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Scottish fold cat is a calm and devoted animal

Scottish fold cat is a calm and devoted animal
Scottish fold cat is a calm and devoted animal

In 1961, in Scotland, Mary and William Ross saw an unusual kitten with their neighbors. Susie - that was the name of the baby - was significantly different from her brothers and sisters with unusual hanging ears. She later had two kittens. Kitty Snooks, who settled with the Ross, after some time gave birth to baby Snowball. William registered a kennel in his name and devoted his life to the development of this breed.

Scottish fold cat

Development of the breed

The "Scots" got world fame when they got to the USA. American breeders continued to work on improving the breed. In 1974, she was recognized by the CFA. At first, she received experimental status, and in 1977 he became a champion. The Scottish fold cat (Scottish fold) today has an American variety. These are lighter animals with a perfectly round head and large round eyes.

Scottish Fold cat: external signs

Scottish fold refers to short-haired cat breeds. These are medium-sized animals with rounded lines. The skeleton is moderately developed. The body is muscular, short, rounded, the samein breadth at the sacrum and chest. Limbs of medium size. Paws are rounded, neat. The tail can be medium to long, thick at the base, tapering evenly throughout its length.

cat breed scottish fold

Scottish Fold Character

The Scottish Fold cat is a favorite of many people. He is very attached to the house, to his master. This is a breed that is easily tamed, thanks to natural quick wit. Scottish Fold has a very balanced psyche. He behaves well at exhibitions, he is not embarrassed by the accumulation of a large number of people and cats. This amazing animal will not become depressed due to some kind of travel, trips. The main thing is to have a beloved owner nearby. But a long separation from him can make the animal experience loneliness and feel abandoned.

He alth & Care

By nature, the Scottish Fold cat is endowed with good he alth. However, these animals may have skeletal abnormalities due to the gene responsible for lop-earedness. As a result, the Scottish Fold cat breed is prone to such a disease as osteochondrodystrophy. In the "risk group" are animals with inflexible, rigid limbs and a short thick tail. Such signs may indicate a possible skeletal anomaly.

adult scottish fold cat

Scottish Fold cat: food

It is desirable that up to four months of fresh food constantly lie in the kitten's bowl. At this age, they eat little, but often. Then translatepet for four meals a day. An adult Scottish Fold cat should be fed twice a day. Many owners of such animals know, but, unfortunately, do not follow the golden rule: the animal must not be fed from your table. Pork is bad for cats. You can give raw meat and fish, but before that they must be well frozen in the freezer. Then pour boiling water over them and chop finely. You can give the cat minced meat, turkey, beef heart and liver. All meat products must be boiled or frozen.

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