Development, weight and size of the fetus at the 16th week of pregnancy
Development, weight and size of the fetus at the 16th week of pregnancy

Video: Development, weight and size of the fetus at the 16th week of pregnancy

Video: Development, weight and size of the fetus at the 16th week of pregnancy
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Waiting for the birth of a child is the most difficult and at the same time wonderful time. Every woman thinks with trepidation about her baby, worries about him and hopes that the birth will be successful. This encourages her to consult with friends, parents or seek tips on the Internet more often to find out what is happening with the baby.

The 16th week of pregnancy is one of the calmest for the expectant mother. She is no longer bothered by morning sickness, and her hormones are becoming more even.

This article will tell you in detail about the weight of the fetus at 16 weeks of pregnancy, its size and development. In addition, the main feelings of a woman during this period, as well as the observed external and internal changes, will be described.

fetal position at 16 weeks gestation
fetal position at 16 weeks gestation

The size and weight of the fetus at the 16th obstetric week of pregnancy

During this period, the thoughts of the expectant mother are focused on whether her baby is developing correctly. In general, it is considered normal that the size of the fetus at the 16th week of pregnancy is:

  • height - about 11 centimeters;
  • in weight - about 80 grams.

Ifimagine a child visually, then its size will be like an avocado. The 15-16th week of pregnancy is very important for the baby. It is during this period that his body becomes more proportional, the legs and arms are extended, and the head becomes not so big. Thus, it is easy to imagine what the fetus looks like at the 16th week of pregnancy - his body takes on the usual shape in which he will be born very soon.

15 16 weeks pregnant
15 16 weeks pregnant

Fetal development

Gynecologists and obstetricians claim that at the 16th obstetric week of pregnancy, the baby's skeleton and muscles are actively developing. This is all very important for the baby.

A mouth, eyes, eyebrows and cilia, as well as auricles have already formed on the baby's face. Now he is getting used to his changes and begins to "experiment" - to close his eyes, open and close his mouth, move his fingers. The spine and tiny muscles of the back are gaining strength, so the baby can still slowly straighten the neck.

Due to the developing facial muscles, the child is even able to make a few expressive expressions and frown. Literally by the middle of the 16th week of pregnancy, the development of the fetus will allow him to begin to turn his neck to the left and right.

Baby's skin is still transparent this week. The blood vessels of the fetus are well visible through it.

Baby's internal organs

In addition to the weight, appearance and size of the fetus at the 16th week of pregnancy, what happens to its organs is of great importance. During this period, his bladder, liver andkidneys. His internal organs begin to contract and they also secrete enzymes.

The baby's digestive organs and the cardiovascular system are actively working. The fetal heart rate at 16 weeks of gestation is approximately 150 beats per minute. The baby's heart during this period pumps about 25 liters of blood per day. Subsequently, this number will increase as the child develops.

Child's vision and hearing

The baby begins to make slight movements with his eyes from side to side, which have already begun to perceive light. However, the baby's eyelids are still closed.

It is important that this week the baby's hearing is actively developing. Now he can hear his mother's voice. In fact, studies have shown that babies who hear a song while in the womb recognize the same tune after birth. Therefore, the 16th week of pregnancy is a great time to choose a lullaby. Doctors recommend during this period to start communicating with the baby. Talk to him in a calm tone so that he remembers it. This will help in the future in that the baby will already know that the mother's voice is some kind of lulling "medicine".

The body of a woman and her fears about being overweight

photo of a pregnant woman
photo of a pregnant woman

The 16th week of pregnancy is the period when the expectant mother is already used to the fact that her body is changing. However, every day she is visited by more and more new sensations that can frighten or alarm.

At the 16th week of gestation, outsiders can determine an interesting position by eyegirls. If a few weeks earlier, others could still think: “Is she recovered or pregnant?” Now everything becomes clear at a glance. Therefore, it will certainly not be possible to hide the pregnancy.

In general, it is difficult for a woman to understand whether she is gaining weight or just her stomach is growing because of the baby. During this period, it is important to forget about all fears and begin to accept the body as it is. Even if a few extra pounds appear, it does not matter. The most important thing to remember is that a he althy diet is important for your baby's he alth.

During this period, you should minimize the consumption of food "garbage" (fast food, chips and other snacks, carbonated drinks, etc.) and increase the amount of foods rich in nutrients in the diet. Sports are also important. You should discuss this point with the doctor who monitors the course of pregnancy and clarify what physical activity will benefit. This approach will allow you to control weight and keep yourself in good shape.

16 weeks pregnant feeling
16 weeks pregnant feeling


In rare cases, a doctor may prescribe an ultrasound for a woman at the 16th week of pregnancy. This period is not included in the planned schedule of ultrasound examinations, and only the girl's complaints, as well as poor results of other tests, can serve as a reason for this. If you still had to do an ultrasound at the 16th week of pregnancy, then the girl can see the almost formed body of the unborn child.

Many women are concerned about the question of whether it is possible at this time with the help of ultrasound to find out the sex of the child. Notbe upset, but the answer will be negative. An ultrasound specialist will not yet be able to determine the sex of the child, since his genitals are just beginning to form. However, the doctor will definitely tell you about the position, weight and size of the fetus at the 16th week of pregnancy.

Other tests

The antenatal clinic monitors the condition of the mother and her unborn child, so it is important to follow the recommendations of specialists and take all the tests on time. At the 16th week, as a rule, the following studies are considered planned:

  • triple test that determines the level of hCG (performed in order to make sure that the child is developing normally and to detect defects in time);
  • determining the height of the uterus;
  • blood pressure measurement;
  • weighing;
  • blood and urine tests.

In rare cases (if a woman has serious complaints or the doctor suspected any abnormalities), a study such as sampling amniotic fluid from the uterine cavity may be prescribed. This procedure is needed in order to identify (reject or confirm) any deviations in the development of the baby. Well, as noted earlier, an ultrasound may be prescribed if necessary for medical reasons.

Discomfort at 16 weeks pregnant

Although pregnancy is considered one of the most beautiful periods in a woman's life, it is not always easy. Every week she has different symptoms. According to experts, at the 16th week, a girl may feel the following:

  1. Congestionnose and bleeding. Some moms-to-be may experience nasal problems, which are caused by increased circulation and increased hormone levels. Although nosebleeds during pregnancy are normal, they are not always easy to manage. You can minimize bleeding and nasal congestion by regularly moistening the air in the room, lubricating the edges of the nostrils with petroleum jelly. If such manifestations make breathing very difficult, you should consult your doctor about what sprays or drops can be used to relieve the condition.
  2. Lower pain. This is one of the most common symptoms a woman may experience during pregnancy. You should know several ways to reduce discomfort. For example, it is worth discussing with your doctor the possibility of taking warm baths or relaxing herbs. A good way to eliminate back pain is to regularly relax the back muscles with stretching. In addition, in order to minimize the negative impact on the lower back, it is important to avoid high-heeled shoes and pay attention to postures during rest.
  3. Dizziness. This condition may be a side effect of hormones that cause changes in blood circulation during pregnancy. When dizzy, you need to lie down on your left side and just lie down for a while. If this symptom persists, see a doctor.
  4. Bleeding gums. Pregnancy hormones often cause inflammation of the gums, making them more susceptible to bacteria, irritation, and bleeding. In general, this is consideredthe norm. But it is important to remember that you need to brush your teeth regularly with toothpaste and floss. Also, do not forget about periodic trips to the dentist during pregnancy. Consulting a specialist will help prevent gum disease.
  5. Dilation of veins. An additional load on the circulatory system causes pregnant girls to experience pain in their legs. Often, it is at the 16th week that the expectant mother may notice that the veins in her legs have greatly expanded.
  6. Coarse discharge. Vaginal discharge is actually beneficial as it protects the birth canal from various infections. However, they can make you feel uncomfortable. But do not give in to the temptation and constantly wash them with water or with the help of women's wet wipes for intimate hygiene. By keeping the microflora in its natural form, there is a better chance of protecting yourself and your unborn child.
  7. Skin change. Increased blood volume in the blood vessels and pregnancy hormones that cause increased fat production can make a pregnant woman's skin look red and oily. Dark spots may appear. However, do not be afraid, because they usually disappear after the birth of a child. In addition, various rashes, irritations, redness, etc. are possible. To get rid of such troubles, you should wash your face several times a day with mild baby soap and warm water. In addition, a consultation with a dermatologist will not be superfluous, who will advise the best cosmetics that are completely safe for the he alth of the expectant mother and her baby.

Worth rememberingthat these unpleasant sensations are a certain norm. If they appear abruptly, but quickly pass, there is nothing to worry about. However, in the event that back pain does not go away or dizziness has become a constant companion, it is necessary to consult a doctor who will examine the woman and tell for sure whether she should worry or not.

fetal heart rate at 16 weeks pregnant
fetal heart rate at 16 weeks pregnant

Cold at 16 weeks pregnant

Often girls go to the doctor this week with complaints of fever and general weakness, often mistaking these symptoms for a cold. However, it is worth remembering that during this period, an increase in temperature up to 37 degrees is normal.

This fact is due to the fact that the female body works in an enhanced mode. It ensures the vital activity of not only the mother, but also the child. Therefore, do not be afraid of a slight increase in temperature.

However, if a runny nose or cough appears, then we are talking about a cold. It is important to consult a doctor as soon as possible, who will give general recommendations and select the safest therapy.

During pregnancy, do not forget that many medicines are prohibited for the expectant mother. Therefore, you can not self-medicate. In addition, it must be remembered that it is also impossible to let the disease take its course, because the deterioration in the general condition of the girl and the temperature rise above 38 degrees can be dangerous for the he alth of the unborn baby.

fetal weight at 16 weeks pregnant
fetal weight at 16 weeks pregnant

Sex at 16 weeks pregnant

If notno reasons complicating pregnancy, doctors do not prohibit intimacy this week. However, if at the 16th week of pregnancy the position of the fetus is incorrect or the placenta is attached too low, then it is better to abstain from sex.

During this period, it is not recommended to have sex for those girls who are carrying more than one child. Otherwise, intimate life is allowed during this period.

Recommendations for women

There are a number of tips to help you feel better. Doctors recommend paying attention to your wardrobe and putting away tight, restrictive clothing and high-heeled shoes. Loose dresses, tunics and trousers will ensure proper circulation, while low-heeled shoes will reduce the load on the lumbar spine.

This week, girls are recommended to take frequent walks in the fresh air. This will help to enrich the blood with oxygen, which has a positive effect on the development of the child.

It is important to pay special attention to your diet. The diet should always contain fresh (seasonal) fruits and vegetables, plenty of clean water, as well as dairy products containing calcium. Proper nutrition is a great way to fill the body with useful substances without much effort, so do not neglect this rule.

16 obstetric week of pregnancy
16 obstetric week of pregnancy

Recommended to do a light massage of the legs, back and abdomen. You can additionally consult with your doctor, who will tell you how to properly massage the body on your own. This will help reduce pain in the legs, back andprevents the appearance of stretch marks in the abdomen. You can make an appointment with a professional massage therapist, but his choice should be approached very scrupulously and discuss with him in advance the point that massage should not jeopardize the pregnancy and the he alth of the child.


Summing up, the main points should be emphasized once again. The size of the fetus at the 16th week of pregnancy is no larger than the average avocado or apple. The baby is still quite small, but it is actively developing, and its internal organs are beginning to fully function.

The 16th week is one of the quietest stages of pregnancy. The initial unpleasant symptoms practically do not bother the girl. She has already got used to her new state both from a physiological point of view and from a psychological one. This week, of course, she may be bothered by some discomfort. However, they no longer cause much concern and anxiety.

Doctors recommend following the basic recommendations for the 16th week: do not overwork, avoid stress, eat right and take care of yourself. This will ensure good he alth and enable the fetus to develop properly.