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How to determine your orientation? Some Tips

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How to determine your orientation? Some Tips
How to determine your orientation? Some Tips

Why even ask yourself the question: "How to determine your orientation?". Everyone around is so independent and advanced that such a simple moment as orientation should not bother people.

But there is another side of the coin. Every day every person is faced with the suppression of their desires and needs. The public influences in such a way that people do not even notice that they are being controlled like puppets. So it turns out that a person becomes the orientation that modern society advises him to.

Types of sexual orientations

To find out how to determine your orientation, you first need to figure out what sexual orientations exist:

  • bisexuals are those who are attracted to women and men;
  • homosexual - a person is attracted to the same sex as him;
  • heterosexuals – are attracted to the opposite sex.
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A few steps to determine your sexual orientation

Who are you: bi-, hetero-, or homosexual? let'slet's figure it out.

  1. The thought of having sex with someone of the same sex does not make a person homosexual. Even lesbians may have the idea that she wants to sleep with that handsome man. And gays might think they wouldn't mind having some fun with that pretty girl over there. Thoughts do not mean actions and do not change sexual orientation.
  2. If you make love with people of the opposite sex only, then this does not mean that the person is heterosexual.
  3. If at the moment a person has a partner, then he should think about whether he likes this relationship. For example, women may sometimes have the thought: "It would be much easier to live with a woman." It is worth thinking about, if such a question has ever arisen in your head, it means that a person is bisexual, he simply does not realize this.
  4. You need to pay attention to behavior in society. Does the girl have a woman around whom she treats with tenderness? Does a man have a friend whom he is jealous of the rest? If the answer is yes, then it means bi- or homosexuality.
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Helpful tips

List a few:

  • if there are people with non-traditional sexual orientation in the environment, then you should respect their choice;
  • there is no specific criterion that could accurately determine a person's sexual orientation. The most important factor is gender attraction;
  • to determine orientation, you must imagine sexual intimacy with a person of the same gender. Liked? So it's possibledraw conclusions about orientation.

You should not start sleeping with everyone if you understand that you are a non-traditional sexual orientation. Care should always be taken when choosing a partner.

Find a suitable partner and start a relationship with him gradually, the only way to determine your belonging to a particular orientation.

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