Synechia of small lips in girls: how to recognize, treatment methods

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Synechia of small lips in girls: how to recognize, treatment methods
Synechia of small lips in girls: how to recognize, treatment methods

Video: Synechia of small lips in girls: how to recognize, treatment methods

Video: Synechia of small lips in girls: how to recognize, treatment methods
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Adhesion, or synechia, of the labia minora in girls is a fairly common occurrence. It occurs mainly in infancy or somewhat later, but up to 6 years. The disease is asymptomatic. It can be discovered by chance during childcare or during a medical examination by a doctor.

Anatomical reference

The vulva is a kind of castle of the vagina. It is formed due to the close contact of the inner surface of the small and large labia. This should be normal in a he althy body.

Tight closure of the genital slit depends on the integrity of the perineum and helps protect the vagina from pollution from the external environment. It prevents the penetration of air and the rapid evaporation of vaginal secretions with drying of the vaginal mucosa.

Labia minora are two longitudinal skin folds. They are characterized by a good circulatory system, contain a large number of glands. Normally, 2/3 of their surfaces are tightly adjacent to each other. However, under the influence offactors may be their fusion. In medical practice, this diagnosis sounds like synechia. Union may be complete or incomplete, occur in any area.

Description of the disease

Sinechia is a sticking that occurs due to the appearance of adhesions between the internal or external parts of the body. Such adhesions can affect the labia minora, less often the large ones. This phenomenon is not dangerous, but requires medical supervision. It occurs mainly in newborns and children under 6-7 years old.

According to ICD-10, synechia of the labia minora has the code Q52.5.

Main reasons

The causes of pathology may vary. In newborns, they are due to pathological pregnancy or intrauterine infection.

At preschool age, synechia can be caused by:

  • past diseases of the urogenital area of an infectious nature (cystitis, vulvovaginitis, vulvitis);
  • domestic transmission of viruses;
  • poor hygiene of the genital organs, the use of aggressive cosmetics;
  • allergic reactions to laundry detergent, diapers, wet wipes;
  • hormonal imbalance (estrogen deficiency);
  • using synthetic underwear;
  • taking certain medications;
  • intestinal dysbacteriosis.

Signs of pathology

A feature of synechia of small lips in girls is the almost complete absence of characteristic symptoms. In some cases, there are difficulties withurination. Another desire to urinate ends with grunting and strong straining. Usually everything leads to hysteria and crying. There is relief after urination.

Other symptoms of the disorder include the following:

  • redness, peeling of the skin in the genital area;
  • irritation of mucous membranes;
  • baby crying while bathing or washing;
  • upward flow of urine.

Girls after the first year of life and older may leak urine.

difficulty urinating
difficulty urinating

How do I do my own inspection?

Quite often, synechia of the small lips in girls is an accidental finding. Pathology is detected during hygiene procedures or at a doctor's appointment. The child is admitted to the hospital with signs of the disease, but the true cause of its occurrence cannot be immediately established. For example, at a consultation with a pediatric gynecologist, an adhesion is found due to poor urine tests or the lack of effect from the treatment of cystitis.

In order to prevent complications of pathologies, parents should periodically independently examine the child's genitals. First you need to wash your hands and cut your nails short so as not to injure the baby's skin. Spreading her legs, you should examine the genitals in detail. At the same time, attention should be paid to the presence of a genital gap through which the vagina is visible. If a whitish strip is visible instead, and the desire to push the labia minora ends unsuccessfully, there is a high probability of synechia. In contrast, fusion of the labia majora is rare.

It is worth noting that if any anomalies are suspected, parents should contact a pediatrician or pediatric gynecologist. Do not be shy about your guesses and assumptions, because timely treatment is a guarantee of a quick recovery.

identification of synechia
identification of synechia

Danger of disease

Synechia of the small lips in girls cannot be regarded as a natural process, the symptoms of which can be ignored. This phenomenon rarely leads to a dangerous complication. However, it entails the development of various infectious processes. When gluing the labia into the vagina, a closed cavity is formed, in which vaginal discharge gradually accumulates. They, in turn, create favorable conditions for the vital activity of pathogenic flora, resulting in inflammation. The progression of the disease along with the growth of the female genital organs is fraught with problems with conception and subsequent delivery.

Synechia is an insidious disorder prone to relapse. If the fusion occurs in a small area, it is likely that with proper hygiene and care, it will disappear. Complete synechia of small lips in girls is a great danger. It can be cured only with timely seeking medical help. Relying on self-disappearance is not worth it. It is better to eliminate the pathology before the onset of puberty.

Diagnostic Methods

To establish the diagnosis of "synechia of the labia minora" (ICD-10 code - Q52.5)a visual examination is enough for the doctor. During the procedure, he assesses the degree of adhesion, the presence of concomitant inflammation. In addition, sometimes the doctor prescribes additional tests to clarify the cause of the pathology. For example, a general urine test allows you to exclude inflammation of the urogenital area, and a smear - vulvitis. Cultures are also performed to assess sensitivity to certain types of antibiotics.

A pediatrician can ask a number of clarifying questions about the child's regimen, care for him, nutrition, past illnesses. Accurate answers help to determine the root cause of the disorder as fully as possible and prescribe treatment.

pediatrician and child
pediatrician and child

Topical therapy

Doctors' opinions about the need to treat small lips synechia in girls differ. Some experts argue that the pathology should not be touched until 10 years. They explain this by the fact that by this age the body begins to synthesize its own hormone estrogen. Therefore, the problem is resolved on its own. Other doctors insist on conservative or surgical therapy.

Local treatment is reduced to the use of a drug such as Contractubex, estrogen-containing ointments and creams (Ovestin). Consider what each of the tools is in more detail.

Kontraktubeks is an anti-inflammatory drug that has a bactericidal effect. Well heals wound surfaces. The tool instruction recommends applying twice a day to the damaged surface. A greater result can be obtained by combining it with Traumeel C or Bepanthen. The duration of treatment is 20 days. The drug can also be used for preventive purposes. The only contraindication to its appointment is individual hypersensitivity to the incoming components.

"Ovestin" is a hormonal agent, the active substance of which is estriol. It is recommended to apply the ointment in a thin layer before going to bed. Do not put on a diaper until it is completely absorbed. The duration of treatment is 20 days, after which you need to take a break for a week. If itching, rashes or mucus discharge from the vagina occurs, therapy should be suspended and re-consult a doctor to select an analog remedy.

Conservative treatment also involves the prescription of medications to combat associated he alth problems. For example, in the case of a urinary tract infection, the doctor must prescribe antibiotics. With vulvitis and vulvovaginitis, the use of antiviral and antifungal drugs is indicated. If an allergic reaction occurs, antihistamines are needed.

drug "Ovestin"
drug "Ovestin"


If conservative treatment of small lip synechia in girls is ineffective, surgical intervention using local anesthesia is recommended. The operation is quite safe, rarely accompanied by complications in the form of bleeding or discomfort. Its duration is no more than 20 minutes.

After dissection of the synechia of the labia minora, the doctor treats the wound with an antiseptic solution. Alreadyan hour after the intervention, the child can go home with his parents. After the operation, careful treatment of the genital organs with special creams and observance of elementary rules of personal hygiene are required for some time.

dissection of synechiae
dissection of synechiae


Massage is used as an additional measure in the treatment of synechia of the labia minora in infants and preschool girls. You must first consult with your doctor.

Before the procedure, a regular baby cream should be applied to the affected area. After the product is completely absorbed, you can proceed directly to the massage. In this case, the manipulations should be smooth and careful, but slightly pressing. You can not make sudden movements, trying to separate the glued labia. They can cause psychological discomfort in a girl or even trauma.

Help of traditional medicine

Folk healers offer their recipes on how to deal with synechia of small lips in girls. A feature of this method of treatment is its complete naturalness. At the same time, additional harm is not applied to the child's body.

The most popular remedy is calendula oil. It has an anti-inflammatory, tonic and sedative effect. The tool is sold in almost every pharmacy. It is recommended to apply it in a thin layer, preferably after an evening swim.

Another effective method is chamomile sitz baths. The plant is characterized by a pronounced anti-inflammatory and antisepticaction. The procedure can be repeated daily, but you should first consult with your doctor.

calendula oil
calendula oil

Prevention Methods

Synechia of small lips in girls is a very complex phenomenon that can make itself felt again even after surgery. The problem disappears forever after puberty. To reduce the risk of relapse, doctors make the following recommendations:

  1. It is better to wash the child under running water, minimize the use of cosmetics.
  2. Underwear is better to choose from natural materials. You also need to make sure that the panties do not rub the skin.
  3. It is important to visit a pediatric gynecologist regularly.
  4. It is necessary to change diapers in a timely manner, to arrange air baths for the baby more often.
  5. Cosmetic products, toilet paper and other care products are better to choose without dyes and fragrances.
  6. It is important for women in the last trimester to actively fight under the supervision of a gynecologist with manifestations of late toxicosis, if any. We are talking about high blood pressure, protein in the urine, edema. These problems can lead to complications during childbirth, the appearance of pathologies in the newborn.
baby bathing
baby bathing

Synechia of small lips in girls (according to ICD-10 code Q52.5) is a condition that requires medical intervention and constant monitoring after recovery. Otherwise, you may face future problems of conception and successful delivery.