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Why do men like kuni: reasons, sexual relationships and feedback from couples

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Why do men like kuni: reasons, sexual relationships and feedback from couples
Why do men like kuni: reasons, sexual relationships and feedback from couples

Oral sex has a number of positives - exciting foreplay, pregnancy protection, smooth pleasure and stress relief. Women get more pleasure, physically and mentally, when it comes to intimacy without penetration, as this is accompanied by multiple orgasms. But do men like to do cunnilingus to a woman and what attracts in a harmless game?

Popularity: presentation and statistics

Sex is a pleasant pastime with a partner, whether it's gentle, like after dinner, or emotional during a loud quarrel. It helps to release anger, to express feelings, to bring people closer or to improve mood. Specialists in the field of medicine emphasize that regular lovemaking helps to strengthen the immune system, increase life expectancy, improve blood flow, cure depression, lose weight and get rid of unpleasant headaches. In addition, it increases the self-esteem of partners so that they become moreself-confident. In other words, sex is one of the natural functions of the body, allowing you to relax emotionally and physically.

Girl in high spirits

Adult films show a variety of categories, offering fetish videos for all tastes, but in terms of the number of requests for the period of 2018, cunnilingus did not even make it into the top ten, while blowjob ranked fourth in popularity. Does this mean that the less common type of oral sex is not attractive? Contrary to stereotypes that oral sex is popular in relation to the stronger sex, many men like to make cunnilingus to their partners. According to the National Survey of Sexual He alth and Behavior, young people under 30 reported regular language practice instead of sexual intercourse. The partners emphasize that this was not only done for the sake of reciprocity.

The reasons why some men like to cunnilingus are many, but in particular they stem from a fundamental truth: women have intense orgasms and respond accordingly, which is a worthwhile performance for a lover. Frequent lovemaking also helps to get to know your partner better, and therefore to discover new techniques and demonstrate ingenious skills. So why do men like kuni and what criteria do they set for themselves?

The difference in achieving pleasure

For biologists, few phenomena are as mysterious as the female orgasm. The latter plays an important role in intimate relationships, having the evolutionary roots of experience - a combination of muscle contractions, hormone release andintense pleasure, but the variety of stimulation defies careful grouping.

Approximately 90% of women report orgasm from some form of sexual stimulation, including oral or regular intercourse, unless there is none during the entire process. You should compare the indicators with the opposite sex to get an accurate picture.

Almost 100% of men usually experience orgasms exclusively from intercourse. Scientists offer an anatomical explanation for this disparity, as changing the distance between a woman's clitoris and her vagina predicts the likelihood that she will experience an orgasm during intercourse. However, the structure of each person is different, so no one can say with certainty the exact location of pleasant places.

Why do men like to take cunnilingus? Apparently, a partner who is interested in the pleasure of a loved one will not refuse to bring the girl to orgasm in the most pleasant way for her. Moreover, the period of increased sexual arousal from sexual contact with a bright ending is typical for those women who experience pleasure from sexual stimulation.

Given the differences in the structure and characteristics of the genitals of two people, reaching an orgasm is not able to give the same sensations. This wording refers to orgasms that result solely from intercourse.

Freud studies papers on sex life

After a period of maturation, men usually and most likely experience pleasure easily, as evidenced by their reliable ejaculatoryreflex. The female orgasm, on the other hand, develops more slowly and less predictably. While there are women who achieve pleasure as easily and regularly as men, there are those who experience multiple pleasures easily and repeatedly during one session of sexual intercourse.

Freud argued that women's ability to experience orgasm during intercourse varied according to their psychoanalytic development. He cites as an example the difference in pleasure, which is limited to the sexual act. The men surveyed distributed the highest peak of pleasure, focusing on "always" or "almost always." Women cannot boast of such high results. Unlike the opposite sex, their distribution was categorical with an increase or a sharp decrease in "never" and "always". Therefore, with due diligence of the lover, the achievement of orgasm will manifest itself in a vivid, memorable form, eliminating the simulation of moans. Do men like to do kuni? It depends on whether they want to please the girl so that she can be brought to the same edge of pleasure that they themselves feel.

Sexual Variety

Impressions from the intimate side sometimes fade and cease to attract a partner with monotony, as if a person regularly performed the same actions during the day, bringing them to automatic impulses. Dissatisfaction in the physical aspect encourages the search for methods to resolve the situation. For example, women may think about finding a new lover who is attractivemissing in the present partner. The sexual charge received from touching new lips, the adrenaline from keeping a shared secret, touching an unfamiliar body and exploring foreign horizons can provide wide scope for fantasies about a vivid orgasm. In fact, the impressions of a new partner pass and return to the starting point in search of a way to remove arousal.

Uniformity in relationships

Erotic flexibility allows a mutual approach to solving the situation with a real partner, since it is enough to discuss the preferences of the other. By sharing desires and carefully listening to others, you can come to a common compromise, push your partner to spontaneity and unexpected reactions to your own ideas. A man likes to make a woman kuni when she asks for it. Often people deny themselves non-standard pleasure because of the inconvenience of asking or embarrassment in front of a lover, but these are groundless experiences, since experiments bring positive aspects for both.

Moral aspect

A caring partner is always interested in bringing a loved one to orgasm. Why do men like to do cunnilingus to girls and what attracts their attention if they do not experience physical pleasure? The reason for this is the moral side, because only a selfish person does not want to bring his beloved to the highest point of pleasure. In addition, often oral sex with girls is accompanied by laughter from tickling, mixed with groans and shortness of breath. It's fun, it's harmless, it sure won't hurt andmakes a man feel like a woman's knight.

Man and woman discussing personal life

Attention is primarily given to exciting points on a woman's body. The difficulty lies in the fact that the technique you like does not necessarily work the second time. This makes it impossible to constantly reproduce cunning movements, but at the same time it increases the partner's interest in finding new points. That's why men like to make cunnilingus. A young man will have to carefully listen to his partner's breathing, languid moans, their tone, in order to understand whether he is acting correctly. For particularly enthusiastic men, cunnilingus is an art.

Help prolong pleasure

It is known that the main advantage of oral sex is stretching the pleasure to the maximum. The myth continues to be that the only effective way to relax completely is to make love with penetration. The latter lasts only a few minutes if only internal points are used in women.

Women differ markedly in the type of sensation they experience when touching the clitoris. This excludes the possibility of creating a unique formula by which it is possible to achieve pleasure. On the one hand, there are girls who reliably trigger an orgasm through vaginal or cervical stimulation without any direct contact with the clitoris or the shaft. On the other hand, it is really possible to get the peak of pleasure only with the simultaneous involvement of the clitoris and sexual intercourse.

relaxed girl

There is a study showing that orgasm from intercourse can be prolonged by several minutes longer if the vulva is regularly stimulated. This is probably one of the brightest advantages of this type of sex. Why do men like cunnilingus? It allows you to explore all the hidden areas of the girl to help increase the enjoyment. In addition, a strong sensation of pleasure is often accompanied by loud sounds that turn into a scream.

Sex gets more intimate

A lover will feel truly intimate with a girl the moment his face is literally in the crotch. Of course, sexual intercourse brings partners together to the maximum, but the head on the vulva is a completely different level of intimacy. This cunnilingus and like a man. How else to explain partner preference?

Communication, discussion of desires, understanding of the girl's body will also be a nice addition. She can guide the lover, indicating to him to descend higher or lower, if at first the techniques are not crowned with success. This closeness increases the level of trust, positively affecting personal and sexual relationships. A kiss after the incident will also help increase intimacy. The most important thing to remember is that the pleasure should be mutual, though not necessarily physical.

Emotional needs of a man

Modern society is built on historical stereotypes such as that young people are strong, brave and, by default, courageous. However, in order to satisfy a deep and vulnerable desire of a partner, it is not necessary to switch toexotic fetishes. Some men like cunnilingus because it gives the girl control of the situation, giving her the opportunity to take care of her own pleasure by directing or moving towards.

Oral sex brings a lot of benefits to both partners in a couple. For example, if a woman was previously dissatisfied with her experience of helping to stimulate the clitoris, then she may well change her mind with sufficient partner skills and a trusting relationship.

couple in an intimate setting

The aesthetic aspect also plays an important role. Why do men like kuni? Performing the oral caress technique, the lover's gaze can be directed at the girl, he feels her response, admires the curves, heaving breasts or parted lips. Some people do not need to participate in sexual intercourse in order to enjoy the process. It is important for them to realize that the partner is well.

The aesthetic side may involve observing the random movement or sound caused by an unfeigned orgasm. Some men like to cunnilingus a woman and look at the writhing lower half of the torso right in front of them, others like to watch the automatic actions provoked by physical pleasure. Feedback like this emphasizes the intimacy of the relationship.

Do men like kuni? Since intercourse lasts quickly, it will take time to find certain points in women, turning the game into a personal achievement. Therefore, if a man is patient and gentle, he will try to please the chosen one.

Stress reduction

Oral sex is good for women's he alth and helps fight depression. Studies show that this type of stimulation once every two weeks has a positive effect on mood, increases productivity, performance, focus and vitality.

There are two hormones in the body responsible for positive emotions - dopamine and oxytocin. The former is released any time something is pleasurable, whether it's sports, sex, delicious food, or a game of chance. If this is what a person wants to do again and again, then dopamine is actively produced in his body.

Oxytocin, often mistaken for an exclusively romantic hormone, plays a big role in feelings of affection. Love is a broad concept, not necessarily referring to a partner, affecting family or friendship affection. Both feel-good hormones increase during sex and especially after orgasm.

Do men like to take cunnilingus? In addition to the bright satisfaction of the girl, it helps to recharge with positive emotions, relax and relieve stress.

Techniques: the key to enjoyment

Before planning to have oral sex with a girl, young men are advised to improve their own skills or, in their absence, gradually develop. However, the personality of each girl is so diverse that one can never be completely sure of the skills, because the points of pleasure change. This statement is related to the featuresorganism, changes in mood or monotony of sexual life. Why do men like kuni? The answer is simple: it is a whole science with its own systems and control schemes.

Girl licks her lips

Falling face down on a woman is not an effective option because you can't rely on similar techniques to do creative work. Young people are aware of the difficulties when orgasm does not come quickly and requires reading the body, assessing the situation in real time.

Mutual pleasure is the best

People who love oral sex do it for a change, to build trusting intimate relationships, or in pursuit of relaxation. The benefit of making love will be increased blood flow and nutrients. Couples' reviews emphasize that great sex makes you forget about all the failures for a short time, helps in the fight against stress, and improves your mood. It also has a positive effect on sleep, as it completely relaxes the body and helps to fall asleep quickly.

And yet, why do men like kuni? One of the main reasons is somewhat selfish: they are trying to bring the girl to the peak of pleasure, so that they themselves feel good. Whatever the answer to the question, the man does it without coercion, sharing the pleasure between two.

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