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How to train a cat to a house and a scratching post?
How to train a cat to a house and a scratching post?

Cat owners often face the problem of damage and contamination of expensive interior items by animals. To prevent this from happening, pets get houses and scratching posts. However, making a pet rest in a separate place is not so simple, but quite real. How to accustom a cat to a house and a scratching post? You can find out about this by reading our publication.

Choosing a place for the location of the house

how to train a cat to sleep in a house

How to accustom a cat to a house? First of all, such a shelter should be located in a place that the pet will like. It is necessary to install the house so that it does not sway and remains stable. The place should be non-transitable, calm and create a feeling of safety and tranquility for the animal.

It is best to place the house where the cat is used to resting. You can put it near the battery, which will attract the attention of the animal to the shelter due to warmth and comfort. If you do not pay attention to such moments, the cat can forever turn away fromhouse and simply avoid such a shelter.

How to get a cat interested?

how to house train a cat

How to train a cat to sleep in a house? It is necessary that the shelter arouses interest in the animal. You can draw the pet's attention to a new object in the interior by leaving here his favorite toys or the bedding on which the cat is used to resting.

If these solutions do not work, it may be worth using special sprays that are sold in pet supply stores. We are talking about products that contain valerian or catnip. A pleasant aroma will surely attract the pet's attention to the right place. Usually, such options are resorted to when it is difficult to figure out how to housetrain a cat.

Creating a comfortable environment

how to train a cat to a house and a scratching post

How to accustom a cat to a new house? In order for the animal to have a desire to rest in the proposed shelter, it must be comfortable for him to be inside. The owner should experiment a little by offering the animal various bedding. If the pet gets used to the house, in the future the accessory can be placed in any convenient place in the apartment.

Encourage the animal

To understand how to accustom a cat to a house, you should follow the path of encouraging a pet. At first, you should attract the animal to the shelter with all sorts of goodies. When the cat is in the house, it needs to be showered with caresses. Also, don't forget to verbally praise your pet.

What you don't needdo?

how to accustom a cat to a new house

It is absolutely not recommended for owners who are trying to figure out how to house train a cat to use force and force the animal to be in the proposed shelter. Such actions seem at least non-pedagogical. In addition, if you forcibly put a cat in a house, the risk that the animal will simply be afraid of the accessory increases.

It is worth noting that it is much easier to accustom a kitten to a certain shelter than an adult pet. Toddlers explore the environment with interest and are unlikely to be able to pass by a cozy, warm, and also safe facility. For this reason, you should buy a house as soon as a kitten appeared in the apartment.

How to train a cat to use a scratching post?

how to house train a cat

Quite often, the scratching post turns out to be an absolutely useless fixture in the interior. Such an accessory can become if the cat does not like it. In order to avoid a fatal mistake when choosing a scratching post, you should pay attention to objects and surfaces that become “victims” of the animal. Perhaps the pet prefers to tear up the carpet, door jambs, furniture or wallpaper. Based on this, you need to offer the animal an accessory with the appropriate type of surface.

What should the owner do if the cat has no special preferences and spoils any items in the house? In this case, it is better to purchase the most stable vertical scratching post, upholstered in carpet. The solution will allow you to rearrange the accessory in places where the catPrefers to sharpen claws. In addition, carpet is a material that is extremely resistant to damage. Therefore, such an accessory will serve as long as possible.

Today, there are options when a scratching post is combined with a cat house in one complex. Giving preference to this option, you can try to solve several problems at once - get rid of the mischievousness of the animal and make it constantly rest in one place.

What should the owner do if the cat shows absolutely no interest in the scratching post? As soon as the pet begins to tear up interior items, you need to calmly and without aggression bring it to the accessory. Then you need to put the paws of the animal on the scratching post. Smart cats immediately understand what is required of them. When the pet begins to work with claws in the right place, the owner should once again resort to encouragement, caresses and verbal praise.

If the scratching post fails to protect your favorite furniture from damage, the owner should consider alternative solutions to the problem. For example, you can regularly trim your cat's claws or dress them in special silicone pads.

In closing

So we figured out how to properly accustom a cat to a house and a scratching post. Finally, it is worth noting that teaching an animal the necessary rules of behavior is a rather difficult process that requires perseverance and patience from the pet owner. An important factor is the manifestation of care and demonstration of love. All this together makes it clear to the cat what exactly is required of it.

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