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Corrective glasses - what is it? Corrective glasses: general characteristics, description, varieties, photos

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Corrective glasses - what is it? Corrective glasses: general characteristics, description, varieties, photos
Corrective glasses - what is it? Corrective glasses: general characteristics, description, varieties, photos

Visual impairment has become common today. However, there are optical devices that can solve this problem. Corrective glasses help to see how a he althy person is. What it is? These are special products used for both refraction and accommodation.

Risk of buying inferior products

Today, optical devices for correcting vision are sold almost everywhere. They can be purchased even in underground passages. But can you trust their quality? Many people have never seen such an ophthalmic product as corrective glasses. What it is, they do not know. Faced with the need to buy such products, they make mistakes. As a result, they have to face negative consequences:

  • a person begins to experience fatigue in the eyes, and vision continues to deteriorate;
  • poor quality frames irritate the skin, leading to allergic reactions;
  • glasses look inharmonious, as their owner did not attach any importanceappearance of products.
corrective glasses what is it
corrective glasses what is it

What to look out for?

When choosing corrective glasses, what it is - you must know. This is an ophthalmic product, which means that its purchase should be taken with responsibility. You need to buy it only in optics stores. The main component of the product is the frame. There are several types of it:

  • One piece. It frames the lenses completely.
  • Semi-rimless. Has only the top edge. The lens is fixed on it. Glass is loose bottom.
  • Rimless. Edgeless. The arms are connected directly to the glass. Such frames of corrective glasses contain an element that holds them together.

Metal and polymers are used as materials. Frames made from acetate are something of a novelty.

corrective glasses what is it
corrective glasses what is it

If you want to become the owner of a quality product, be sure to look at the specifications. The documents indicate GOST R 51193-98. There are unscrupulous companies that, while creating corrective glasses, do not understand what it is. They must be manufactured in accordance with legal regulations. They govern the general specifications.

Standards determine whether vision correction products meet medical requirements. Optical devices created in artisanal conditions pose a danger to human he alth. But corrective glasses made in accordance with all the requirements of GOSTyou can buy safely.

gost corrective glasses
gost corrective glasses

Which lenses do you prefer?

For the production of corrective glasses, mineral glass and materials of organic origin are used. In the first case, there is a transparent substance. It is formed after strong cooling of pre-molten glass-forming components. The resulting lenses are quite heavy, but they resist mechanical stress very well. Plastic products, on the contrary, weigh little. But these glasses require additional coating to avoid scratches.

The approach of Russian and foreign firms

Domestic manufacturers have successfully mastered the production of corrective glasses using the lens coloring technique. They use various substances that have sunscreen properties. Most often you can see products of gray and brown. However, there are more saturated colors on the market: green, blue, yellow. Americans prefer gray glasses, while Europeans prefer brown.

corrective glasses reviews
corrective glasses reviews

Russian companies tend to randomly choose colors. Abroad, on the contrary, tend to take into account the lifestyle of customers. Representatives of creative professions are offered glasses with gray lenses. Products reduce the contrast of green, and make cyan and blue less saturated. It is advisable to assign brown glasses to drivers and, in general, to people who spend a lot of time on the road. If it is important for the patient to maintain color quality andincrease the contrast at the same time, he needs green-tinted lenses. These are representatives of such professions as motorcycle racers, shooters, golfers.

Glasses with yellow lenses are considered to have a distinctive sporty look. But experts recommend them only to people involved in tennis. They improve the orientation of the player on the court.

If you are prescribed corrective glasses, you need to study the reviews - they will tell you a lot of useful things. Comments may vary, because here, as in the case of drugs, everything depends on the individual characteristics of the patient and the manufacturer of the products.

Important parameters

If vision ranges from 0.5 to 0.05, telescopic goggles are needed. They are effective in ametropia, while excellently increasing the size of objects. The products contain one negative and one positive lens.

Prismatic glasses are intended for patients suffering from pathology of the eye muscles. The two prisms present in them refract the rays at an angle of 90 degrees. Thanks to this, a person can put a book on his chest and in this position see what is written in it. Such optics provide indispensable support to bedridden patients.

gost corrective glasses
gost corrective glasses

In some cases, ophthalmologists prescribe corrective mirror glasses. What it is? They have reflective properties and are used in people with unilateral hemianopia.

Specialists always write out a prescription for corrective glasses containing special parameters:

  • distance separatingoptical centers of the lenses apart;
  • the above figure for both eyes;
  • optimal center offset;
  • purpose of optics.

To determine the optical power, a device is used - a dioptrimeter. It is present in all ophthalmological rooms. It is necessary to visit the eye doctor in time to stop the disease in the early stages.

Certain models of corrective glasses require getting used to, while others are unassuming. Difficulties usually arise with optics that can solve specific problems, such as astigmatism, for example. That is why sometimes even products selected by professionals give side effects. You need to get used to them gradually.

production of corrective glasses
production of corrective glasses

Currently, corrective glasses are being produced in the salons, photos of which are offered to be viewed right there, on the spot. Sometimes their optical capabilities exceed the allowable. You should be careful with them. Customers sometimes order ophthalmic optics in advance.

Doctors recommend refusing to wear certain models of corrective glasses on an ongoing basis. It is better to use them from time to time, for example, when you get behind the wheel. You can wear them when working with parts that are small in size.

Choose products according to face type

So, the theoretical part has been studied, now you can think about creating a harmonious image with the help of glasses. They should not repel their appearance from their owner. Of course, you can choose your ownproducts. However, one should not forget about a few rules that are considered basic.

  1. Rimless and semi-rimless frames are not recommended for owners of an elongated face type. For such people, it is better to buy medium-sized glasses.
  2. Products with a high fit are good for those with a wide forehead.
  3. Low-cut glasses will look great on people with large noses. You can use a massive frame in a dark shade. It is also good to use a double jumper. Similar advice can be given to people with a large chin. If all facial features of a person are proportional, glasses of any shape are allowed.
corrective glasses photo
corrective glasses photo

Select by color

People with blond hair fit corrective glasses with silver or gold frames. Bronze shade looks great on owners of red hair, while brown-haired, golden or red can be recommended. Brunettes, on the other hand, should consider black.

Choice according to wardrobe

Strict glasses go well with a business suit. Brighter solutions are recommended for street style. They are popular with the younger generation. Such products are often found among optics with a polymer frame.

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