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The best books for pregnant women and expectant mothers: rating, reviews
The best books for pregnant women and expectant mothers: rating, reviews

When a woman sees two cherished stripes on a pregnancy test, a woman asks a whole range of questions. How to bear a he althy baby? What to eat? How to avoid diseases? How to deal with pain? Of course, the doctor should tell about all this, but because of every little thing that appears in the head, it is stupid to disturb the specialist. Of course, you can find information on the Internet, but there is a better way. Today we will talk about what books to read when pregnant! In them, psychologists, doctors and experienced mothers will tell in an interesting and detailed way about all the difficulties and charms of the upcoming nine months! In the proposed top 10 books for expectant mothers, you will definitely choose the right edition.

What to Expect When You're Waiting

This book for pregnant women by Heidi Murkoff has gained unprecedented popularity. In 2012, a comedy drama was even filmed based on her motives. Here, all the sensations that are usually inherent in pregnant women are described in great detail, the changes that occur in the female body for nine months are described. In addition, in this book, the author talks in detail about the stages of fetal development in each week.It should be noted that the book is divided into three parts. In the first, Heidi Murkoff writes about pregnancy, childbirth and the postpartum period. The second part is devoted to caring for a child in the first year of life. Well, the third part of this book for pregnant women contains extremely useful information for parents whose children are from one to three years old: from here you can get information not only about the levels of development of the baby, but also about the difficulties that may arise in the process of caring for a child and his upbringing.

Books for pregnant women

In reviews of the book for pregnant women, readers say: here you can find the answer to almost any question. The encyclopedia is written in simple language. Its only drawback is its heavy weight.

Childbirth without fear

The second place in our ranking of books for pregnant women is "Childbirth without fear." Author - Grantley Dick-Read. From the stories of mothers, girlfriends and other familiar ladies, every woman knows from an early age that childbirth is always insanely painful. This fear simply paralyzes expectant mothers, and therefore they are unable to enjoy their pregnancy. What to do? Is childbirth possible without pain and fear? How to get the right attitude? English doctor Grantley Dick-Reid knows the answers to questions. His book for pregnant women is a real revolution in medicine! This doctor is today considered the father of natural childbirth. Future mothers who got acquainted with the publication unanimously repeat that it incredibly helped them in the process of childbirth. This process took place with them not only without fear, but also almost painlessly, allowing them to rejoice at the birthbaby.

It is worth noting that this unique work could not have been published if it were not for Jessica, the wife of Grantley Dick-Read. It was Jessica who saved the doctor's manuscript from the fire when he decided to destroy everything he had written. This happened after Dick-Reid met with unprecedented resistance in medical circles. Then he was forced to leave England and go to South Africa. And all this accompanied by his wife. She also introduced a doctor to the Marymount Maternity Hospital, where Dick-Rick's success in delivering virtually painless births has made Grantley a role model the world over! When the doctor couldn't deal with each patient individually (there were so many!), Jessica managed to organize prenatal classes. So it's safe to say that the fact of the existence of both a book for pregnant women and prenatal preparation, we owe it to this amazing woman - Jessica Dick-Reed.

What books to read when pregnant

Reborn Childbirth

The fact that every woman is unique not only psychologically, but also physically, is convinced the author of this book for pregnant women, a doctor from France, Michel Oden. He also firmly believes that modern medicine, which imposes traditional childbirth on expectant mothers, is doing them a disservice. This doctor says that women should give birth in those positions that are most convenient for them, and the very place of the birth of the baby should be cozy, reminiscent of home, and not inspire horror.

Why should moms-to-be read this author's book? Let's say a few words about Michel. Initialhis speci alty was general surgery. The competence of the doctor included such a surgical operation as a caesarean section. It was she who awakened in Michel Auden an interest in the physiology of childbirth. This led to the doctor becoming the founder of the tradition of water birth, which is now the norm in Western obstetrics. The book "Revived Childbirth" was published in 1984, was translated into 13 languages ​​and is published to this day. On the pages of the publication, the author describes his medical practice as an obstetric surgeon in a hospital in the town of Pithiviers, in France. There were six midwives on his team. Together with them, Michel annually took about 1,000 births a year, having managed to achieve excellent statistics with an all-time low percentage of doctor's interventions. A large number of Dr. Auden's methods have been embodied in Russian maternity hospitals, but this does not mean that modern mothers will not be able to find something interesting and useful in this publication.

What to read for a pregnant woman

Caesarean section: safe exit or a threat to the future?

Another book for pregnant and expectant mothers by Michel Auden is for women who are about to undergo this type of surgery. In this edition, the author examines in great detail the history of the appearance of caesarean section and analyzes the changes that have occurred over 50 years (this allows us to do a huge medical practice). Auden says that in our time, society has become accustomed to the idea that childbirth through surgery is the safest and easiest process. According to statistics, every fourth baby in the world is born this way today. Dr. MichelAuden argues that such an intervention can affect the physical and mental he alth of the child.

Waiting for the baby

Among the best pregnancy books are the work of Martha and William Sears. The authors are spouses, parents of eight children, adherents of natural childbirth. They talk about how to cope with ailments and toxicosis, what physical exercises a future mother can do, what daily routine to choose. In addition, the book says about the nutrition of a pregnant woman, possible emotions, fatigue and anxiety. Martha and William pay a lot of attention to bad habits and environmental influences. Women familiar with the book admit that the publication helped to maintain harmonious relations in the family. The information about the basics of skin and hair care for nine months has not become superfluous.

Books for pregnant women: rating

Book reviews

The book covers absolutely all aspects of the life of a future mother. The authors give advice on how to spend the last days at the workplace, whether it is worth driving a car, how to relate to the advice and stories of others. In addition, ladies who are in an interesting position are waiting for a selection of breathing exercises, stretching exercises. In their reviews, readers from Russia say that the book teaches relaxation, allows you to tune in psychologically. Among the shortcomings, it is noted that not all of the recommendations of Martha and William Sears can be implemented in post-Soviet realities.

Be born and be reborn

One of the best books for expectant mothers and pregnant women can safely be called a publication, overwho worked seven Dutch authors! It was published in Russian in 2000 and still has not lost its relevance. Readers say that the main advantage that distinguishes this book from others is that it is written in the form of a frank conversation with a friend. The book consists of three parts. The first tells about the changes taking place in the body. The authors write about various “side effects” of pregnancy, such as nausea, dilated veins, etc. Here you can also find information on how to take care of yourself: recommendations are given on nutrition, the choice of vitamins, and the topic of bad habits is also touched upon.

The best books for pregnant women

The second part is devoted to the very process of childbirth, the first hour after the baby is born. The authors also talk about what to do if everything did not happen at all as the woman expected. The third part of the publication tells about motherhood, possible problems that arise when caring for a newborn. The book closes with real stories of women.

Injury-Free Childbirth

Speaking of the best books for pregnant women and expectant mothers, one cannot fail to mention the book of the obstetrician-gynecologist, member of the presidium of the Association of Perinatal Psychology Marina Svechnikova called "Childbirth without trauma". The author says that she was simply struck by the number of injuries that children receive during childbirth. This ruins the lives of not only kids, but also their parents. Marina Svechnikova assures that this huge figure can be reduced! In her book, she talks about what needs to be done in order for a child to be born he althy!

In their reviewsreaders note that the book contains a lot of sensible recommendations. Plus, it's full of love and poetry!

Childbirth without pain and fear

Women will surely enjoy a book for pregnant women and mothers whose babies have already been born, called "Childbirth without pain and fear." Its author is the Frenchman Frederic Leboire, an obstetrician-gynecologist, the author of "gentle birth medicine". The doctor says: a child should come to our world with love, and without violence. It is for these purposes that Leboire suggests dimming the lights in the delivery room, treating the newborn as gently as possible if he does not need any special medical measures.

Books for pregnant women and expectant mothers

Readers note - of course, the book tells how to be able to endure a he althy baby, but still the main theme of the publication is to ensure the happy first minutes of a child's life. The fact is, the author writes, that it is precisely the conditions in which the baby is born that have a huge impact on his entire future life! Adults often think that babies can't talk. Frederic Leboire is convinced of the opposite. He proves that adults can't hear! Why is the child screaming? Cold scales, touches of hands in rubber gloves are unpleasant to him. But things could be different!

Fitness for the expectant mother

Probably every woman expecting the birth of a baby has heard advice from a doctor during her consultation not to forget about light physical exercises. But what exercises should be done so as not to harm the baby? What will bring the maximum benefit to the fetus and the expectant mother? What to do,if there is no opportunity to engage in sports centers and fitness clubs? Irina Smirnova, an experienced fitness trainer, will tell about all this. By the way, "Fitness for the expectant mother" is the best book for both pregnant women and mothers of newborns. The author's technique, which includes elements of traditional perinatal gymnastics and fitball, will not only allow you to stay beautiful and he althy for nine months and give birth easily, but also quickly restore physical fitness.

Readers note: Irina Smirnova's program helps to keep muscles in good shape, get rid of pain in the lumbar region, gives self-confidence and harmony.

Books for pregnant women: reviews

Gymnastics for women waiting for the Miracle

According to the feedback from readers, this edition can be called one of the most positive and bright books. The author, Svetlana Akimova, says that not only the mental, but also the physical condition plays a huge role for the expectant mother. Stretching exercises are especially useful! The book describes in detail (and shown in the photo!) various exercises that are necessary to strengthen the abdominal muscles and spine. There are also a number of exercises that should be performed when the baby is not positioned correctly in the uterus.


Of course, these ten books are not a complete list of publications useful for expectant mothers. However, it is they who are recommended to read by women to whom they turned out to be useful. These books have become bestsellers and have a huge number of positive reviews. We hope you find a lot in them.useful information, and your pregnancy will become an unforgettable period in your life!

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