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How do you make a do-it-yourself wedding money box?

How do you make a do-it-yourself wedding money box?
How do you make a do-it-yourself wedding money box?

The decoration of the most important ceremony in life cannot do without a special accessory - this is a treasury for money for the wedding. Today we’ll talk about this, and we’ll also analyze a few examples of how to do it yourself. In fact, a do-it-yourself wedding money box is made quite easily and quickly. There are some very simple but original solutions. But let's start with the classics.

Money chest

do-it-yourself wedding money box

We'll need a big box and some more thick corrugated cardboard. The box will be the base of the chest. And from another piece of corrugated cardboard we will make a cover. To do this, draw the same stripes along the ruler with a needle at a distance of 1 cm over the entire area of ​​\u200b\u200bthe cardboard. Now gently bend it into a semicircle. Exactly the same semicircular sections must be cut out in the sides of the main box so that the chest closes tightly. If you want the lid to not just be put on the box, but lean back, then the mount can also be made from cardboard strips. Assemble the entire box before decorating it. Don't forget to make a slot for the envelopes. The box is bettercovered with synthetic winterizer and satin fabric. The inside can be decorated with white corrugated paper. The lid will also have to be fitted to match the chest itself. Now you can start decorating. It should be in harmony with the whole entourage of your wedding. Suitable ribbons, beads, pearls, rhinestones and sequins. Flowers made of fabric or ribbons also look good. It's so easy to prepare a box for money for a wedding with your own hands. This option is more suitable for the Russian soul. Abroad, you are unlikely to find something similar. Their wedding money box is usually made in the form of a pompous cake.

Glue the cake

wedding money box

An even simpler version of the treasury for the wedding. There are no freezes here at all. Take three boxes of different sizes - from largest to smallest. Make a slit in each. Now you can decorate. The option with a cloth is also suitable, but you can simply paint the boxes with spray paint. Decorate with gold stickers with butterflies, bows or flowers in the style of a cake. However, the cake can consist of one tier. If you pour chocolate paint on the box, and make a polymer clay cherry on top, then you can’t distinguish it from the real one. To enhance the similarity, it is better to take a round box.

More options

wedding money treasury

If your wedding is not ordinary, then a box for money for a wedding, made with your own hands, should also look special. How do you like this bright treasury with a peacock feather. Looks avant-garde, butwill be remembered by every guest. A handmade wedding money box can also symbolize something special for you. For example, a joint apartment, a trip to the islands or any other dream. You can glue a big house out of matchboxes if you only dream of a separate living space. A composition of sand, a printed picture with the sea, mini-chaise lounges and other holiday paraphernalia will look quite avant-garde if you plan to spend the donated money on a trip. Envelopes in this case can be folded into a toy yacht.

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