The best fish oil for children: a review of drugs, recommendations for choosing, reviews of manufacturers

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The best fish oil for children: a review of drugs, recommendations for choosing, reviews of manufacturers
The best fish oil for children: a review of drugs, recommendations for choosing, reviews of manufacturers

Video: The best fish oil for children: a review of drugs, recommendations for choosing, reviews of manufacturers

Video: The best fish oil for children: a review of drugs, recommendations for choosing, reviews of manufacturers
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No one doubts the benefits of liquid fish oil for children. What is the best source of omega-3 acids for the younger generation?

In order to answer this question, let's analyze the features of the mineral and vitamin composition of this product. Let us dwell in more detail on those recommendations of pediatricians that will allow you to choose the best fish oil for children.

fish oil for children which is better
fish oil for children which is better

Important points

Doctors are convinced that in the absence of individual intolerance, fish oil must be included in the diet of children from 1 to 14 years old. The daily dose of omega-3 acids for children under 14 years of age should be 0.5-1%, and for adolescents it should reach two percent.

In addition to iodine and phosphorus, this product contains vitamin D2 - ergocalciferol. It is he who controls the phosphorus-calcium metabolism in the body. This vitamin is not synthesized under the influence of sunlight, but in sufficient quantities it is part of fish oil. That is why pediatricians from different countriesrecommend the use of a nutritional supplement with this important component for children from the age of three.

D2 value

Ergocalciferol greatly simplifies the absorption of calcium by the body, which is especially important at the age of 14 years. The main function of vitamin D2 is the development and he alth of the skeleton, the bones of the child, and the prevention of rickets. Vitamin D2 significantly accelerates the healing process in newborns with a fontanel on the head.

The product speeds up metabolic processes in the body, has a positive effect on cerebral circulation, improves fine motor skills. Vitamin increases the immunity of the child, improves concentration and attention, reduces the risk of cancer.

When it is deficient or overdose, the child feels worse, sweating develops, bones are deformed, rickets develops. The child lags behind peers in physical and mental development, he has problems with the kidneys and heart.

Overdose results in muscle weakness, joint pain, vomiting, frequent urination. Depending on the individual characteristics of the organism, other problems are possible.

what are the rules for choosing fish oil for children
what are the rules for choosing fish oil for children


What should fish oil be for kids? What is the best source of vitamin D2? These questions concern many parents.

Fish oil is a major source of omega-3 polyunsaturated fatty acids. These organic compounds are not synthesized in our body, so their reserves must be replenished with food and vitamin supplements.complexes.

At present, the world's manufacturers of various nutritional supplements are conducting research in an attempt to improve the quality of this product. As an optimal form of release of a source of polyunsaturated fats, they offer a capsule. This is not only convenient for taking the drug, but is not accompanied by additional unpleasant side effects. In addition, a child, seeing a beautiful fish, will not think that there is a tasteless medicine inside it.

what to pay special attention to
what to pay special attention to


The best manufacturers of fish oil for children offer the product not only as a source of vitamin D2, but also as an excellent supplement to other products:

  • cosmetic creams and masks for skin and hair care;
  • weight loss products;
  • pet food;
  • muscle building drugs;
  • Means for the treatment of minor wounds and joints

Despite these many uses, vitamin D2 is essential for children's development. With a lack of it, babies develop serious physical problems, which can then be de alt with only with the help of long-term therapy.

Main producers

Who makes the best fish oil for kids? It is necessary to know the rating of manufacturers in order to exclude the purchase of low-quality goods, which not only will not benefit the body, but can also cause significant harm to it. Currently there are the followingmanufacturers of this product:

  • American factories: focus on quality cleaning of components, as they believe that sea fish contain toxins that are dangerous for children.
  • Russian companies: produce preparations based on cod liver.
  • Norwegian firms: offer consumers quality dietary supplements, but at the most expensive price.

What to look out for

What is the best fish oil to give to a child? In order to choose the right dietary supplement, it is important to pay attention to the inscriptions that are present on the product packaging.

How to choose high-quality vitamins for the growth and development of the baby? First of all, attention should be paid to the raw materials used by the manufacturer. If "veterinary" or "food" fish oil is indicated, then it is made from cheap raw materials. This means that it is of poor quality.

What should be the best vitamins? Fish oil for children, which is of high quality, is a "medical" drug. However, even here it is very easy to get confused.

fish oil with vitamins
fish oil with vitamins

Also isolated fish and fish oil. Do not think that this is just a different formulation, the products are also different. Fish oil is extracted from cod liver and contains a sufficient amount of vitamins A, E and D.

Fish oil is a purified product containing from 15 to 30% of essential organic acids. It is obtained from fish carcasses. It is prescribed in the case when it is necessary to compensate for the lack of omega-3 acids in the human body.

What is different fromcheap expensive fish oil? What is the best drug for children? In addition to cost, there are differences in the form of release. The most economical option would be to purchase a vitamin complex in bottles.

It is important to choose dietary supplements in dark bottles, as the useful properties of the components are lost in the light. The liquid in the bottle must reach the neck so that fish oil does not interact with atmospheric oxygen. For children, which option is better to take: in capsules, plates, solution? The choice remains with the parents, since the form does not affect the quality of the dietary supplement.

In the form of chewable plates, fish oil for babies is chosen, but it must be understood that the cost of such a drug will be much higher. Liquid is also suitable for older children, and parents will have the opportunity to save money.

Often there is an inscription on the packaging, according to which the product is produced by molecular differentiation. This means that the manufacturer has increased the content of essential fatty acids in dietary supplements. That is, such a product is more useful.

The best fish oil for children in capsules is available in such a dosage that a child needs to drink no more than 1-2 things per day. This is also important to consider when buying.

What else should I look for when choosing the best fish oil for children? It is necessary to look at the country of origin of the purchased drug. For example, if dietary supplements are manufactured in a country with an unfavorable environmental situation, it is advisable to refrain from buying.

The best fish oil for children contains not only omega-3 fatty acids, but also minerals and vitamins,therefore contributes to the overall he alth of the body.

Quality Criteria

A quality product has a shelf life of no more than two years. The most important factor to consider is the quality of the drug. How to choose the best fish oil for children? Currently, the world distinguishes the following types, meaning quality:

  • Dietary supplement category made from cod liver (cheapest product);
  • purified fish oil (medium price and quality);
  • Ultra Refined (Highest Value Pharmaceutical Pure)


Some pediatricians believe that capsules offer the best fish oil for children. Reviews of parents say that kids use such a drug much more willingly. Pediatricians are convinced that dietary supplements will only benefit if the dosage indicated by the manufacturer in the instructions is strictly observed.

Experts recommend giving preference to capsules made from fish gelatin. Such a remedy can be given to the baby along with soup during lunch. It is better to start the course in late autumn, complete only in the spring.

Even the most minor disorders in the functioning of the child's body should be a wake-up call for parents. It is advisable to stop taking dietary supplements, seek advice from a pediatrician.

Moller Fish Oil

how to choose a good fish oil
how to choose a good fish oil

Judging by the reviews, it is this drug that tops the rating. Norwegian fish oil "Meller" prefer to buy for their kidsmany parents. The product has excellent quality, as fish from environmentally friendly reservoirs is used for its manufacture. They produce a product from the cod liver of oceanic species. The dietary supplement of this manufacturer is offered in a dosage of 200 and 500 ml, so the product is convenient for a long course of administration. Fish-shaped capsules have a pleasant fruity taste. Russian pediatricians recommend giving this product to children from one year old.

The manufacturer offers dark-colored packaging to prevent exposure to sunlight (the beneficial properties of omega-3 acids remain in the product throughout its entire shelf life). Pleasant lemon flavor is a great bonus for kids. It completely drowns out the unpleasant taste of the fish oil itself. The use of this drug is allowed even when taking a different group of D-containing vitamin complexes.

Daily dose depends on the age of the child. A child from 3 years old is allowed to take 2 capsules (or 5 ml) of dietary supplement daily.

When included in the diet of fatty fish, the dosage of the drug is reduced. The manufacturer recommends using the dietary supplement for 2 years. After opening the vitamin remedy, you must use it 3-4 months in advance, stored in a cool, dark place at a temperature not exceeding ten degrees.


oriflame baby products
oriflame baby products

The second place in the ranking, judging by the reviews, belongs to the Swiss drug "Wellness Omega-3 for children." In its manufacture, a five-stage cleaning system is used. This product can only be purchased fromspecialized pharmacies and points of sale. Reviews about the drug are only the most positive. Pediatricians recommend this vitamin complex as it contains the recommended daily intake of fatty acids.

Complex "Wellness Omega-3 for children" helps to strengthen the nervous and immune systems, has a positive effect on visual acuity, prevents the development of various diseases.

The recommended dose is a teaspoon (5 ml) once a day. The preparation contains 99% fish oil, and 1% contains vitamin E, lemon oil. The fat used by the manufacturer is isolated from fish that lives in the Pacific Ocean, so the drug is environmentally friendly.


domestic drugs
domestic drugs

This is a domestic product. The company specializes in the manufacture of dietary supplements and medical cosmetics. Judging by customer reviews, the RealCaps vitamin complex gives good results. A distinctive feature of it from foreign analogues is an acceptable cost. Capsules "Kusalochka" are designed specifically for babies. They can not only be cracked, but also chewed.

In their reviews, parents note that children take fish oil like candy. The dietary supplement uses a natural flavor "Tutti-Frutti", which drowns out the unpleasant fishy taste. This dietary supplement allows you to make up for the deficiency in the body of omega-3 fatty acids, vitamins of groups A, D, E. Pediatricians recommend it to strengthen the skeleton and bones, increase perseverance, concentration, and to prevent colds.

Whenthe production of this product uses fish with a small life cycle that lives in the waters of the Atlantic Ocean. There are no dyes, impurities, preservatives in dietary supplements. The manufacturer recommends this remedy for children from the age of three. Daily dose - 1 capsule 2-3 times a day with meals. The shelf life of the drug is 2 years. After opening the bottle with dietary supplements, the period of application is reduced to 3-4 months. It is better to store the vitamin complex in a dark and dry place.

Ecco Plus Fat

This dietary food supplement has been specially developed for babies from 1.5 years old. The drug allows you to fully compensate for the deficiency of polyunsaturated omega-3 fatty acids, vitamins D and A. The duration of the course of taking dietary supplements is 30 days.

The manufacturer claims that taking 1.5 teaspoons during a meal of this complex allows you to develop brain tissue, correct vision, reduce the risk of developing diabetes and asthma, and increase immunity.

Judging by the reviews, the tool really works. The first improvement in the condition of the baby occurs in the first month of taking this nutritional supplement. Pediatricians advise giving dietary supplements from the age of 3. The recommended daily dose of the drug is 2 capsules.


Currently, the pharmaceutical market offers a huge selection of dietary supplements to saturate the child's body with omega-3 fatty acids. In order to make the right choice, you need to look not only at the cost of the product, the manufacturer, but also at the information about the composition.