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Sterilization of a cat how is it done? Cat sterilization: postoperative period, reviews

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Sterilization of a cat how is it done? Cat sterilization: postoperative period, reviews
Sterilization of a cat how is it done? Cat sterilization: postoperative period, reviews

Becoming a happy owner of a cat, a good owner must decide what will be the existence of the animal. And in many ways it determines its fate. Sooner or later, the logical question of sterilization arises. In order to understand whether your pet needs such an operation, let's look at the root of the problem and find out the details of the procedure. What is cat spaying, how it happens and what are the consequences.

Why sterilize an animal

Cats differ from people in their huge set of instincts, which they unquestioningly obey and with which they are unable to fight. Their sexual attraction is due to nature and exists for only one purpose - reproduction. Therefore, at a certain period, they begin to experience purely physiological discomfort, which they try to overcome as instinct dictates.

how to spay a cat

For many, it remains a mystery what sterilization of a cat is, how the procedure takes place. Ignorance of the question causes terrible and intolerable pictures. But let's look at an animal that is locked in a house or apartment, unable to live.on one's own. People associate the behavior of many pets with their own experiences and thoughts. However, in nature, everything is much simpler.

Do you think a cat gets mad at you when it shits on your clothes? Not at all. The course of her thoughts is much simpler: I will mark the owner, he will go outside, where other cats will smell him and follow him. The animal is trying in every way to solve the problem.

People are more likely to think about what happens to a cat after spaying, and not about what will happen without it.

How strong nature is

It is extremely wrong to identify an animal with a person. The mindset of the majority - there are people who manage for many years without sex, and nothing. But it is worth noting that the physiology of humans and cats is strikingly different. The natural cycle of a woman is the maturation of the egg and fertilization, in the absence of which it is excreted from the body. But in a cat, the egg in this case remains in the ovaries.

Of course, constant pregnancy will not affect the animal well. Often a giving birth cat is quickly depleted. But the absence of fertilization will not bring anything positive. Just imagine. The first egg has matured, the hormonal background has increased. The cat has not had intercourse and is not pregnant. A second egg appeared, and the amount of hormones increased again. And so with each cycle until the body explodes with a whole bunch of diseases.

You still do not know what cat sterilization is, how the operation takes place, but, understanding the characteristics of the animal's body, you have already thought about the expediency of the operation.

sterilizationcats how is it

General principles of the procedure

Ignorance often breeds speculation, completely unfounded and completely wrong. Some consider the procedure as simple as going to the hairdresser, for others it is something too complicated, requiring a long rehabilitation period. It's time to dispel all the myths and tell what cat sterilization is, how it happens and what it includes.

In veterinary clinics, this is one of the most frequently performed operations, which is perceived as a routine job. It's not too complicated, but it's quite serious. Although it does not pose any danger to the life of the pet.

Main steps of the procedure:

  • examination;

  • preparation for anesthesia;

  • narcosis;

  • operation;

  • postoperative period;

  • recovery from anesthesia.

You should know that there are several methods. We will look at the basic principles of what cat sterilization is, how it happens. Perhaps, after reading, many will be able to make the right decision and change the life of their pet for the better.

How is a cat spayed?


Perhaps it sounds too strange - a preliminary study of the animal. But after reading articles about how a cat is sterilized, reviews of other owners, you can understand that there is still a point in this procedure.

It is recommended that you first visit the veterinarian to examine the animal. The cat must behe althy: good appetite, shiny coat, regular trips to the toilet. All of this matters. If the doctor doubts the general condition of the pet, he may prescribe additional tests. Some advise to conduct them without fail if the animal is old enough. To make a final decision, you need to pass two blood tests: a biochemical and clinical, a urine test and an electrocardiography of the heart.

All this will help you decide and give you guarantees of successful completion of the operation.

Preparation and administration of anesthesia

After passing the examination and coming to the conclusion that the animal is he althy, you can choose the date and time of the procedure. At the very beginning, the doctor prescribes premedication - the introduction of special drugs that have a positive effect on the functioning of the cardiovascular system, improve it. This is done to make it easier for the body to endure anesthesia. Regardless of how a cat is spayed, this step is very important. Because anesthesia is considered one of the most difficult and important stages of any intervention.

There are several types of insertion during the sterilization procedure. The most popular is intramuscular. Of course, it is more expensive, but it has a number of advantages. Firstly, the state of sleep is quickly reached and the animal comes out of it just as quickly. Secondly, the absence of adverse reactions. This type is recommended for use in any surgical intervention requiring anesthesia.

The second type is inhalation. It requires special equipment, which is rarely found in conventionalveterinary clinics.

how to sterilize cats


So we come to the main thing. How is cat sterilization done? Depending on the anesthesia, the method of the operation and the presence of certain manipulations, this procedure takes from half an hour to an hour.

At the first stage, disinfection takes place, treatment of the body area with antiseptics. On the second - the place of operational access is selected. There are two options: along the white line or side cut. The first is held in the middle of the abdomen, the second, as the name implies, to the left or right below the ribs. Below is the sterilization of cats. How it happens, the photo clearly demonstrates.

what happens to a cat after spaying

The third stage is the actual process of removing the ovaries. It may also be accompanied by the elimination of the uterus. This is done to protect against subsequent possible diseases caused by the fact that this organ is no longer needed, and becomes more susceptible to negative influences.

The last step is suturing. The reliability and correctness of the procedure depends on how the postoperative period will proceed, the speed of wound healing.

Seams after sterilization are external and internal. The latter are performed with special absorbable threads. The external suture is removed two weeks after the operation.

Detailed instructions

After the operation, the doctor begins to work directly with the owner of the animal. Now, knowing how a cat is sterilized, you should prepare for furtheractions. The veterinarian will tell you about the rules for caring for the animal in the first days, how to properly process the seam, how often it needs to be done. Antibiotics, vitamins, and pain medication should be discussed. It must be remembered that the animal perceives the seam as a wound. It will try to lick it, gnaw the threads. Therefore, it is necessary to wear special protection.

how to sterilize cats

So the cat was sterilized. The postoperative period will require no less trouble from the owner, if not more. The general he alth and behavior of the animal must be closely monitored.

Additional procedures

It should be understood that anesthesia and other drugs that have entered the animal's body can, to a certain extent, affect the general condition. If you have the time and finances, then, without hesitation, settle for special droppers. Now you know what cat sterilization is, how it happens. However, the further effect of medications can be unpredictable. And cleansing the blood will remove toxins, improve body regeneration and the general well-being of the pet.

Life after sterilization

What happens to the cat after the operation? What is her existence like? Sexual activity becomes much lower or disappears altogether. Otherwise, the animal remains cheerful, playful, filled with energy. Cats do not lose weight due to estrus, the coat remains shiny and silky.

In relation to other animals, they are equal and can compete for the rightdomination.

If you still have doubts, talk to your friends, ask how they got their cat spayed. Reviews can give you an independent perspective.

cat sterilization postoperative period

Remember that a hormonal imbalance in a cat often causes complex diseases: oncology, pyometra (purulent formation in the uterine cavity).

In any case, you make a decision, the main thing is not to forget that the life and he alth of the animal largely depend on the owner.

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