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Is it possible to get pregnant with hormonal failure: the opinion of doctors
Is it possible to get pregnant with hormonal failure: the opinion of doctors

Hormonal failure is a pathological process that is characterized by the production of a small amount of female hormones by the body. For the fair sex, such a disease becomes a big problem. This pathology requires mandatory medical treatment. Many women want to know if it is possible to get pregnant with hormonal failure.

What are hormones

Causes of hormonal failure

To date, scientists have identified several main causes of this disease.

  1. Disorders associated with the endocrine system. The cause of such disorders can be diseases of the thyroid or pancreas, as well as adrenal glands.
  2. Endocrine system
  3. Heredity. Basically, these are genetically transmitted diseases. For example, primary amenorrhea. With this disease, young girls over 15 years of age have a complete absence of menstruation.
  4. Cold. Hormonal disbalancecan cause diseases such as influenza, acute respiratory infections, SARS. Scientists have proven that women who often endured such pathologies are prone to failures of the hormonal system.
  5. Use of inappropriate contraception. This cause is common among women of childbearing age. Its primary manifestation can be observed in the appearance of excess weight in a woman.
  6. Birth control pills
  7. Diets. Exhaustion of the body by hunger, lack of essential nutrients, refusal to eat on time - all this negatively affects the hormonal background.
  8. Surgical interventions in the internal genital organs.
  9. Depressions and nervous conditions.
  10. Diseases of the female reproductive system: polycystic ovaries, fibroids, cysts, etc.
  11. Having a lot of excess weight.

More rare causes are pregnancy, lactation, adolescence, menopause. Basically, in such situations, the body is able to independently balance the hormonal background.

Signs of hormonal imbalance

Many couples are looking forward to the long-awaited pregnancy. But that doesn't happen. Such a problem may be associated with hormonal disorders in women. This is one of the signs of insufficient hormone levels in a woman. Is it possible to get pregnant with hormonal failure? This question is asked by many women. Any specialist in the field of gynecology will give a negative answer.

Let's consider other signs.

  1. Severe headaches.
  2. Irregular or no periods for a long time.
  3. Rapid weight gain.
  4. Pathological fatigue.
  5. Sleep disorders.
  6. Nervous states, irritability.
  7. Hair loss.
  8. Mood swings.
  9. Decrease or complete absence of sexual desire.
  10. Depression and anxiety

The appearance of such signs is a reason to visit a specialist. After passing the necessary tests, a course of hormones is prescribed, which are not enough in the body.

Is it possible to get pregnant with hormonal failure?

Medicine knows rare cases of pregnancy in the presence of this disease. But the course of such a pregnancy was accompanied by pathological processes or did not reach its logical conclusion, and an interruption occurred. There is such a pathology as hormonal failure during menstruation. Can you get pregnant in this situation? Probably not.

Pay attention! Sometimes, with a hormonal failure, menstruation is replaced by dark spotting, and a pregnancy test shows a positive result. By mistake, a woman may mistake this pathology for pregnancy.

Positive result

How to get pregnant with hormonal failure, not a single gynecologist will tell. These are unique isolated cases. But this pathology can be cured. Basically, hormonal imbalance is easily treatable. All you need is patience. A positive course of treatment makes it possibleget pregnant after a hormonal failure.

Restoring normal hormonal levels

The decrease in hormone levels caused by natural conditions does not require any therapeutic action. But the failure caused by various kinds of pathologies requires an immediate solution. As a rule, the treatment is carried out by a gynecologist-endocrinologist. After receiving the results of the tests, certain hormonal drugs, vitamins, etc. are prescribed. Particular attention is paid to the psychological state of the patient. It is possible to conduct a course of psychological impact.

Hormonal imbalance after abortion also requires immediate treatment. Ignoring the pathology in this case can lead to serious consequences.

Foods that help restore hormone levels

There are some foods that help regulate hormone production.

  1. Products containing soy.
  2. Fish, seafood. Omega acids have a positive effect on the level of hormones in the body.
  3. Cabbage.
  4. Spinach.
  5. Various berries.

Prevention of hormonal failure

Many women wondering whether it is possible to get pregnant with hormonal failure, are interested in the question of the timely prevention of this disease. Hormonal disorders can be controlled, like any other pathology. To do this, you must regularly visit a specialist and take all the necessary tests. You also need to follow a proper diet and he althy sleep, at least 8 hours a day.An important factor in the prevention of hormonal disruptions is a stable psychological state. Avoid stressful situations and nervous conditions.

If all the recommendations are followed, the question of whether it is possible to get pregnant during a hormonal failure will disappear by itself.

Pregnancy after hormonal failure

With the question of whether it is possible to get pregnant with a hormonal failure, we have already figured it out. It turned out that such a conception is almost impossible. But what to do after the course of treatment? How to get pregnant after a hormonal failure? This question is ambiguous. The body of each patient is individual. Of course, you need a constant visit to the gynecologist and endocrinologist. After failures, doctors advise for some time to monitor the level of hormones. This is necessary to avoid pathological situations during pregnancy. Still, the treatment of hormonal failure is a long and laborious process.

The onset of pregnancy

You need to plan conception together with a specialist. He will give all the necessary recommendations and calculate the favorable time for pregnancy. You should not make a decision on your own. After all, this can lead to irreparable consequences. In any case, it is worth waiting at least six months after a hormonal failure.

This article discusses questions about what hormones and hormonal background are, is it possible to get pregnant with hormonal failure, what is the treatment of disorders in this area. They also learned about the causes and signs of pathology. From the foregoing, it can be concluded thatdiseases associated with hormonal imbalances are fixable. The main thing is to have patience and endurance, not to self-medicate, but to seek timely help from a specialist. And it is important that violations in this area are not a sign of infertility.

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