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Can pregnant women be massaged?
Can pregnant women be massaged?

Fatigue, swelling, feeling of "bricks" on the lower back - not a complete list of problems that the expectant mother faces. From the very first months, physical and emotional stress makes itself felt. Unfortunately, not all standard relaxation techniques are allowed in this situation. Is massage available for pregnant women? Will this procedure have a negative impact on the condition of the expectant mother and fetus?

Massage for pregnant women: pros and cons

Does a woman who is expecting a baby need a massage? Experts express different opinions on this matter. Some argue that massage for pregnant women is useful. The procedure helps to get rid of accumulated tension and pain, relieve muscle fatigue, and prepare the body for childbirth. Massage also increases blood flow in the veins. Consequently, the baby receives more nutrients.

is massage allowed for pregnant women
is massage allowed for pregnant women

There are those who oppose. They motivate their ban with risks to the fetus. Representatives of both groups are unanimous that a woman carrying a child should notprescribe a massage yourself. This decision can only be made with your doctor.

What indications exist

When is pregnancy massage really helpful? The indications for such a procedure are:

  • backbone problems;
  • puffiness;
  • back pain;
  • need for increased circulation;
  • fatigue, stress.

What's the difference

Do they massage pregnant women? This question is answered in the affirmative. Like a classic massage, it should relieve muscle tension, eliminate back pain, activate blood circulation and calm the nervous system. What are the differences?

  • Strong and abrupt movements of the massage therapist's hands, as well as pressure on the body, are strictly prohibited. All manipulations should be soft and calm.
  • There are areas that cannot be affected, for example, the stomach.
  • A position is chosen that does not harm the baby, is convenient for the expectant mother.
  • The admissibility of massage depends on the state of he alth of the woman who is expecting a baby. Her emotional state is also taken into account.


The answer to the question of whether it is possible for pregnant women to massage is given above. What can be achieved with this procedure? What benefit will it bring to a woman carrying a child?

indications for massage
indications for massage
  • Relieve back pain and heaviness.
  • Prevents the appearance of stretch marks, swelling of the arms and legs.
  • Activates blood circulation.
  • Relieve the conditionin the presence of varicose veins.
  • Relieve fatigue and stress, put the nervous system in order.
  • Relax muscles, relieve tension.

What kind of massage is allowed

Can pregnant women have a massage during the first three months of expecting a baby? Experts give a negative answer to this question. The procedure will not only be of no benefit, but will also create a threat of miscarriage. During this period, only cautious strokes are allowed, which have a calming and relaxing effect. We are talking about self-massage or the help of a loved one.

positions for massage
positions for massage

Which pregnancy massage is available from the fourth month? Expectant mothers allowed:

  • general massage;
  • massage of the back, legs;
  • anti-cellulite massage;
  • vacuum massage;
  • massage of the face, collar area.

Each of these species deserves a closer look.


General massage can be done once a week. The duration of the procedure is thirty minutes. From the seventh month, the procedure is allowed to be performed daily, but only if there are no contraindications.

neck area massage
neck area massage

Massage should be done by a specialist, not an amateur. The procedure consists in soft stroking and kneading of the arms and legs, careful impact on the collar zone and shoulder girdle, back, feet.


The fetus grows in the stomach, the breasts grow. In this regard, the load on the spine becomes more and more. The center of gravity shifts, there is a deflection of the spine,squeezing organs. Muscles are constantly under tension. Can pregnant women have a back massage? Yes, this procedure is also available and shown to expectant mothers.

back massage for pregnant women
back massage for pregnant women

This massage effectively fights against unpleasant symptoms, has a positive effect on the well-being of a woman expecting a baby. The best position for the procedure is on the side. The technique used by the specialist directly depends on the stage of pregnancy. It is strictly forbidden to touch the spine.


Can pregnant women have a foot massage? This question is also answered in the affirmative. Constant heaviness in the legs is a problem that many expectant mothers face. The procedure will help prevent cramps and swelling, activate blood circulation. Also, with its help, you can take the load off your legs.

foot massage for pregnant women
foot massage for pregnant women

Foot massage for pregnant women is possible, but with reservations. There are points on the feet that are dangerous to stimulate in this position. Simple kneading, rubbing, stroking are welcome, and strong pressure is prohibited. The posture should be comfortable for the woman, for example, on her side or sitting. The procedure should be regular, carried out from the fourth month. Particular attention is paid to the feet and calf muscles, while pressing on the vein area is prohibited.


During pregnancy, women worry less about their beauty than usual. However, expectant mothers still want to prevent stretch marks and cellulite. But we must not forget thatanti-cellulite massage is dangerous, as it increases the risk of miscarriage. It is best to discuss the suitability of this procedure with your doctor.

The list of allowed tricks is limited. Pregnant women can use light massaging of the buttocks, as well as massaging with spoons with minimal pressure.


Can pregnant women be massaged? The benefits and harms of this procedure should also be discussed with your doctor. During the massage, it is forbidden to work with the abdomen.

Face, collar zone

We can definitely say that facial massage is indicated for expectant mothers. For the procedure, a woman does not have to contact a specialist. You can do this at home.

facial massage for pregnant women
facial massage for pregnant women

Massage will help relieve tension in the facial muscles. It will also allow the skin to regain elasticity, eliminate headaches. It is important not to overdo it with cosmetics during the procedure.

Duration of collar area massage is about ten minutes. With its help, you can achieve muscle relaxation, getting rid of fatigue. The procedure has a positive effect on cerebral circulation. During it, you can not touch the spinal column.

Forbidden zones

Can pregnant women be massaged? Yes, subject to the specialist's ability to avoid "abortion" zones. You can not touch not only the abdomen, but also the coccyx, sacrum, ankles and wrists.

You can not overdo it with breast massage. Strong movements affecting the nipples are strongly not recommended.and areola. This will lead to an increase in the tone of the uterus, increase the likelihood of contraction of its muscle tissue. Light massaging manipulations are welcome, which can be combined with taking a bath or shower.

Prohibited Species

Is Thai massage available for pregnant women? Beauty salon masters can say yes. However, experts unanimously give a negative answer to this question. It is this procedure that tops the list of those that women who are expecting a baby must definitely refuse.

The banned list also includes perineal massage, which is becoming increasingly popular. You can hear the opinion that this procedure is used to prevent ruptures, helps to prepare for childbirth. In fact, with its help, you can only increase the tone of the uterus, as well as infect the infection.

Stone massage, which is performed using specially heated stones, is also strictly prohibited. Also, expectant mothers are not recommended hydromassage.


Can pregnant women be massaged? There are contraindications that make this procedure inaccessible to expectant mothers. What is included in this list.

  • Gynecologist's ban. If a doctor who sees a woman who is expecting a child forbids massage, you should definitely obey his recommendation.
  • Infectious diseases.
  • Diseases of the cardiovascular system.
  • Dermatological problems.
  • Purulent processes of any localization.
  • Blood diseases.
  • Some diseasesabdominal organs.
  • Toxicosis and fluid retention in the body.
  • Severe back pain.
  • High pressure.
  • Severe varicose veins, thrombosis, acute inflammation of the lymph nodes.
  • Asthma in a neglected state.

It is better to refrain from massage if it causes discomfort in a pregnant woman. The touch of a stranger can irritate and stress the expectant mother.

Careful with essential oils

Is it allowed to use essential oils during a massage? These funds are not banned, but some of them are still better to avoid. For example, oils based on mint, sage, wormwood and lavender will not benefit future mothers.

What ingredients are allowed? Compositions based on geranium and orange will help a woman in position in the fight against edema. Also suitable for pregnant women are ginger and lemon oil, a remedy made from wheat germ, carrots, and rosewood. It is best to choose a suitable composition in the company of your doctor.

What you need to know

Whether it's a facial massage or a back massage, pregnant women should in any case not do this in the first three months. All procedures are carried out only from the fourth. Also, don't forget to limit the number of sessions. Massage should be done no more than once or twice a week. The maximum duration of the procedure is half an hour.

It doesn't matter if it's a general massage or a foot massage - pregnant women can only have a manual massage. Under the strict ban are all kinds ofvibration mats, belts, cans, electric massagers. All these devices are characterized by uncontrolled hard impact, which can adversely affect the course of pregnancy. In case of emergency, the use of spoons, brushes, mittens is allowed. However, the touch should be soft and gentle, strong pressure is excluded.

The procedure must be carried out by a qualified specialist who has the relevant documents, as well as sufficient work experience. Permission for it should certainly be obtained from a gynecologist who will take into account all indications and contraindications.

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