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Silver Cross stroller: is it worth buying?

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Silver Cross stroller: is it worth buying?
Silver Cross stroller: is it worth buying?

The birth of a baby is a wonderful event. But it is sometimes overshadowed by the difficult choice of a stroller. There are a huge number of options, firms and models. Focusing on something specific can be difficult, sometimes impossible at all. Let's try to figure out what the Silver Cross stroller is. Is it really necessary to pay attention to it? Or will we once again deal with the most ordinary promoted brand? Numerous reviews and opinions of parents will help put everything in its place.

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The first thing parents pay attention to is the price of baby products. In fact, this factor is extremely important. No one wants to overpay or buy low-quality, but cheap goods. And when it comes to children's things - you always want to buy the best of the best. The Silver Cross stroller, to be honest, gets mixed opinions in this regard.

Why is this happening? Let's start with the fact that the models of this manufacturer are not at all cheap. And this turns a lot of people off. It makes no sense to buy a stroller for one child for 60-70 thousand rubles. Even if it's high quality. For this reason, parentsoften complain about the high cost. A good vehicle can be purchased for 10-12 thousand rubles. And with all this, use the model for many years.

However, the Silver Cross stroller can cost you less. Especially if you buy it by hand. Or with the expectation of several children. In this case, sometimes it is really better to spend money than to buy new models of children's transport every time. In principle, most parents try to avoid expensive strollers. Especially if the price tag is too high up to 40,000 - 50,000 rubles. And the Silver Cross stroller falls under this "ban". Not many people can afford it. This means that it will not be possible to fully evaluate the quality of the proposed structures. But we will try to summarize as accurately as possible.

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If the price tag is not taken into account, then the first thing you should pay attention to is the size of the stroller. Not everyone has the opportunity to buy and store bulky models at home. That is, the Silver Cross Surf stroller, for example, must be both compact for storage and spacious for the child. Not all models and manufacturers can cope with such tasks.

But in our case it worked. Indeed, as many buyers note, the Silver Cross stroller is a compact storage and space for your baby at the same time. Nevertheless, the price, as already mentioned, scares away many potential buyers. But if you think about it, it's worth it.

If you plan to store a strollerin a ready-to-use form, you will have to find a place for it. In a position suitable for walking, these models are more than bulky. Still, it's not such a big problem. Any stroller at home can be assembled and put away in a place convenient for you.


An important point is the general condition of the design of the product. Especially when it comes to children's furniture or vehicles. Here Silver Cross strollers get mixed reviews. In principle, like many other manufacturers. After all, each parent has their own preferences in the design of the stroller. And it's impossible to please everyone.

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Still, Silver Cross is just what a child needs. A comfortable handle, a large cradle, a good shopping basket, as well as a decent hood - everything that kids and parents need for comfortable walks. Yes, there are some downsides. For example, rubber wheels. They are not liked by everyone. In addition, some parents remain dissatisfied with the shopping basket. In most cases, strollers are equipped with metal options. And preference is given to fabric. A trifle, but it can sometimes alienate even the most intelligent and balanced buyer from buying.


Every stroller has its own weight. And it is also an extremely important characteristic when choosing a children's vehicle. Silver Cross strollers (and not just walking options), to be honest, weigh a lot. And, as many buyers assure, you should not stop yourthe choice on these models if you live high, and even without an elevator. Walking with a stroller will be hell for you in this case.

As practice shows, many Silver Cross weigh about 16-18 kilograms. It seems to be not so much. But in reality, it turns out that you will literally be dragging a structure with you, which by weight will resemble a bag of potatoes. Yes, and the child in it to move. Not very comfortable. But if a strong man does walks, then the huge weight is not such a hindrance.


Any Silver Cross stroller (and not only) has a certain package. And, to tell the truth, this moment is given special attention. The higher the cost of construction, the more complete set you want to purchase. And in this case, the reviews are quite pleasing.

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After all, together with the Silver Cross stroller, the buyer receives everything necessary for walking. There is a mosquito net, and a high-quality raincoat, and a bag for things. Unless there is a muff for mom's hands. But now it is extremely difficult to find a stroller with a complete set, sometimes even impossible. Nevertheless, parents are often dissatisfied with the fact that for the 40-60 thousand rubles that were paid for the Silver Cross, they will also have to add to the missing equipment items.

What can be said in the end? Silver Cross are noteworthy strollers. If the budget allows, then look at different models of this manufacturer. They will definitely please you, even despite some shortcomings. But there are downsidesany goods. And strollers are no exception. The main thing is that Silver Cross will delight you and your children for a long time.

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