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Irish wolfhound dog breed: description, character and price of puppies
Irish wolfhound dog breed: description, character and price of puppies

Now there are many breeds of dogs, some we know almost nothing about. We invite you to get acquainted with the Irish wolfhound breed. These are quite unusual dogs. Do you want to know more about them? Then read on the article.

Irish wolfhound: breed description and history

Ancestors of representatives of this breed are considered ancient Egyptian greyhounds, and the closest relative is the deerhound. From reliable sources it became known that wolfhounds have already existed in Ireland for more than two thousand years. Throughout the centuries of existence, dogs have been used to hunt large animals such as deer, wolf and wild boar.

irish wolfhound
irish wolfhound

George Augustus Graham, captain of the British Army, played a huge role in the development of the modern Irish wolfhound. In the second half of the nineteenth century, the number of dogs began to decrease sharply. This man saved the species from extinction. In order to restore the breed, Graham used the blood of Pyrenean dogs, deerhounds, Russian greyhounds and Great Danes in breeding work. Official recognition of a dog breedIrish wolfhound received in 1879, six years later Graham approved its first standard.

The image of such dogs can be seen on postage stamps, china, coins and whiskey. The Irish consider these dogs a symbol of their country. Sometimes they even call wolfhounds a national treasure. Nowadays, the breed is loved and appreciated not only in its homeland. You can meet representatives of the breed in Australia, Europe, Russia and other countries.

Breed standards: weight, coat and color

The Irish Wolfhound is a muscular large dog with an elegant build. On average, at the withers, representatives of the breed reach 83 cm, and their weight is 56 kg. The Irish wolfhound has a long head with a well-defined transition from the forehead to the muzzle, well-developed withers, small ears.

irish wolfhound photo
irish wolfhound photo

The tail of such a dog is thick, as a rule, lowered down, the tip is slightly bent. The coat is hard, long on the chin and above the eyebrows, needs special care. The color of these dogs can be different. You can meet both black and fawn Irish wolfhounds. In addition, there are white, gray and red representatives of the breed.

Irish Dog Character

Such a dog is not only large in size, but it has great charm and high intelligence. She also has a sensitive heart, which is capable of boundless love for the owner. As a rule, these dogs easily converge with all people and even animals.

dog breed irish wolfhound
dog breed irish wolfhound

Although the name of the breed and the Irish wolfhound, but these dogs are notthey can boast of pronounced security or guard qualities, and they have already lost their hunting instinct a long time ago. The only thing they can scare you with is their size. Of course, there are exceptions among representatives of each breed. But we can say that the modern Irish wolfhound, whose photo you see in our article, is more of a good companion than a bodyguard, hunter or watchman.

Choosing a puppy is not an easy task. Tips from the pros

So, you have decided to get such a dog, weighed all the pros and cons. Then we will tell you now how to choose the right dog. Where to start looking for a new friend? Of course, from visiting exhibitions. At these events, you can get to know the dogs better. Irish wolfhound puppies can also be sold there.

Irish wolfhound breed description
Irish wolfhound breed description

If you do not have sufficient knowledge to choose a high-class dog, you can seek the help of an expert, especially if you want to make your pet a show career.

The most important thing in this case is the origin of the dog. You must make sure that the puppy's parents meet the breed standards, have an even psyche and excellent he alth.

irish wolfhound character
irish wolfhound character

When choosing a pet, remember that besides good genetics, there are other factors that make it impossible to say with certainty that you are buying a champion. An honest and decent breeder will never give you that kind of communication.

When you buy a puppy,look at the conditions in which dogs are kept. Must be perfectly clean. Before buying, make sure that the dog is he althy. He should have a cold nose, clean skin, ears and eyes, a soft stomach. Also ask the breeder what vaccinations were given to the animal and whether he was given an anthelmintic.

If we talk about the temperament of puppies, then experts advise choosing the most playful and mobile.

Care and maintenance of a great friend

Despite its rather big size, such a dog is quiet at home. All he needs is a spacious place to rest and sleep, as well as regular walking, it is desirable that he be able to run free. If you plan to drive a pet on a leash, then you need to teach it from childhood, otherwise there will be problems in the future, because the dog grows large. The Irish Wolfhound loves walking with his family.

Such a big dog takes root perfectly both in a city apartment and in a private house. If you keep a pet in the house, then you do not need to keep it in the aviary all the time. It is very important for a dog to be near the owner. Due to a long separation, he may die of a broken heart. By the way, breeders advise from early childhood to teach him to stay with other people besides the owner.

If we talk about hygiene and grooming, then there will be no problems in these matters. Such a dog only needs to be combed and cleaned periodically, and bathed once every three months.

This dog loves to spend time outside. Of course, if it gets very dirty, it should be washed more often. Recommended for swimminguse a special shampoo and conditioner. In addition, you need to treat fleas and ticks in time in order to avoid additional he alth problems.

It is necessary to teach an animal to care for hair, as well as for claws, from an early age, so that later it would be easier to do everything. Since the nails of these dogs are curved, they need to be trimmed regularly. Dead hair needs to be removed a couple of times a year.

Irish wolfhound puppies
Irish wolfhound puppies

In the ears, the hair can be plucked or cut off. They need to be kept clean and dry, especially when the dog spends a lot of time in nature.

For a more aesthetic appearance, it is customary to trim the front of the neck, ears and head a little.

The Irish Wolfhound needs a proper, balanced diet. A dog for normal development must receive all the necessary substances (carbohydrates, proteins and others). Since the animal does not know the measure in the absorption of food, it must be controlled so that there are no overeating, otherwise problems with the gastrointestinal tract may arise.

He alth and disease

The average lifespan of these dogs is ten years. The Irish Wolfhound has a strong immune system, but is prone to the following diseases:

  1. Wobbler Syndrome.
  2. Hypothyroidism.
  3. Bloating.
  4. Cataract.
  5. Pyoderma.
  6. Hygroma of the elbow.
  7. Osteochondrosis of the shoulder.
  8. Von Willebrand disease.
  9. Dislocation of the patella.
  10. Dilated cardiomyopathy.
  11. Osteosarcoma.
  12. Hip Dysplasiajoint.
  13. Entropion.

Education and training

These dogs are very smart, balanced. As a rule, there are no problems with raising such a dog. As we said above, the Irish wolfhound is an animal with a big heart, so for normal development it needs the attention and affection of the owner. Of course, there are times when you need to be firm, but you should, of course, be able to combine it with a kind attitude towards the pet as a whole.

Usually, these dogs are taught general commands and skills, they are OKD. Experts do not recommend training the Irish wolfhound ZKS and other protective training, so as not to awaken unsafe instincts in it.

Kurnels, clubs and puppy prices

It is believed that for the first time dogs of this breed came to Russia in the middle of the nineteenth century, and these dogs became widespread later. Serious breeding began only in 1980. The basis for domestic wolfhounds was the individuals that were brought from Germany. Later, the blood of American and Irish dogs was added to them. It is impossible to say with certainty that these dogs have become very popular in our state, but they have found their fans. There is a National Club of this breed in Russia.

irish wolfhound price
irish wolfhound price

How much does an Irish wolfhound cost? The price for one representative of the breed ranges from twenty thousand rubles to a hundred.

Small conclusion

Now you know what an Irish wolfhound is. His character is quite calm, so such an animal can becomefaithful and devoted friend for you and your kids. Feel free to choose this breed!

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