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Wedding makeup for a brunette: interesting ideas, step-by-step technology and recommendations
Wedding makeup for a brunette: interesting ideas, step-by-step technology and recommendations

Wedding makeup is by no means the last place in the image of the bride. It is he who is able to complete this image, to focus on the merits of the main culprit of the solemn event. If the bride is a brunette, then it is not at all necessary to rely on the accepted rule that only bright colors should be used in her makeup, especially when it comes to a wedding. It is better to review several options and choose the one that suits you.

Wedding makeup tips for brunettes

Wedding make-up for a brunette can be done on your own or seek help from a specialist. Moreover, the second option would be preferable. The point is not only that some moments may well be beyond your power due to the lack of necessary skills and tools, but also that it is on this dayEvery bride wants to look irresistible. It is better if she is looked after and everything is done at a professional level so that she looks truly irresistible. However, no one forbids taking part in the selection of cosmetics and colors for future makeup. To do this, you can see photos of the stylist's previous works, as well as connect your own imagination.

When doing bridal make-up, you should use only long-lasting cosmetics of excellent quality, as it will have many "trials".

Wedding makeup for a brunette
Wedding makeup for a brunette

Some subtleties of creating a brunette wedding makeup

Wedding make-up for a brunette bride is important to create in tone with the color of the skin, eyes and hair. Only if all this is in harmony with each other, it will be possible to create a unique image. Also, one should not forget that all this should be in harmony with the dress and hairstyle in general.

Brunettes themselves are very beautiful and bright, so the task of the make-up artist is only to emphasize these qualities and hide minor flaws. It is important to correctly focus on the eyes and emphasize them favorably.

You need to carefully choose the foundation. If your skin is dark, then it is better to use a tonal base of a beige shade, but for light skin, a color, for example, ivory, is ideal. With the help of a tonal foundation, the contours of the face are modeled and corrected, after which a small amount of powder and blush is applied. It is with the help of blush that the contours of the face should be emphasized.

Wedding makeup for a brunette is a delicate matter, so if you have some skills and ideas, and if you have good taste, you can safely share it with the master and help him create a unique, sophisticated look.

Makeup for brown-eyed brunette brides

It is the brown eye color that is most common among dark-haired young ladies. Pink shades suit them very well, especially since this color is in trend now. Wedding makeup for brown eyes of brunettes using exactly pink shadows can look unfavorable in photographs: the eyes sometimes seem swollen or tearful. To avoid this, it is better to combine this color with another, for example bronze.

bridal makeup for brown eyes brunettes
bridal makeup for brown eyes brunettes

Bright shades of blue, turquoise, and mint shades will also look very good. They emphasize the depth and beauty of brown eyes.

Wedding makeup for a brunette with green eyes

Green eyes are quite rare, but they are the classics of the image. Wedding makeup for brunettes with green eyes tends to be very multifaceted. It will be good to emphasize the contours with black eyeliner, and apply thick mascara to the eyelashes. It will look very impressive in photographs. As for the shadows, marsh ones are perfect for a more sophisticated look, and mint ones are perfect for a simpler one.

wedding makeup for a brunette bride
wedding makeup for a brunette bride

A big role in creating this wedding look is also played by the time of year, whichcelebration planned.

Selection of makeup for a swarthy brunette

For girls with dark skin, when choosing shades, the main thing is to make sure that everything is applied in moderation and avoid excesses. They only need to emphasize the natural beauty that nature has already endowed them with. Wedding makeup for swarthy brunettes should be as natural as possible. Focus on the eyebrows. Here everything must be done perfectly: both the shape and the color.

wedding makeup for brunettes with green eyes
wedding makeup for brunettes with green eyes

Ink is preferable to use brown tones. As for the shadows, light neutral or transparent shades are quite suitable. Lipstick should also be chosen in a light shade.

Step by step bridal makeup

Wedding makeup for brown eyes brunettes step by step begins with drawing eyebrows. In this case, it is better not to use black, but to replace it with dark gray or dark brown. However, it is also better not to take into account too pale colors, as they can be lost in photographs.

The next step is to apply eyeliner. It is she who will help make the eyes expressive and bright. If you use its light shades, then the eyes will visually expand, but the black contours, on the contrary, narrow the section of the eyes. It is better to experiment with your eyes in advance and decide on the color in advance.

wedding makeup for brown eyes brunettes step by step
wedding makeup for brown eyes brunettes step by step

Next, eye shadow is applied. Their color should be different from the color of the eyes. Under the eyebrow it is better to apply whiteshadows that will visually open the eyes.

Last of all, mascara is applied. After its application, the eyelashes are combed with a brush. You should not apply too much mascara, otherwise it will simply crumble later. It is better not to apply mascara on the lower lashes, as it will shade dark circles under the eyes.

Choose only high-quality long-lasting cosmetics, as excessive emotions and excitement can significantly damage your makeup if it is made from low-quality products.

Lipstick matching

Bridal make-up for a brunette also includes the use of lipstick. According to the general opinion, bright shades are suitable for dark-haired girls, but they are not always appropriate. And bright prints on glasses do not look aesthetically pleasing at all.

The bride must first of all be tender. That is why it is better to use lipstick in natural shades. In addition, bright lipstick in the photo can visually make the lips thinner or flatter. It will also be inevitable that lipstick marks will remain on the edges of the glasses, which will give them an untidy and unaesthetic look.

Another advantage of light lipstick is that when smeared, its defects are less noticeable and you can always easily fix makeup.

When applying lipstick, emphasize the lips to match the lipstick with a cosmetic pencil. It will help not only to give visual volume, but also make lips more well-groomed in photographs. It also helps the lipstick stay on longer and not run.

bridal makeup for brunettes
bridal makeup for brunettes

Selection of brunette makeup for the overall style of the wedding

If you have planned to decorate everything in red style at your wedding, then you will have to choose the appropriate lipstick and the rest of the make-up. Although you can move away from this rule and create a gentle image of the bride, highlighting it against the general background.

In general, the selection of makeup colors is purely individual, because in order to make the perfect wedding makeup for a brunette, you need to take into account the individual skin characteristics, face type, shape of the eyes and lips, as well as many other factors that will have an undeniable impact to choose from wedding makeup.

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