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Twincest is an anomaly or a norm?

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Twincest is an anomaly or a norm?
Twincest is an anomaly or a norm?

Many people know what incest is, but the word twincest leads people to a dead end. Incest is an intimate relationship between relatives. It could be brother and sister, mother and son, or father and daughter. Twincest is an intimate or romantic relationship between two twins. Most often, it is two brothers who act as twins.


If two guys with the same DNA want sex with each other, it's a twincest. You can’t tell friends or parents about this, this is a very sensitive topic for twins who are in a relationship. Most often, such relationships always occur in secret from everyone, so as not to receive a negative reaction from others. In the modern world, this phenomenon is almost impossible to meet, but this does not mean that it does not exist at all.

Because of what is happening

Since childhood, twins have always been inseparable. They bathe together, play together, eat together. Gemini are not just brothers, their spiritual connection is much higher than that of ordinary relatives. Twin boys consider themselves to be halves of one whole, which is why strong feelings for each other are born.

The connection between the two twins grows stronger from year to year, and by their sexual maturity they begin to experience some difficulties. If one of the brothers gets a girlfriend, then the other may become jealous. This is due to the unwillingness to part with their blood soul mate. The situation is completely different if one of the brothers does not enjoy intimate relationships with girls. In this case, the twin seeks comfort from his brother.

twin children

Gemini may consider himself the most beautiful and smart, while other people, in this case, are unworthy of him. In this situation, the one who looks like a twin like two drops of water, namely his blood brother, will become desirable.

What Doctors Say About Twincest

Medicine explains this phenomenon by the fact that the connection between twins is much greater than between ordinary brothers or sisters. The twins grow up together, explore their bodies and explore the world. Such brothers are completely absent from embarrassment in front of each other, so sexual relations between the twins can begin.

blood brothers

It is believed that a twin can sense when the other brother is experiencing anxiety, fear, pain or pleasure. With intimacy, these feelings are amplified many times over. Two guys can experience new unknown sensations with each other. It is logical that after such an interest in the opposite sex may simply disappear. Exploring the possibilities of their bodies, the two male twins become even more attached to each other. Breaking such a connection is almost impossible. Even trips to a psychologist will not give the desired result,because the connection between the twins is at a high spiritual level.

Where can you find this phenomenon?

The word "twincest" was invented by the authors of fanfiction. Fanfiction is a fictional story about characters from books, movies, anime or manga. It was the writers of fanfiction who began to describe intimate relationships between men in detail. In the modern world, young people are obsessed with TV shows, anime or manga, where you can often meet the main characters of the twins. Fans eagerly discuss the topic: “What would happen if there was love between these twins?”. In response to this, fanfictions appear with fictional stories where two male twins have intimate relationships.

black twins

Even in music, fans have found a twincest, this is Tokio Hotel. The soloists of this group, two young twin brothers, often show ambiguous allusions to their relationship in public. The Kaulitz brothers are very close and demonstrate this connection at concerts and photo shoots. As a result, fans are almost sure that there is a twincest between the brothers.

Twincest fans

Twincest lovers are mostly girls. Passionate female fans idolize any hints between two twin guys in movies, anime or TV shows. Fans collect all possible paraphernalia, on which there are hints of twincest.

Photoshop pictures of twincest are very popular among fans of this genre. Ardent admirers of love between twins have a very sophisticated fantasy. They create candid art and crafts that depict explicit scenes between twoblood brothers.

anime twins

Fan fiction describing love between twins is re-read by thousands of fans every day. The authors of such essays tirelessly publish new creations on this topic. One can marvel at the imagination of these writers, who come up with dozens of different stories about the same couples.

Is Twincest an anomaly?

In modern society, relationships between blood relatives are considered immoral. No adult sane person would say that this is normal. However, the fact remains that there is a Twincest, and the number of its fans is growing every day.

To prevent this from happening, teachers advise separating twins from childhood in order to give each of the brothers their own individuality. Doctors believe that twincest is directly the fault of the parents. But is it really so, it is difficult to answer, because the twins are a special group of people who require special attention from parents and teachers.

In our time, science is already aware of mutations resulting from incest. However, there are countries where incest is the norm. The participants of the twincest are not threatened by any gene mutations, because both of its participants are brothers. Tying up such a relationship, both twins know what they are getting into. Neither the church nor modern society will ever approve of such connections. As a result, the love between the two twins will always take place in secret from everyone.

black and white twins

No matter how much science and medicine study this phenomenon, no one has yet come up with a cure for this.Twincest is some kind of special relationship between two identical brothers. And how to relate to this, it is up to everyone to decide for themselves. The main thing is to always remember humanity, because brothers who love each other are the same people as everyone else on the planet.

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