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Ramenskaya children's clinic: modern diagnostics and qualified treatment

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Ramenskaya children's clinic: modern diagnostics and qualified treatment
Ramenskaya children's clinic: modern diagnostics and qualified treatment

He alth is necessary for everyone: both adults and children. Only if a person is he althy can he enjoy life and realize himself as a person. After all, you see, in a sick child, education, study, communication with peers and much more fade into the background. That is why all parents face a very important task - to teach children to take care of their he alth, to do everything to ensure that it is preserved for many years. If your child falls ill, it is very important to receive qualified medical care in time, and this is possible only in specialized children's medical institutions, which we call polyclinics.

ramenskaya children's clinic
ramenskaya children's clinic

Ramenskaya children's clinic

On the basis of the Ramenskaya Children's Hospital, located on Makhova Street, 19, there is a children's city polyclinic that provides services to the children's population of the city, starting from the day of his birth and up to 18 years of age. The staff of this establishment is selected with the greatest care. He possesses noonly highly qualified, but also puts his whole soul into his hard work. The goal of doctors is to rid little patients of the unpleasant symptoms of the disease as soon as possible.

Ramenskaya children's clinic has modern equipment that allows more accurate diagnosis of the disease and make the treatment effective and efficient. All premises of the clinic fully comply with sanitary standards. This allows you to make your stay here as comfortable as possible for both children and adults.

Diagnostics in the clinic

As a rule, each patient needs to be diagnosed in order to establish the true causes of the ailment. In this medical institution, various methods are used. Ramenskaya Children's Polyclinic conducts ultrasound, electrocardiography, FVD, a full range of parasitological and general clinical studies, radiography, functional diagnostics, biochemical studies.

children's clinic in ramenskoye
children's clinic in ramenskoye

Polyclinic specialists

Ramenskaya children's polyclinic in its staff has only highly qualified specialists. Reception of patients is carried out by local pediatricians who serve children living in a certain area attached to them. In the registry of the polyclinic, you can specify the name of your district police officer. Infants are serviced by local pediatricians and nurses both at home and directly in a medical institution. In addition, nurses supervise children in preschool and school institutions: they monitor the development of the child, conductpreventive measures required vaccination.

For a more complete examination, the pediatrician may refer the child to a consultation with a specific doctor. The children's polyclinic in Ramenskoye has many specialists on its staff. Reception lead:

  • Otolaryngologist. It helps to cope with diseases of the throat, nose and ear, as well as recommend preventive measures to protect yourself from infections and bacteria that cause diseases in these organs.
  • Ophthalmologist. It helps to solve issues related to eye diseases.
  • Infectionist.
  • Surgeon. Solves those issues where surgical intervention is needed.
  • Neurologist. He diagnoses and treats those diseases that arise as a result of damage to the central nervous system of the child.
  • Cardiologist - treatment of diseases of the cardiovascular system.
  • Speech therapist - speech correction.

In addition, physiotherapy exercises and massage are carried out in the clinic.

children's polyclinic ramenskoye phone
children's polyclinic ramenskoye phone

Useful information

But it is not always enough to know where the children's clinic (Ramenskoye) is located. The phone number of this medical institution is not known to everyone, but it is very important to have accurate information when your pediatrician or other specialist receives. In addition, at the reception by phone, an appointment is also made. There are times when it is necessary to make a doctor's house call. The phone number by which you can contact this medical institution: +7 496 463-27-61. For those who need a reception department: +7 496463-82-12.

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