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Bandage "Fest" postpartum: reviews, photos, sizes. How to put on a postpartum bandage "Fest"?

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Bandage "Fest" postpartum: reviews, photos, sizes. How to put on a postpartum bandage "Fest"?
Bandage "Fest" postpartum: reviews, photos, sizes. How to put on a postpartum bandage "Fest"?

Pregnancy is not only the happiness of having a baby. This is a difficult test for the entire female body. A particularly large load falls on the back, internal organs, skin and abdominal muscles. If the skin simply sags, then this defect is only cosmetic. But hernias can appear in the spine and anterior abdominal back, which will greatly complicate life. Will help prevent them and get rid of many problems postpartum bandage "Fest" (Russia).


Bandages for pregnant women are prenatal and postnatal. They differ in function and form. Prenatal bandages support the internal organs of a woman during pregnancy and do not allow them to fall down. They protect against the formation of postpartum hernias, supporting the spine during childbearing. In order not to squeeze the fetus, the fabric for the bandage is taken not very dense.

bandage fast postpartum
bandage fast postpartum

The postpartum bandage forces the abdominal muscles and skin to tighten to normal. It helps the back to hold the body, reducing its tension and the load on the spine while carrying the child in her arms. Therefore, the fabric for suchproducts take more elastic.

Universal brace

A good solution for a pregnant woman can be a universal bandage "Fest" postpartum. It is designed in such a way that it can be worn both before and after childbirth. One part is wide, the other is narrow. Both are elastic. The wide side of the bandage is worn on the abdomen during pregnancy, when it needs to be supported. After childbirth, it is turned back to front, the narrow part is put on the stomach, pulling it up. The wide one supports the back, being behind. A universal postpartum bandage can be bought at a price of 300 to 1000 rubles.

Postpartum bandage

Fest company produces several types of bandages:

  • belt;
  • panties;
  • grace;
  • bermuda shorts.

All of them contribute to the restoration of the abdominal wall, prevent prolapse of organs, and help maintain a beautiful figure.

Bandage postpartum belt

Fest postpartum bandage is an elastic belt with a width of 15 to 18 cm or from 25 to 30 cm. A wide belt is also called a skirt. The bandage consists of three parts, adjustable with Velcro. An example is the bandage "Fest 0746". Elastic dense fabric is fixed in the desired position with Velcro. They can be located in front, side, sometimes - behind.

bandage postpartum fest reviews
bandage postpartum fest reviews

It is easy to use, meets all the requirements and standards of such products. The disadvantage of some users is that the bandage can slide up to the waist.

Bandage briefs

The above-mentioned shortcomings are deprived of the shorts-bandage "Fest" (the postpartum period is a very responsible time, every woman should be attentive to her he alth). Their shape makes it impossible to climb up the body.

Panties with a high waist and elastic slimming inserts in the abdomen and lower back tighten only problem areas without squeezing the buttocks and hips. They are convenient because they are fastened at the bottom with hooks. This allows you to keep the bandage on while going to the toilet.

bandage postpartum fest sizes
bandage postpartum fest sizes

Put on such shorts in the prone position. They fix the stomach and uterus well, protecting it from prolapse.

The advantage of the above models can be considered that they are invisible from under clothes, do not slip to the waist and do not twist. One of the most popular is the postpartum bandage "Fest 0341". It has no seams. The bottom clasp is easy to use. The high elastane content (40%) provides the compression you need to keep your recovery time as short as possible.

Bandage Bermudas

FEST B-272 can serve as an example of such a bandage. In appearance, it looks like panties, almost reaching the knees. With the help of special weaves, it pulls not only the stomach, but also the legs, making them visually slimmer. This property is often decisive for those who choose the "Fest" postpartum bandage. Customer reviews say that he also squeezes the buttocks, making the figure a little flat. But you will wear such a bandage for no longer than a month and a half. During this time, the figure will tighten andwill return to its original form.

postpartum bandage fest photo
postpartum bandage fest photo

High fit allows you to "make" the waist, the use of corset bones relieves the back.

The seamless postpartum bandage "Fest" has no fasteners. The high percentage of cotton makes it comfortable to wear.

The price of bandage Bermuda shorts of the brand "Fest" is from 600 to 800 rubles.


These are high waist briefs. They support the muscles from above, while the elastic panels on the stomach help keep them from below.

Caesarean section and bandage

Women after caesarean section or other surgical interventions may only wear a bandage if prescribed by a doctor. Not all types of seams allow this. For women after caesarean, the Fest 1248 model is suitable. It is made from fabric that is breathable. 16% elastane allows for good compression, and a continuous Velcro fastener allows you to adjust the tension of the bandage. Wearing it prevents the formation of hernias in the abdominal cavity. The seam that is formed when using a bandage is durable, it has a more aesthetic appearance.


After purchasing, the postpartum bandage must be washed. In the future, this is done regularly. Bandage "Fast" is well erased. It doesn't stretch or lose its shape. Stays stretchy thanks to the elastane content of the fabric.

There are several options for wearing a brace. It can be worn on the naked body or on underwear. In the first case, you need to wash it every day. Then you will need a second copy.

how to put on a postpartum bandage fest
how to put on a postpartum bandage fest

Manufacturers recommend wearing a bandage only on linen, and it must be cotton. This will protect you from allergic reactions.


Postpartum bandage is not indicated for all women. Some diseases of the kidneys, stomach, edema, skin diseases and allergies can become an obstacle to its use. Some seams also cannot be covered and squeezed with elastic belts. Therefore, appointing yourself to wear a bandage is not always justified. It is better to consult a doctor before buying and using.


Many types of postpartum bandages are uncomfortable to wear with trousers. Often they are pulled up, gathering at the waist.

Wearing tight-fitting clothes in this case is not worth it, because bones are visible through it, strengthening the bandage.

Wearing a brace alone will not make your figure perfect. If you wear it for a long time, then the abdominal muscles will atrophy. Therefore, you need to constantly do gymnastics and massage.

When putting on a bandage, you need to take into account that sometimes its Velcro can cling to clothes: tights, blouses.

Manufacturers indicate that the effect depends on how well the postpartum bandage "Fest" is chosen.

How to choose the size

Manufacturers indicate the size of their bandages in different ways. They can be designated by numbers from 2 to 6 or by letters. How to choose a postpartum bandage "Fest"? The sizes of the products of this company are based on the maximum value of the hips. For example, size 100 will fit a woman withhips from 97 to 100 cm. The difference between two adjacent sizes is 4 cm. The minimum is 92, the maximum is 116.

bandage postpartum fest how to choose size
bandage postpartum fest how to choose size

When choosing a bandage, you need to remember your previous size and add a couple of sizes depending on how many pounds you gained during pregnancy.

It is advisable to try on the bandage before buying. It should be easy to put on and take off. When worn, it should neither slide up, nor fall off, nor dangle. It is important to feel comfortable in it. The bandage should not squeeze the stomach, only support.

Of course, on the day of childbirth, no one will run for a bandage. Therefore, more often it is bought by eye. An exception may be a universal bandage.

Dressing process

It is best to put on the bandage while lying down, lifting your hips. At this time, the abdominal muscles are not tense. This will help secure them properly. Do this with Velcro. The procedure may not turn out very well the first time. But you don't have to be upset. In a few days, you will develop skills in putting on, fastening and using a brace.

How to put on the postpartum bandage "Fest" in places where it is impossible to lie down? For example, in a public toilet? In this case, you need to lean back, straighten the abdominal muscles with your hand, and quickly fasten the Velcro.

It's good if someone you know is nearby. It will help to fasten the back velcro. Although in the postpartum period, a woman can handle it herself.

How long to wear a bandage

Put on postpartumthe “Fest” bandage (see photo in the article) is possible from the day of childbirth, of course, if they went well, and the woman in labor has no contraindications for this. To find out if you can wear a postpartum bandage, consulting a doctor will help.

You need to wear every day, no more than three hours in a row until the stomach regains its shape. Experts believe that this can be up to 7 weeks after birth. You can't leave it overnight. Breaks between brace wearing sessions should be at least 20 minutes.

Fabric composition

Fast for the bandage company "Fast" uses natural. But without the addition of elastic substances, it is impossible to provide the desired compression. Synthetic additives give the material strength and shape retention.

bandage seamless postpartum fest
bandage seamless postpartum fest

Therefore, the composition of the fabric from which the prenatal and postnatal bandage "Fest" is made includes viscose (0-34%) and PA (27-34%), cotton (23-62%) and elastane (4- 16%).

Product colors: black, white, beige.

Bandage will help restore the previous shape and prevent back pain. It will tighten the muscles and skin of the abdomen.

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