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Watch "Samurai" - a synthesis of the spirit of medieval Japan and modern technology

Watch "Samurai" - a synthesis of the spirit of medieval Japan and modern technology
Watch "Samurai" - a synthesis of the spirit of medieval Japan and modern technology

Wrist watch "Samurai" is most reminiscent of an alien from the future. This is a real chronometer of the future, accidentally found itself in our time. The Samurai watch, named after medieval Japanese feudal lords, is an exclusive futuristic-looking device that looks more like a stylish metal bracelet. At first glance, visually guessing a modern high-tech watch in it is not so easy.

Samurai watch

This extremely fashionable LED accessory made of steel, which is not inferior in quality to the famous samurai swords, will certainly appeal to everyone who is not indifferent to modern devices and wants to keep up with the times. The “Iron Samurai” watch, as they are also called, is a chronometer, superbly stylized as an elegant steel bracelet, which, in addition to time, can also show the date. The whole secret of this unusual invention of Japanese masters lies in LED elements,placed between metal segments.

From a light touch on one of the barely visible side buttons of the device on its surface, which a moment ago had only a steel sheen, colorful and bright numbers flash, displaying the current time, as well as the date. It looks especially impressive at night. It immediately seems that the owner of this device, using the time machine, arrived from the future.

Watch iron samurai

It is also interesting that the very shape and style of these watches exactly repeat the special hand weights that samurai wore in medieval Japan, honing their sword skills. From one of these weighting agents, which has come down to our time, the shape of this modern device was copied. Thus, the Samurai binary watch is a kind of fusion of the spirit of the ancient Japanese samurai and the revolutionary LED technology. It can be said that a thread of time stretched through them.

Binary clock samurai

Watch "Samurai", the main advantages of which include multifunctionality and laconic, but such an attractive design of a high-tech product of the twenty-first century, allow you to look at the countdown in a completely different way - from the standpoint of a man of the future. The graphical display of numbers and the drawing of the metal components of the device are carried out by eight rather massive LED elements, firmly integrated between the segments of the bracelet. By the way, there are only eighteen of these segments, and they are all easily removed,which allows you to adjust the size of the product.

Samurai watches, despite a small drawback - poor moisture resistance, which does not allow them to be used, for example, when diving, have breathtaking comfort, which more than compensates for their few shortcomings. Another disadvantage is the poor visibility of luminous numbers in sunny weather, which forces you to cover the device with your hand to see the time.

This device is equipped with several extremely useful functions at once, not counting the settings and controls. A single light touch of the top side button brings hours to the top line of the unusual flashing display, and minutes to the bottom line. The current date is displayed when the same key is pressed twice. The lower side key allows you to correct the data.

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