Food for cockerel fish: types, choice, norm per day. Cockerel fish: care and maintenance

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Food for cockerel fish: types, choice, norm per day. Cockerel fish: care and maintenance
Food for cockerel fish: types, choice, norm per day. Cockerel fish: care and maintenance

Video: Food for cockerel fish: types, choice, norm per day. Cockerel fish: care and maintenance

Video: Food for cockerel fish: types, choice, norm per day. Cockerel fish: care and maintenance
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Thai fighting fish - this is the name of the beautiful "cockerel". This species was bred for "fish fights" where two bettas fought each other. Times have changed, underwater inhabitants are now kept as ornamental fish. However, the character is not cured.

Siamese fighting fish
Siamese fighting fish

Short description

One of the most unpretentious fish known to amateurs is the cockerel. A Siamese fighter is able to live in an ordinary cup. Just do not experiment on the poor fellow. This is for general information only.

Males are much more beautiful than girlfriends, multi-colored, with lush tails and a disgusting character. Females are gray, rather inconspicuous, calm. The content of two males is almost impossible, because the guys will definitely start to fight for the territory. Such fights end with the death of one of the males. In addition, planting a girlfriend with a boy is quite careful. A cockerel is capable of beating a bride to death.

Cockerel in the aquarium
Cockerel in the aquarium


About the care and maintenance of cockerel fish istalk separately. It all starts with choosing an aquarium. Many hobbyists prefer a small round tank with artificial plants. The minimum volume required by its inhabitant is three liters. However, it is advisable to purchase a larger aquarium - from five liters. Remember that the fish is a loner, the population perceives it as a threat to its territory. And deals with him quite harshly.

So, the aquarium is selected and installed in the allotted place. By the way, about the installation. The tank should be located in a warm place where direct sunlight and drafts do not fall. Whether it is worth using a background for an aquarium - everyone decides for himself. The nuance is that sticking a beautiful background on a round tank is quite problematic.

Artificial stones should be used as a substrate for an aquarium. The fact is that natural soil is difficult to clean, and it is enough to wash the stones once a week, and once every three days to remove dirt with a siphon.

Live plants are suitable as food for betta fish. Joke! It is better to plant artificial plants in a round aquarium, because living ones require a filter. The fish is quite capable of living without a filter, heater and other paraphernalia. The fighter breathes ordinary oxygen, so the aquarium is kept open.

orange cockerel
orange cockerel


Before talking about what kind of food for a cockerel fish is desirable to choose, let's touch on the care of the aquarium and its inhabitants.

A small aquarium is cleaned every three to four days. Complete cleaning with water change up to 85% occurs everyweek. The cockerel is transplanted into another container, the soil, plants and shelters, if any, are removed and washed. Just be careful! Fish live in sludge water. Settling is carried out in open clean jars or bottles and lasts 5-7 days. If this is not possible, you can use a water conditioner sold at a pet store. Pay attention to the products of the German company Tetra. Despite the cost, it is of very high quality.

What is a siphon? This is a cleaning tool for aquarium soil. There are several types, we recommend purchasing the simplest one. Two pipes, and in the middle - a pear, this is how you can characterize this siphon.

How to wash plants and soil? First, in running warm water, then the paraphernalia is rinsed in settling or water purified with an air conditioner.

Where to put the fish? Yes, at least in a clean cup. Only the water that the cockerel will be in should be from the aquarium. By the way, about the temperature of the water for replacement. Be sure to wait until the water is at room temperature. Putting a fish in ice water is unacceptable, because the pet may float upside down.

Among greenery
Among greenery


So we got to the types of food for the betta fish. Our aquarium fighters love to eat, and modern technologies allow us to produce fish food for every taste and color. There are several types of food for betta fish.

  • Dry. This includes flakes and granules.
  • Frozen. Bloodworm, daphnia, brine shrimp, vitreous and commonworms.
  • Live food, in our case - small bloodworms and worms.
  • Green food, which refers to lettuce and spinach.

About dry food

What is the best food for betta fish? There is no exact answer to this question, because nutrition must be combined. If you choose from dry food, then you should pay attention to the small granules of German production. Tetra - that's the name of the company - produces the perfect food for fish. Products are sold both in cans of various volumes and by weight. It is better to buy food in a package, because they retain their freshness longer. The flakes may be too large for the underwater inhabitant, they are crushed in the fingers. Excellent food for betta fish - granules. It is worth giving preference to multi-colored small granules, because the food of such a plan is mixed. Herbal ingredients are combined with animal products.

white cockerel
white cockerel

About frozen food

How to feed the betta fish with frozen bloodworms or daphnia? In fact, there are no difficulties in this procedure. A small piece of the product is cut off and thrown into the aquarium. Only choose a small bloodworm, because a large cockerel will not be able to swallow.

Live food

Live bloodworms and worms as food for cockerel fish are purchased at pet stores. As in the case of a frozen product, bloodworms should be small. Store it in the refrigerator, wrapped in a damp white sheet. The leaf is sprayed daily or replaced with a new one. In this forma bloodworm can live for a week, as soon as you notice that it has begun to die, immediately send it to the freezer.

Green feed and meat

Readers will be surprised, however, the food for cockerel fish includes boiled beef or chicken heart, chicken stomachs, shrimp and squid. All products are boiled, divided into small pieces and given to the fish. Spinach and lettuce are used as green fodder as mentioned above. They are scalded with boiling water, small pieces are torn off and placed in an aquarium.

At the surface of the water
At the surface of the water

Feeding frequency

Now let's talk about how often to feed the betta fish dry food, frozen and ordinary. Dear readers, remember one rule! The cockerel is fed twice a day, the fish should eat a serving in two minutes. The faster the fighter will deal with the food, the better for the aquarium. Remains of food settle to the bottom, begin to rot, and in the absence of a filter, the consequences can be sad for the cockerel. That's why a small aquarium is cleaned every three days, but this is not about cleaning, but about feeding.

When a cockerel eats granules, you need to count 5-7 pieces and give one at a time. swallowed? Got more. In the case of cereal feeding, the eating time is indicated above.

Do you provide frozen food, fresh or natural? Replace them with one feeding with a dry product. Feed pieces should be small, keep this in mind.

Overfed fish inflates like a balloon. The cockerel can float on the surface, gasping for air, or "hang" in the middleaquarium. The owner learns about overfeeding by paying attention to the tummy of the fish. When the stomach is swollen, a black dot is clearly visible below - the cockerel has overeaten.


This is how the main recommendations for keeping a cockerel, feeding and caring for him look like. There is nothing difficult, as readers have seen, in this. The Siamese fighter is a rather unpretentious fish, which has gained popularity among amateurs and professional aquarists.