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LED rulers: scope and features

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LED rulers: scope and features
LED rulers: scope and features

LED rulers are a common type of decorative lighting. The basis of such devices are aluminum profiles on which printed circuit boards are fixed. For this, among other methods, the use of special glue has become most widespread. Such lighting elements can often be seen in shop windows.

LED rulers

Where to find it?

Set goals determine the choice of the metal profile of the structure. You can buy a solid element with an addition in the form of an intensifying radiator or an aluminum corner in shops selling souvenirs or at points of sale of optics. Aluminum LED profiles used for installation in industrial plants and shops require special attention. Such lighting is also used to supplement cranes, in particular to improve visibility during work at night. The LED aluminum ruler simplifies the orientation of installers and people who control large heavy equipment. In addition to being used in industrial enterprises, they are common in country cottages and other private properties.Elements can be mounted throughout the entire fence of the objects indicated above.

LED rulers are installed using their base - an aluminum profile. They are an excellent way to decorate signs, external elements of hypermarkets, shop windows. Such LED designs provide attractiveness and visibility of stores at any time of the day, and also attract new customers. The dense base has found its application in lighting recesses, decorative niches and shelves. In addition, it is possible to form local lighting of pools, facades and kitchens. On narrow pedestrian paths, you can notice dim lighting - it is also provided by LED elements.

aluminum led strips

What is the aluminum base for?

Forming a high quality lighting device is impossible without aluminum profile. The footage is calculated according to the established scheme, and thanks to a large number of components, you can create bright and non-standard LED strips on an aluminum base.

Choosing a suitable profile size allows you to create a unique lighting device and, accordingly, create high-quality bright lighting. Multifunctional insert for aluminum profile is used to obtain additional lighting at night. At the heart of the device is a polycarbonate tube with an LED ruler. The function of the tube is to prevent damage to existing LEDs and to diffuse outgoing light. Voltage12W keeps devices running continuously.

What colors can LED strips have?

Can be made in various colors - from white and orange to green and blue, there is also ultraviolet lighting. The operational purpose determines the choice of the required shade, in addition to the objects indicated above, it can be used to illuminate steps and advertising signs. The most widespread are saturated, but not too bright tones.

LED strip manufacturer


Aluminum-based LED rulers have a universal design, which makes it possible to use under any conditions. Ease of manufacture is the main advantage. Also worth noting are various heat sink devices, compact dimensions that simplify application, the presence of special light-scattering elements and quick installation.

LED ruler circuit


LED rulers have a wide and varied scope. Such designs are found both in kitchen areas and in the design of stained-glass windows and individual interior elements. It has also been used in display cases, manufacturing facilities, built-in furniture and household items.

It's hard to imagine outdoor advertising without illumination of this type. It is also used to create light structures in nightclubs and other similar establishments. In addition to the entertainment sector, they are indispensable inindustrial, technical and cultural field of activity.

Each manufacturer of LED strips first of all tries to give their products a uniform light, without interruptions in operation, as well as its high-quality distribution. Thanks to many positive features, the devices are distinguished by practicality of use, an extensive list of functions and a long period of operation.

led aluminum ruler

How are LED strips installed?

The wiring diagram must be taken into account during the installation process, regardless of the design features. When making changes to existing elements, the total length of the wire should be no more than 1.2 m. Wiring should be carried out in such a way as to prevent it from going beyond the base. Under the fasteners of the supply unit, holes of suitable size are made. The power supply unit is installed with rivets. The power wiring is then connected to the terminal wiring and the LED structure.

Before the first connection, it is necessary to check the compliance with the installation diagram and the presence of all the required parts. Mains and ground wiring is connected to the block. Before connecting the device to the mains, it is also important to de-energize the electrical system.

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