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Childhood friend - plush dog

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Childhood friend - plush dog
Childhood friend - plush dog

The child asks for a dog. What should parents do? It's not a toy, after all. It is necessary to train, educate, suppress aggression. Maybe buy a plush dog for the baby? Offended. Ah, if only they bred a breed of pet dogs to play with children!

Such thoughts have arisen over the years among dog lovers. And in our time, there are several breeds suitable for becoming a toy. To decide whether to buy such an animal, you need to find out what plush dogs are, it will also be useful to study the photo and description of the breed. And, of course, the nuances of character.


To understand the character of the Spitzuli (as this breed is often called), remember the Pug who barked at the elephant. This brave little friend will warn the owner that danger is nearby, fearlessly bare his teeth at the biggest dog. Walking on the street, he controls the situation from the corner of his eye and does not let the enemy take him by surprise.

plush dog

To make the Spitz look like a plush dog, it is sheared. It weighs two to three kilograms and easily adapts to traveling in a bag. It is always a bright character, whether the owner is an adult or a child. He is calm with the first and perkywith the second. He loves to jump, spin around, causing laughter. The most famous Pomeranian is Boo. He lives in the USA and loves to be photographed.


For those who are familiar with pugs, there is no question about the name of the plush dog breed. It's a pug, of course! It is enough to stroke him, after which the vast majority of people will notice: “What a plush!” This is the most popular breed for keeping in an apartment. Lying on the couch is their weakness. Eating is a matter of life. Try to cheat a pug with a cookie and you will see a reproachful look.

The muzzle of a pug expresses all human emotions. This is a completely non-aggressive dog. If you don’t have time to take a walk with him, he calmly goes into the cat’s tray. It is clear that he will soon be considered a member of the family. Pugs understand speech, you can talk to them. True, they will respond by moving their eyebrows, sighing and sniffing.

plush dog breed

They weigh less than ten kilograms, so they can be carried in a bag. Pug loves children, all your acquaintances, as well as the first person you meet. Does not live on the street, does not tolerate humidity, heat and cold. Hates long walks. He will follow you around the apartment with a tail, and then settle down to sleep. With you, of course. Terrible gluttons. They shed a lot. They wheeze, sniff and grunt. Capable of falling in love with themselves.

Toy Poodle

Translated from English, the breed sounds like a "toy dog". The plush look of the toy poodle is given by a haircut. And without it, he looks very cute. The coat is silky, pleasant to the touch, constantly growing. The poodle does not shed, it is sheared.If you skip this procedure, the dog will resemble a ball. Reviews about this breed are unanimous: this is the most comfortable dog for an apartment. Wool is odorless. The undercoat is not developed due to life in the apartment, so you will need a coat for walks if it is cold outside.

plush dog toy

This smart dog is a great companion. Tireless and strong: games only entertain, but do not tire him. The meaning of the life of the toy poodle is to serve the owner by performing tricks. Able to master any skill. Its weight is from two to five kilograms. Carries in your pocket. Suitable for inexperienced owners.


This breed is a designer breed specially bred as a family dog. Incapable of defense, extremely friendly. This is understandable if you know which breeds took part in the creation of the goldendoodle. This is a golden retriever, a kind large breed and a toy poodle, a crumb among dogs. The Golden Retriever is introduced as a miniature Golden Retriever.

In the process of creating a new breed, it was possible to reduce shedding, the coat turned out to be very fluffy, hypoallergenic. This is a real plush dog. Goldendoodles always smile, this was also specially monitored during breeding. These dogs don't bite.

big plush dog

They are very smart, try to please the owner, learn quickly. They can play outdoor games, but if the family is quiet, they will be happy to sit silently next to you. A feature of the breed is responsiveness to kindness. You can not apply rough methods of education to them, the dog will be scared. According to reviews"human" attitude towards her is the optimal form of address.

Chow-chow smooth

Among Chow Chows there are long-haired and smooth ones. The English name "smooth" means chow with short hair. Even as an adult, this is a large plush dog. Often a deceptive good-natured appearance provokes ill-wishers, but you can live in peace: this is a chow, not a golden retriever. The dog is very serious, bred in China to guard palace buildings. Walks on soft paws inaudibly, has no smell, the only breed whose representatives are able to jump from a place with all four paws. It is believed that the protection course is not for chows. Experienced instructors do not take on such work, because these dogs have their own opinion on everything. And if they think that the owner is in danger, they attack. After biting, they bounce and continue the fight.

Chow is full of dignity. Very clean, even puppies. As a child, obedient, but as an adult, he makes his own decisions. Dedicated to one person. Does not tolerate child abuse. Requires an experienced owner.

plush dog photo

Smooths feel good in the apartment, they like soft mattresses or a sofa. They like to snuggle up to a warm battery. But they also like it in the aviary: a thicker undercoat grows and the dogs spend the winter outside. Although they don't need daily brushing, during the shedding season, smoothies require more care than longhaired Chows: the coat is shorter and lighter, and it flies more.

How to choose?

Of course, all these cute, plush dogs create an atmosphere of goodness in the apartment. But importantremember: a decision was made to buy a dog. Small and decorative, but real. How much joy this will bring to the baby! Some prefer to have a one-year-old pet so as not to be distracted by his upbringing. Someone decides to get a puppy to watch him grow up. So that this moment does not bring grief, it is necessary to first investigate this issue. And then only pleasant moments will await you.

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