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House for cats. Types and recommendations for choosing

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House for cats. Types and recommendations for choosing
House for cats. Types and recommendations for choosing
house for cats
house for cats

Many owners of furry pets are thinking about how to choose a house for cats. Moreover, the choice on the shelves of pet stores is simply huge, and it is doubly difficult to decide. In this article we will talk about what kind of houses for cats are, the price of which can be completely different, how to choose the right one and whether it is possible to make them yourself from improvised means.

Varieties of houses

The range of cat houses is very large. Below we give a small classification of them:

  1. Ordinary house. In appearance, this design resembles a booth. That is, the structure is quite simple, takes up little space and is intended only for the animal to rest.
  2. Complex of several shelves, a sleeping basket and a scratching post. In such a house, a cat can play, sharpen its claws, and relax.
  3. A more complex cat house is a building up to ceiling level. Playgrounds, recreation areas, and several poles forclaw sharpening. Ideal for multiple cat owners.
  4. cat houses price
    cat houses price

As you have noticed, the cat house is presented in a wide range. However, it should be purchased wisely.

Recommendations for choosing a house

So, what factors should you pay attention to when buying a home for your four-legged pet?

Where your cat sleeps:

  • Constantly on the pillow, bedspread, bed. Such an animal is unlikely to fit complex designs, and it will be difficult for you to accustom him to them. There is a risk that even buying an ordinary house will be superfluous if the cat is already used to sleeping in a particular place.
  • If he sleeps in a secluded place, away from the eyes, loves corners, then feel free to get a house for cats. She will love this purchase.

2. What height does a cat choose for sleeping and for location:

cat foam house
cat foam house
  • If chairs, tables and cabinets are your pet's favorite place, then the first type of houses that we reviewed earlier will by no means suit his needs. It is necessary to choose a structure that is similar in height to the places where the cat most often rests.
  • But in a situation where a four-legged friend likes to sleep on a rug, on the floor, he will like an ordinary house.

Regardless of the cat's preferences, only high-quality structures should be purchased. If the material from which the house is made exudes an unpleasant odor, then no animal will linger therefor a long time.

In practice, we can say that cats prefer multi-tiered structures: there is where to roam and play. Even if they don't sleep, they will definitely play there.

How to make a house for a cat with your own hands

It's pretty easy to make a house on your own. For example, you can use improvised means. A house made of foam rubber for a cat will be a great place to relax. It can be used as a base. To do this, give the foam rubber the shape of a booth, sew a cover from any material (fleece, pile fabric, and so on), put another layer or pillow inside to make your pet sleep softer. Ready! But you need to remember what was said earlier: about the preferences of the cat, otherwise your work will not be noticed.

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