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What people who are getting married should know: the conditions for marriage and the reasons why marriage cannot be
What people who are getting married should know: the conditions for marriage and the reasons why marriage cannot be

Every year the institution of marriage depreciates. Do you think this is due to the fact that people have ceased to believe in love? No, just today, in order to live happily with your loved one, it is not necessary to officially register a relationship. Young people adhere to the position that before officially linking their lives with the life of another, you need to get to know the chosen one better. And now the decision has been made. What should people who get married know about?

The difference between a civil marriage and a registered one

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Lovers who decide to live together before marriage are wise. They get to know each other better, get acquainted with the traditions and way of life of another person. Civil marriage is cohabitation. Although recently, officials have decided to make such a union legally formalized. But it hasn't gotten to that point yet.

Bwhat is the difference between a civil marriage and an officially registered one? The joint property acquired by lovers, in the first case, it will be impossible to divide. Only the honesty of people and their compliance will help. Married people will not experience such a problem. Everything that will be bought after the wedding, if necessary, can be divided with the help of the court. Children born in a civil marriage receive the mother's surname, and the natural father will have to officially adopt the child. In the case of an official marriage, this can be avoided. Civil marriage imposes less responsibility on people. Quarreling lovers can part and not talk to each other, just for the sake of principle. The officially registered family will be forced to reconcile and resolve the conflict.

Reasons for marriage

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People formalize their relationship in the registry office voluntarily. What motivates couples who get married to take this serious step in formalizing their relationship?

  • Love. This is the most common and most common reason. Lovers want to spend more time with each other, share sorrows and joys. Therefore, the couple formalizes the relationship and begins to live together.
  • Money. Some mercantile persons sometimes decide to live at the expense of others. They find themselves a rich sponsor, marry him or get married and live happily ever after.
  • Salvation from loneliness. No person in this world wants to be alone. Each person needs to know that in this world there are those for whom you need to wake up tomorrowin the morning. Marriage can help a person find new meaning in life.
  • Traditions. In many countries, marriage is still the main goal of a woman's life. Girls from childhood are brought up in the spirit of the fact that in the future they will have a beautiful wedding and a wonderful family life.
  • Circumstances. Unplanned pregnancy most often becomes the circumstance due to which people get married. Sometimes citizens of one country cannot get a visa to another state and they have to arrange fictitious marriages.

Conditions for marriage

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If the lovers have decided to formalize the relationship, they must fulfill certain conditions. There is nothing complicated here. Everything is thought out so that individuals entering into marriage are aware of the seriousness of their step and can be held responsible for the perfect act.

  • Mutual agreement. People who come to formalize their relationship must be firmly convinced that their choice is the right one. It is impossible to force a person to marry, and it is not necessary. Such a marriage will not last long. Therefore, one of the main conditions for formalizing the relationship is the mutual consent of the future spouses.
  • Coming of age. A child cannot support a family and make responsible decisions. Therefore, the age at which people can officially formalize their relationship is 18 years. From that moment on, a person becomes an adult and it is believed that he now has the right to do whatever he wants with his fate.
  • No obstacles.For a marriage to be valid, there must be no circumstances that could interfere with its registration.

Reason for refusal of registration

Not always relationships can be registered and there are serious reasons for this:

  • Close relatives. People who are related to each other should not marry. Why? They have no chance of successful continuation of the family. As numerous examples from history show, consanguineous marriages lead to the degeneration of the species. Children of such couples are born sick and mentally retarded.
  • Mentally ill people. A person who decides to marry must be aware of himself as a person and make conscious decisions. Mentally ill people do not have the right to take responsibility for the life of another person, as they cannot control their behavior and their emotions.
  • Already married. A person who already has an official family cannot start another one. Therefore, if either of the lovers is married at the time of application, the couple will be denied.
  • Adoptive parent and adopted. Parents who raised a child should not consider him as a potential husband or wife. Therefore, adoptive relatives cannot marry.

Registration procedure

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The lovers decided to take a responsible step. What should people who are getting married do?

  • Paying the fee. As in all municipal institutions that register human rights, the future married couplemust make a contribution to the state. Payment of the state duty is made by both representatives of the future family. The form for payment can be obtained at the registry office or downloaded on the Internet.
  • Applying. After the state fee is paid, the spouses must write applications. In the standard form, you must indicate your full name, nationality, reason for marriage and indicate that the decision was made by mutual agreement.
  • Submission of documents. In addition to the application, a passport must be submitted to the registry office. Those individuals who already have a failed family relationship behind them must also provide a certificate of divorce.

Can I apply separately?

In today's world, it shouldn't surprise anyone that spouses can't find free time on a weekday to apply. And therefore, persons entering into marriage should be aware that they can write separate applications and submit them at different times. True, in this case, lovers will have to use the help of a notary. Both statements must be officially stamped and certified by a lawyer. This problem can be avoided if you submit documents not at the registry office, but on the official portal of public services. Young people will have to verify their identities with electronic signatures, but will not have to collect paper documents.

Onsite registration

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Want a beautiful outdoor wedding? It is quite possible. You should notify the registry office about this in advance. Your wish will only come true on Friday andSaturday. The couple must definitely think about how the person who will formalize the marriage will get to the place of their wedding. In an ideal situation, the newlyweds should hire a car so that it is convenient for the registry office employee to get to the place. If the lovers want to organize their celebration on one of the weekdays, then they can officially marry on the weekend, and then arrange a fake wedding in nature. This option is less expensive, as it is easier to implement.

But people don't always order field registration because of their whim. Some do not have the opportunity to get to the registry office. For example, disabled people, people in a difficult situation or prisoners. All these citizens have the right to register a marriage and this right is always granted.

How to choose a surname?

The decision to marry people should be mutual. How should you choose a surname? Usually a woman takes her husband's surname. But there are often times when the opposite happens. For example, if a man does not like his last name, or if the bride sets such a condition. Newlyweds may not part with their surnames. This option is also acceptable. And also there is an opportunity to make a surname double. True, there is one caveat here. If one of the spouses already has a double surname, it will not be possible to attach another addition to it through a hyphen.

Entries on marriage registration certificate

Every person has the right to marry. Many people are interested in how their document confirming the marriage union will look like. It will be spelled outdata from the passports of the newlyweds, common or different surnames, as well as position, before marriage. If one of the spouses already had experience of family life, then the marriage certificate will contain a column indicating the number of the document of dissolution of the previous marriage. Each document has its own series and number, as well as the date of compilation.

When can I get a certificate?

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On the same day, when citizens get married, they will receive a certificate of registration of their union. Also, the newlyweds receive their pastors with stamps on the change of marital status. But the rest of the documents, the person who changed his surname, will have to change in those instances in which he received them. Can the issuance of a marriage certificate be delayed? No. It is always given out at the end of the festive ceremony.

Medical examination

When getting married, spouses should be confident in each other. And sometimes people can't be trusted. If both partners had an active personal life, then blind trust can cost a person dearly. Therefore, often, before entering into marriage, people conduct a complete medical examination. Its results are a medical secret. But a person who wants to connect fate with his beloved must give her the opportunity to view all the results. Indeed, often a person may hide something, for example, an HIV infection, or a person may not even know that he is infected.

Vacation to prepare for the wedding

Whether to marry or not to do it - everyone decides for himself. People,who have decided to conclude an alliance should be able to prepare for their holiday. But not everyone has the opportunity to combine vacation and wedding. Therefore, by law, each person has the right to take 5 unpaid days off. The resulting mini-vacation a person can spend at their discretion. For example, a person can take half the days before the holiday itself, and half after. Or leave the whole week for a little honeymoon.

Prenuptial agreement

marriage contract

Citizen married in her right mind and blessed memory. But she failed to check her husband for honesty before the wedding. What can be done in this case? Sign a marriage contract. Honest and open people who marry for sincere love will not be mercantile. They will gladly sign all the papers that confirm the purity of their intentions. It seems to someone that for those entering into marriage, a prenuptial agreement can become a stumbling block. But it's not. If a person does not intend to take all the property of a spouse after the wedding, then he will not have anything against it. Someone will say that a marriage contract is an uncertainty about the future. It's hard to deny. But there is a very true saying - "trust, but verify." It is she who is guided by reasonable people.

Reasons for divorce

When a person does a fateful act, he should always think about the consequences. A person who has entered into a legal marriage should think about whether that person is next to you. After reading the reasons why marriages most often break up, you canthink about whether the right choice was made.

  • Different characters. People who often swear and quarrel are unlikely to ever be able to find a common language. Yes, at the beginning of a relationship, a couple likes to swear, and then put up. This brings diversity and a storm of emotions to life. But over time, a person who flutters daily nerves will begin to irritate.
  • Different habits. Many marriages break up for the reason that people were brought up in different conditions and therefore acquired different household habits. Someone washes dishes immediately after eating, and someone is used to doing it before eating. Some people are okay with clutter, but for others, cleanliness in the house is very important.
  • No children. If one of the spouses cannot conceive a child, then the other half will soon be able to find a replacement for their lover.
  • Change. If one of the spouses gets bored and tries to find entertainment on the side, this can cause the family idyll to break up.

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