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Pampers for newborns: reviews of scientists, pediatricians and experienced mothers

Pampers for newborns: reviews of scientists, pediatricians and experienced mothers
Pampers for newborns: reviews of scientists, pediatricians and experienced mothers

Young mothers, listening to the opinion of the older generation, refuse to put diapers on their child. They motivate this decision by the fact that the harm from diapers is more than good. Allergies, crooked legs, the development of infertility in the future, rickets, enuresis - these are far from all the diagnoses that, according to our grandmothers, a child may have if he is put on a diaper. But scientists, pediatricians and adequate mothers have already proven that wearing diapers has nothing to do with any of these problems. And more than that, diapers for newborns (consumer reviews say this) are a preventive measure for the occurrence of many problems: diaper rash, skin irritation, allergic reactions.

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Types of diapers

All diapers are divided into categories: economy class, middle class and premium class. Economy diapers are the cheapest option. This diaper has a minimal amount of absorbent in its composition, and therefore gets wet very quickly. In addition, the outer layer of such a diaper consists of polyethylene. Suchthe diaper does not breathe well, which can cause diaper rash and irritation. You can wear such diapers for newborns (reviews from experienced mothers tell us about this) during short walks or during daytime sleep.

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Pampers of the middle class are the most popular today. The advantages of this particular type of disposable panties are more than enough: a larger amount of absorbent, a “safety elastic band” on the back that prevents liquid from leaking, a porous outer layer of the diaper that allows air to pass through and retains liquid. As for the price-quality ratio, middle-class diapers are a good option. For relatively little money, you get a quality product.

Premium diapers for newborns are a whole “bonus system”: reusable Velcro fasteners, impregnation from baby cream or lotion, a diaper fullness indicator, the inner shell of disposable panties made of natural cotton.

Diaper sizes

You need to know the exact weight of the baby in order to choose the right diapers for newborns. Diaper sizes are determined by body weight. Everything is clearly written on the packages, for what weight of the child this or that number of diapers is calculated. For example, diapers marked "1" are designed for newborns weighing 3-6 kg, "2" is suitable for babies weighing 4-8 kg. For newborns weighing up to 3 kg, manufacturers produce diapers marked "0" on the package.

diapers for newborns reviews

When a diaper is not in favor?

In order for the use of diapers to be only beneficial, it is important to maintain hygiene in relation to the baby. The diaper should be changed as it gets dirty, but at least every 4 hours. Diapers for newborns, pediatricians say about this, can not be used if the air temperature is more than 22 ° C.

As the baby grows, you should try to use diapers less often, and by the age of two, their use should be reduced to a minimum. Otherwise, it will be difficult for parents to potty train their child.

To wear or not to wear baby diapers for newborns? Reviews and opinions on this matter are different. But the decision always remains with the parents. And before you accept it, you must first listen to the recommendations of experts, and only then to the advice of grandmothers and aunts. Make the right choice.

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