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Adapted mixtures for newborns: list, rating and recommendations of pediatricians

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Adapted mixtures for newborns: list, rating and recommendations of pediatricians
Adapted mixtures for newborns: list, rating and recommendations of pediatricians

Most modern parents, preparing for the birth of a baby, determine in advance for themselves the preferred method of feeding a newborn. In Soviet times, most doctors and mothers considered themselves supporters of natural feeding. Even he alth problems were not considered an obstacle to attachment and breastfeeding. Today opinions are divided. If the doctors practically remained in their old positions and named only a few reasons for artificial nutrition, then the mothers were divided into 3 camps. Some of them are categorically against breast milk, others are only “for”, and still others can be called completely undecided, or floating on the waves of circumstances. For the first and third groups in the modern world, a great variety of adapted infant formulas for newborns have been developed.

Classification by age criteria

As babies grow and their needs increase, formula developers have divided all products into groups, including a certainnumber:

  • "0" - zero indicates the use of the product for feeding premature babies or children born with a small body weight;
  • "1" - one indicates the possibility of artificial feeding of full-weight babies from birth to 6 months;
  • "2" - the deuce provides for the needs of a child older than six months;
  • "3" - three is offered for feeding children from 1 year old;
  • "4" - four indicates the use of the product from a year and a half, but is not represented in all baby food lines.

Age is the main indicator in the primary choice of adapted milk formula for newborns. Further, if the baby food is suitable for the baby, he is not bothered by colic, regurgitation does not occur, the stool is normal and the child has a good appetite, pediatricians recommend not changing the mixture under any circumstances.

As the baby grows older, experts advise moving to the next step of the same brand, subject to the age limit. The list of adapted formulas for newborns includes only products with the numbers "0" and "1". As the number on the package increases, the composition of the product also changes, namely: the proportion of non-adapted proteins, the amount of vitamins increase, new mineral compounds are added, due to which the food becomes more satisfying and high-calorie.

Product composition

Based on the presence of components and nutrients, milk formula is divided into 4 categories: highly adapted, less adapted (subsequent), partially adapted andunadapted blends.

The first group includes baby food based on cow's milk whey, enriched with minerals and vitamins and approved for use from the first days of life. Of all the options available, its chemical composition is more similar to breast milk. It contains polyunsaturated fatty acids and nucleotides. Separately, experts note the presence of iron in mixtures in the amount of 5-7 mg / l.

The second group is slightly smaller than the first, suitable for newborns. Adapted mixtures of this type have a high iron content. Here, the mixture meets the needs of a six-month-old baby and contains about 14 mg/l of iron. In addition, the minerals zinc and copper, which are absent in the first group, are included in the work. In the bulk, these mixtures are used for children from 6 months and have the addition of the number "2" in the name.

Milamil mix

The third group includes partially adapted formulas for baby food for newborns, similar to breast milk. They contain lactose and sucrose and are distinguished by the presence of casein, as a dominant component, in comparison with milk whey proteins. The product of this group is recommended for children who have difficulty with the work of the stomach and intestines.

Unadapted formulas are made from unprocessed cow's milk. They can not be fed to children of the first year of life. In rare cases, if it is impossible for some reason to purchase an adapted milk formula for a newborn, with less harm it can be fed with diluted milk orlow-fat yogurt.


All types of infant formula, the main component of which is cow's milk, are produced in the form of:

Dry product packed in a cardboard box or a tin can. Usually, a measuring spoon is included in the kit for proper dosing. The preparation of the mixture consists in diluting the powder with warm boiled water according to the recommendations on the package. Demand for this type of food prevails, therefore, manufacturers, meeting the needs of the market, produce about 90% of the dry mix

Types of mixtures

Liquid consistency in a single dose, ready to use. Such mixtures are sold in 200 ml tetrapacks. The rating of the best adapted mixtures for newborns in this series is headed by manufacturers of the Nan, Agusha and Nutrilak brands. Market share of liquid formulation mixes fluctuates between 9-10%

Below is a rating of mixtures for babies of different directions in accordance with the reviews of mothers. Products will be listed in order from best to worst.

Nan 1

"Nestle NAN 1 Premium" is an excellent quality adapted infant formula produced in the Netherlands. Product composition includes demineralized whey, lactose, whey protein, sunflower, coconut and rapeseed oils, skim milk and other necessary substances such as iodine, taurine, fish oil, calcium and potassium citrate, sodium chloride and selenate, nucleotides, L-carnitine, L -histidine.

Mix "Nan"

The calorie content of the mixture is 67 kcal per100 ml of finished liquid. A dry product with a volume of 400 or 800 grams is produced in a can. A distinctive feature is the absence of molasses, which is not recommended for use in diabetes. The mixture contains special components:

  • OPTIPRO protein, which has a high degree and speed of assimilation;
  • omega-3, omega-6 – immune-boosting fatty acids;
  • Bifidobacteria BL, regulating and creating the right intestinal microflora.

Not very pleasant, often reeking of fishy taste - the only drawback of the adapted mixture for newborns. Reviews in most cases, both pediatricians and mothers, are extremely positive. A he althy baby who uses NAN 1 in the first months of life rarely has digestive disorders or allergic reactions. An excellent indicator of the solubility of the powder in water has earned the love of mothers around the world. And the absence of dyes and preservatives gives the specialist the opportunity to recommend NAN 1 for artificial nutrition of a child from birth.

Nutrilon 1

"Nutricia Nutrilon 1 Premium", as well as "Nestle NAN 1 Premium", are among the best adapted mixtures for newborns in the middle price category. The German manufacturer produces a mixture of excellent quality. Nutrilon 1 includes whey, minerals, lactose, rapeseed, sunflower, coconut and palm oils, fish oil, taurine, lecithin, choline, L-tryptophan and vitamins. A significant disadvantage, from the point of view of consumers, is the presence of palm oil and molasses in the product, although their usefulness or harmfulness is quite debatable. Moms note another significant drawback: the slow dissolution of the mixture in water, which slightly delays the cooking process.

Mix "Nutrilon"

Nutrilon 1, like NAN 1, has a slightly fishy taste, apparently due to the presence of fish oil in the product. It should be noted that the adapted milk formulas for newborns Nutrilon 1 and NAN 1 received a high rating, among other things, due to the advantages of the packages:

  • well-established supply of boxes and jars of various sizes to meet the needs of any mother, even tight on money;
  • in the case of cans: a convenient lid that fits snugly after opening and does not allow foreign odors and dampness to penetrate inside;
  • measuring spoon included with the mixture, which can be stored separately from the powder inside the package;
  • jars are equipped with a special edge that allows you to remove the slide from the spoon, so as not to overdose and dilute the mixture in accordance with the recommendations.

Negative aspects of packaging are:

  • small residue at the bottom of the jar that cannot be removed;
  • dry product sticking to spoon.

Semper 1

It should be noted that the two brands of foreign manufacturers noted above are among the most acceptable adapted milk formulas for newborns. The ranking of the best products would be incomplete without a description of the brand Semper Nutradefense 1. Manufacturerfrom Denmark positions the mixture as the only one in the world that has components of milk fat in combination with MFGM (milk fat globule membrane). The composition of the mixture includes: lactose, skimmed milk, cream, sunflower, rapeseed, palm and coconut oils, whey protein concentrate, sodium citrate, choline chloride, taurine, fish oil, ascorbic acid, thiamine and pyridoxine hydrochloride, other vitamins and minerals. Pediatricians recommend Semper 1 as it contains the following ingredients:

  1. MFGM+MILK FAT - the shell of living milk globules, together with milk fat, contains a protein-lipid combination, vitamins and enzymes, recognized as indispensable components of the product for the full development of the baby.
  2. Alpha-lactalbumin is a cow's milk whey protein. It is responsible for the production of peptides that work in the body as immunoregulators.
  3. Galactooligosaccharides - peptides that help restore the intestinal microflora at the proper level, prevent diarrhea and protect against intestinal infections.
  4. Omega-3, omega-6 fatty acids.
  5. Nucleotides help in the synthesis of proteins and give the body additional energy.

The negative point that lowers "Semper 1" to third place in the ranking of the best adapted mixtures for newborns is the difficulty of breeding it.

The manufacturer recommends pouring dry powder into hot water, the temperature of which reaches 70 ° C, shake thoroughly, then cool to 36-37 ° C. It is for this reason that mothersrestless babies refuse to use Semper Nutradefense 1.

Less tailored blends

In addition to the listed mixtures, the line of Nestle, Nutricia and Semper manufacturers includes products of the second group with the number "2", intended for children older than six months. They are less adapted mixtures for newborns. The list can be further expanded to include products such as Frisolak 2, Humana 2, Nestogen 2, Hipp 2.

Mix "Frisolak 2"

Frisolak 2 is a follow-up blend with a good casein to whey protein ratio of 45/55. The mixture contains nucleotides, polyunsaturated acids, minerals and vitamins. Thanks to cheap packaging, the mixture is distinguished by a democratic price. Moms note good taste: the finished product is similar to breast milk with a slightly sweet taste. The advantage is also easy dilution of the powder in water, without the formation of lumps.

Humana 2 is made in Germany and has quite high ratings. It cannot be called an adapted mixture for newborns. The use of the product is permissible from 4, and preferably from 6 months. Some mothers refused to feed babies with Humana 2 formula when the developer of the new packaging indicated the presence of palm oil in the composition. However, the manufacturer claims that this type of oil is dangerous only with illiterate cleaning. German products at the exit from the factory undergo several types of control, including safety. For the majority of Russian consumers, infant formula produced inGermany, a priori can not be bad. Pediatricians advise trying Humana 2 and continuing to feed the baby, if individual intolerance does not appear. Often, this recommendation is perceived positively by mothers, because the product has a good ratio between price and quality of goods.

Nestogen 2 is produced by Nestle, but not in the Netherlands, like "Nestle NAN 1 Premium", but in Switzerland. Baby food is characterized by excellent taste and pleasant aroma. Unlike most mixes, there is no smell of fish in the dry product. But the low price has left its mark on the quality of the packaging. In appearance, a convenient spoon with a clamping device does not tightly close the bag inside the cardboard box, and the box does not have sealing devices at all.

Mix "Nestozhen"

Moms have to use a clothespin, a clerical clip, or even pour the powder into another container. The manufacturer does not position Nestogen 2 as a mixture from the first days of life. In their Swiss line, Nestle has the product Nestogen 1 as an adapted formula for newborns without palm oil. The list of products for older children tops the Nestogen 2 formula and finishes with cereals and chocolate products from the same manufacturer.

Hipp 2 - high-quality mixture from Germany, containing vegetable oils, probiotics, nucleotides. The replacement for palm oil in the product is beta palmite. The main ingredient is skimmed cow's milk. The mixture is prescribed if necessary to protect the organsdigestion and prevent allergies. The main indicator, namely the osmolarity of the product, is 283, which is as close as possible to breast milk. Hipp 2 dissolves well in water, has excellent taste, belongs to the middle price category

Partly adapted blends

The third type of baby food experts include "Baby 3" and Similac 3.

"Baby 3" is produced by Nutricia, so mothers who for some reason switch from Nutrilon to a more affordable mixture choose the same manufacturer. This fact and the good old name from Soviet times helped the company to conquer a huge market segment in Russia. In addition, an acceptable price contributes to the wide distribution of the product. After all, consumers always have fewer complaints about products of a low and medium price category. As for "Baby 3", mothers note an overly sweet taste, a high degree of foaminess and the difficulty of breeding the resulting lumps. However, these factors do not particularly affect the he alth of the child. The only negative point is the possibility of sticking a lump of powder to the nipple opening, which makes sucking difficult. Otherwise, the mixture suits everyone: pediatricians, moms, babies.

Mix "Similak 3"

Similac 3 is one of the products produced in two countries: Denmark and Ireland. Judging by the reviews, the Russians liked the Danish version more: for some reason, there are fewer complaints about it and cases of intolerance or allergies. The taste of the mixture is sweet, which is very popular with kids. well-sealed carton andconvenient measuring spoon create ease of use. The presence of nucleotides and arachidonic acid give value to baby milk. In addition, the product is advertised as a partially adapted blend without palm oil. For newborns, of course, pediatricians do not recommend using Similac 3. It is better to choose the same brand, but with the number "1" in the name, intended for the youngest children.

Goat milk mixes

A separate niche in baby food is occupied by products for babies whose body does not accept cow's milk protein. Baby food for such children is produced on the basis of goat's milk, which almost doubles the price of the product. Three adapted mixtures for newborns on goat milk have earned popularity: Mamako 1, Nanny 1 and Kabrita 1.

From the presented products, Mamako 1, produced in Holland, is the most budget option. The mixture is distinguished by a tin package, where a separate place for a spoon and a convenient mechanism for opening a can are allocated. The composition pleases with the presence of skimmed goat's milk, vitamins, prebiotics, minerals, which contributes to the normal development of the baby and the elimination of digestive problems. In addition to the fishy smell, which is not at all a burden to the newborn, no other shortcomings are found. Moms like the product because of the ease of dilution of the powder and the affordable price.

Kabrita 1, also made in Holland, is the best adapted goat milk formula for newborns.

Blend "Cabrita"

Its componentsgently act on the digestion process, protecting the intestines and helping to improve its microflora. Pediatricians recommend the mixture to the pickiest of babies because it has a creamy taste that you can't refuse and prevents colic. Some mothers pay attention to foaminess and not a very good degree of solubility, others say that the problem is slightly far-fetched. One thing is for sure: "Kabrita 1" perfectly copes with constipation. Experts speak well of the product, as the mixture strengthens the immune system, protects the baby from adverse environmental conditions and is suitable for children with diabetes.

The only adapted goat milk free, palm oil free formula is Nanny 1. Convenient packaging, equipped with a ledge for brushing off excess powder from a measuring spoon, captivates even a skeptical mother. Doctors call this mixture an elite product, but not because of the price, but because of the lack of palm oil and the base - goat's milk. The disadvantage of consumers is the poor solubility of the powder and a thin measuring spoon, which bends and makes it difficult to take the mixture. And yet, the mixture "Nanny 1" found its place on the shelf of identical products. The product helps mothers of babies to improve digestion and normalize the baby's stool.

Speci alty blends

In the practice of pediatricians, there are situations when the condition of the baby requires special adapted mixtures for newborns. These mixtures are prescribed by doctors strictly individually, depending on the problems:

  • For premature babieschildren use mixtures marked "pre" or the number "0" on the package: Pre Nan, Nutrilon Pre, Nutrilak Pre, Similac NeoSure 0, Frisopre.
  • In order to improve the condition of the digestive system, get rid of constipation and colic, sour-milk mixtures are used: "Nutrilak Premium sour-milk", "Similac Premium", "Similac Comfort", "Agusha", "Nutrilon sour-milk".
  • If a child is prone to constant allergic reactions, hypoallergenic mixtures are prescribed: Nutrilon Pepti, Nestle Alfare Amino, Nutrilon Hypoallergenic, Friso PEP, Nan Hypoallergenic, Frisolak GA.
  • If anemia needs to be treated, children are fed a high iron product: Similac Expert Care, Baby Semp, Enfamil.
Mix "Baby Samp"
  • For babies whose body does not accept milk protein, lactose-free nutrition or soy mixtures are recommended: Nan lactose-free, Belakt lactose-free, Nutrilon lactose-free, Friso Soy, Humana SL.
  • With frequent regurgitation, anti-reflux mixtures are used for feeding newborns: Hipp AR, Nutrilak Premium Antireflux, Humana AR.

Despite the we alth of information available, the choice of an adapted formula for newborns remains the main factor that affects the growth and development of the baby. Mom is looking for a product that meets most of her requirements. The pediatrician, after examining the baby, recommends the most optimal mixture, based on the weight and individual characteristics of the child.

And yet, the responsibility of parents in the selection of food for the child is an order of magnitudehigher than the most competent specialist. After listening to the doctor, the mother should use only the mixture that suits her baby. The well-being of the child in the first days of feeding will help to make a choice. If the baby's body reacts negatively to the mixture, it is necessary to exclude the product without regret, and immediately, on the recommendation of the pediatrician, try a new mixture. Only through trial and often mistakes will a mother achieve a positive result and be able to feed her child with the chosen mixture with he alth benefits.

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