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TV Samsung UE40H7000AT: reviews, instructions

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TV Samsung UE40H7000AT: reviews, instructions
TV Samsung UE40H7000AT: reviews, instructions

The article will focus on a TV that has a 40-inch screen. Its cost is about 1 thousand dollars. At the moment, the Samsung UE40H7000AT TV, the photo of which is posted in the article, has many rivals that are cheaper and more expensive. This greatly complicates the sale of the described device. In the article, we will consider all the functions of technology.

samsung ue40h7000at reviews


Many consumers really like this TV model, or rather, its design. The display is in a thin black frame of a glossy type. It has a metallic finish on the top. The stand is made in the form of a frame. It is silver in color, located under the screen. No special transitional element installed.

You should also pay attention to the connectors. At the back, the manufacturer placed HDMI outputs, special ports for tuners (“smart”), USB, a module for working with wireless networks. In the instructions for the Samsung UE40H7000AT TV, details aboutthey are written.


The firmware has a standard browser that allows you to interact with the Internet. As a rule, users have enough of the software that is preinstalled by the manufacturer. He created a TV with modern technologies that allow owners to use it almost like a computer. Moreover, the content is quite extensive, which is a rarity for any other brand.

Most recently, Panasonic was able to release several models with TV service, but the overall performance of the described Samsung is still better. Many of the available features allow you to work with streaming video. At the same time, neither games nor entertainment options can replace the described mode. It should be noted that the interface of the TV is a bit difficult to quickly understand, so sometimes there will be problems. It is in this that the Samsung UE40H7000AT device (the characteristics of the device are excellent, but upon closer examination you can find weaknesses) loses to its rivals.

The quality of the resulting image is at the highest level. The TV works with a VA panel. This indicator affects the black tint, conveying each level as naturally as possible. Illumination of LED type, it is contour and LED. The direct line is not used. This is a huge advantage. Since this type allows you to get the perfect picture quality at the output. Feedback on the Samsung UE40H7000AT in this matter is only laudatory.

You need to pay attention to Micro Dimming Pro. This technology affects the image. She divides it into small zones, which allowswith maximum accuracy to select contrast and brightness. And this is done not in the general picture, but in each specific zone.

The TV works with a 4-core processor and technology that allows you to give out a frequency of 600 Hz. Due to these indicators, all objects move smoothly, and the interface switches quickly and not abruptly.

Another feature is the ability to work with 3D format. The technology functions quite well.

samsung ue40h7000at tv reviews


The TV has received a fairly large set of tools. They allow you to improve the quality of the picture. It should be noted that the South Korean manufacturer never saves on such a nuance, even creating budget models. Almost all parameters are subject to manual adjustment: hue, gamma, white balance, contrast, and so on.

The above is an advantage, but there are also disadvantages. For example, there are many unnecessary templates that automatically set the image quality when applied. Unfortunately, in order to get the most comfortable image, you will have to get into the "Settings" menu and select the necessary options. Only then will the Samsung UE40H7000AT TV, which has excellent reviews, work perfectly, showing the best performance.

The problem is that all the templates are poorly configured: they have poor contrast, brightness, so when viewed through them, interference, noise, incorrect color reproduction and so on appear. If you wish, you can set the backlight to 12-14, the contrast to 80-83. If to bewatching a movie, then you need to reduce the first indicator to 7-8 and additionally turn off the lights in the room.

To get a stable image, you need to reduce the backlight and contrast to a minimum level. If you wish, you can use the Motion Plus program, or rather, the Custom menu. It is there that you should adjust the described settings. The picture is so good that no noise removal system is needed.

samsung ue40h7000at specs

Image quality

Unfortunately, certain patterns can be frustrating. If the TV is not properly configured, then the consumer will receive a slightly corrupted picture: there is interference, noise, haze, and so on. It is enough to spend a little effort to select the right options and the device will show perfectly.

The Samsung UE40H7000AT LED TV can be noted for its excellent contrast level. If you have to watch the movie in a room with a minimum amount of light, then the backlight should be lowered to the very bottom. Only then can you admire all the shades of black. All frames are as natural as possible.

Similar emotions arise with a medium-bright picture. Due to this range of shades, the black color does not merge, but rather becomes more powerful and saturated. It also goes well with any interiors. Of course, this Samsung UE40H7000AT model, reviews of which are a bit described in the article, is noticeably different from its competitors. At least the fact that this TV shows juicy, tender, bright and unobtrusivepicture. Such characteristics are rare.

The color balance of the TV is excellent. He is able to show his best side even with a huge number of shadows of dark colors on the background. All shades are natural and clear. Color rendition at a high level. It interacts as naturally as possible with contrast. In order to reduce blurring, you should change the backlight of the display. If the movie or picture is in HD, then the owner will see amazing color reproduction. At the same time, the noise is practically absent, if, of course, you choose the right settings.

The device has only one problem - a glow appears if you use a panoramic frame. To fix this shortcoming, you just need to reduce the sharpness of the image.

The quality of the resulting picture is good, but slightly inferior to those models that were released by the same manufacturer in 2014. This is evidenced by reviews of the Samsung UE40H7000AT. The absolute leader can be called the H8000s TV, which received a slightly better picture. Contrast and color range are noticeably different. Here, too, there is practically no quality loss when the object moves.

Of course, this device has its disadvantages, but it is unlikely that they are so striking against the background of advantages. A few months ago, the manufacturer updated the firmware of this device, so many functional problems have been fixed.

led tv samsung ue40h7000at

3D image quality

You need to understand that a 40-inch screen is not optimal for viewing 3D video. Suchthe size is simply not enough to get the most natural emotions, because the display is defective.


Today, this TV is considered one of the best among all those that work with 3D. The device easily produces a picture of excellent quality with maximum detail. Moreover, the video can be played even with Blu-ray. The image has an excellent level of saturation, brightness, which is noticeably different from models from other manufacturers that offer active 3D technology.

During viewing, the owner will not notice any noise, any unnamed unpleasant effects. The 3D picture on the Samsung UE40H7000AT TV does not put much pressure on the eyes, due to the minimum amount of various distortions. The image has been given a natural and organic look.

Of course, when watching video in 2D mode, there is much less noise than when working with 3D. This is due to the fact that glasses affect the quality of images and therefore in some places the picture may merge a little or be fuzzy. In general, even with a small diagonal, the model is a good TV.

Sound quality

Listening to the sound of the device, you might think that the TV is much larger than it really is. Speakers are built into the device, which visually increase the boundaries of the device.

Where the sound comes from feels pretty good. There is no feeling of stretching and other unpleasant sensations. The range is perfectly perceived by human care. This device is much wider than any other. rattlingon the high parts is not available, and the bass is always enough. Samsung UE40H7000AT TV reviews confirm this.

When the volume is turned up too much, the sound may sound slightly muffled. At the maximum level, listening to music or watching movies is prohibited, but, it should be noted, it is enough for a huge room.

3d tv samsung ue40h7000at


The package includes two remote controls. The first is standard, it is comfortable, but unattractive. Its body is made of plastic, so it looks unpresentable. The second remote control is of the "smart" type. It has a small number of buttons, but received a touchpad. This allows you to easily control the TV itself. The manufacturer also included a third remote control, which is somewhat reminiscent of a controller.

Control panels

It will be a little problematic to get used to controlling the TV through the second remote control. The fact is that the Korean manufacturer wants to make a device that can be used with one swipe of a finger. Additional installation of third-party widgets on the Samsung UE40H7000AT contributed to this. This completely eliminates the accidental pressing of buttons, which sometimes leads to unforeseen circumstances. As soon as the owner understands the control of the device, he will immediately prefer the second remote control. This device and remotes are great for gamers. In addition, the TV has a response time of 33ms, so the monitor can be used as a gaming monitor.

samsung ue40h7000at install third party widgets

Is it worth itbuy Samsung UE40H7000?

If a consumer needs a device with a high-quality picture, a voluminous number of functions and a large screen diameter, then the described technique fits perfectly. Samsung UE40H7000AT reviews confirm this. The device does an excellent job with all tasks. Also, the TV will support playback of streaming video files. So the device of its owner will not disappoint.

There is only one drawback - the cost. For such a device, it is too high. There are many other options on the market for much less.

samsung ue40h7000at tv manual


If there is a desire to purchase this model of the device, then you need to understand that it is no longer modernly equipped. There are many interesting and cheap options on the market that better meet today's requirements. But in the event that the consumer is not interested in cost, but in screen size, then the Samsung UE40H7000AT TV, which is reviewed in this article, will be an excellent solution.

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