure won the love of women not only at an affordable price.

Tights "Allure"
Tights "Allure"

The Allure Velor Brilliant is considered a good option because it has a cotton gusset, a high waist, and a single back seam. Of course, there are also disadvantages. Most of all, customers are unhappy with the lack of a heel. However, the fact that tights do not turn into wrinkled pants, do not stretch, fall off or form folds is a huge advantage of a product from this price category. Puffs are instantly eliminated on them, they are pleasant to the body and have a uniform color, which makes them one of the best products in terms ofvalue and quality.

Another good example with the perfect density, which is loved by many ladies, Golden Lady CIAO 40 den. They are pleasant to the body, easy to put on, have a pleasant shine and elasticity. These tights are considered quite strong and look like a good expensive item. Of course, at the first purchase, the lack of a gusset confuses, but the other advantages revealed during use cover this small drawback.

Winter models

From warm options, Conte Cotton 400 den tights are considered ideal. They are recognized not only as the strongest, but also have a lot of advantages, including:

  • high density with good stretch at the same time;
  • saturated color;
  • presence of a heel;
  • soft fixing elastic.

The disadvantages include significant shrinkage after washing and a slight shine, which gradually disappears over time, which transfers this sample to the matte category.

Zimushka 350 den was recognized as the best winter option among Allure tights. From the outside, they look quite smooth and have a bright color. Inside, there is a loose knit, which adds softness and leaves a pleasant feeling of wearing. The elastic band on the belt is dense, does not slip and holds tights well, which helps prevent wrinkles. Although the seams are flat, they stand out under clothing due to the thickness of the product. However, if you choose a dress made of dense fabric, and this is quite natural for the winter period, then this problem will no longer be relevant.

Tights Faberlic 200 den
Tights Faberlic 200 den

But Faberlic 200 den tights are recognized as the warmest. In addition to this important quality, customers note a uniform knit and tight without an additional toe seam. Due to the good fleece inside, the ideal temperature and the absence of freezing of the legs are ensured. Wide elastic band perfectly flat. It does not stick out and does not put pressure on the skin, so you are provided with a perfect stomach without a crossed solid circular line. Some note the tight fit of the sample, but say that this does not affect wearing comfort in any way.

For every day

The strongest in this category is undoubtedly the Omsa Attiva 40 den tights. In addition to the fact that the sample is distinguished by good ductility, softness and silkiness, it has flat seams, a thickened femoral part in the form of shorts, a compacted toe and a hygienic gusset. The manufacturer claims that tights feel differently on the leg. The pressure is greatly reduced on the knee, but increased on the calves and lower leg. This effect is confirmed by those ladies who have chosen Attiva for daily wear.

Golden Lady Repose 40 is an option for all occasions. You can wear them to work, to leisure, and to go for a walk. Excellent quality and reasonable price are not all advantages. Not only do they provide a light massaging and tightening effect, the tights are not shiny in black and have an increased sheen in nude variations. A reinforced toe adds durability, and a white-coated gusset on the inside allows them to be worn without underwear. The downside is the mismatch in size, as well as highproduct waist.

Image"Golden Lady"
Image"Golden Lady"

Pompeia pantyhose MAGIC BODY 40 den is ideal for daily wear for those women who want to slightly adjust the silhouette. Eight colors allow you to choose an option for any attire. They are quite elastic, made using a double-twisted thread, which provides a 3D effect. The panty support zone, flat seams, cotton gusset - these are the advantages for which girls love the described sample. They are said to be durable and comfortable. What else do you need for daily wear?

SiSi Be Free 20 den Vita Bassa are thin but durable tights for those who like to wear discreet products. And petite girls do not regret their choice. After all, this sample is not wiped, withstands a couple of months of daily use. The fair sex notes a comfortable low fit and resistance to puffs. The tights fit well, do not slip, have a marked heel and toe, provide a slight correction of the figure, which is rather nonsense than the rule for models of this density.

Perfect tightening

For body shaping, women prefer drawstring tights. Looks good and provides modeling of problem areas Sanpellegrino Lift up Light. The appropriately distributed pressure is perfect for both slim and curvy ladies. It is believed that this action allows them to stimulate blood circulation and avoid feeling tired by the end of the day. Tights, thanks to the tightening, also give a seductive shape to the buttocks and removestomach, making it flat. In addition, this model is considered strong enough, it is difficult to break it, and it takes a lot of effort to make an arrow go from tightening.

Pierre Cardin Toulon 40 den City line is the softest and most pleasant of slimming samples. They act on the sides and stomach, visually removing extra centimeters. They are, of course, equipped with a gusset, heel and toe, like all the best examples. However, the manufacturer's dimensional grid is questionable. According to customer reviews, the product should be purchased a size larger than stated on the product packaging. However, this minus is perfectly covered by other pluses. And women prefer these pantyhose every day.

Experts recommend purchasing different tights, rather than focusing on one manufacturer or one model. Variety will not only extend the life of your favorite patterns, but will also make you feel attractive in any life situation.