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The best lighters for every day

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The best lighters for every day
The best lighters for every day

Today's market offers a lot of options for lighters for all occasions. You can find solutions for smokers, for gas stoves and even exotic products for construction workers. The advantages of lighters over matches are quite obvious. Here and practicality, and service life, and other operational qualities.

For a good half of consumers, a small lighter is enough for every day. It remains only to choose which fuel it will run on (gasoline or gas) and which catalyst to use (silicon, piezo or sensor).

We will consider the best lighters for every day, which can be found on sale in our stores. We will analyze the most remarkable options in terms of design and practicality. So let's get started.


Zippo products are the best petrol lighters. Models of this brand are enviably popular all over the world. The company has a rich history that stretches back to the distant 1933. Zippo products are considered the best lighters for a reason.

best petrol lighters

All models, without exception, undergo a thorough quality control on conveyors, andthe percentage of marriage is minimized. On sale you can find products made of pure copper, silver, gold and even titanium alloy. Naturally, the best lighters have a corresponding price. But exceptional quality never came cheap.

Zippo Product Features

Among the main advantages of Zippo products are the following:

  • designed wind protection;
  • design durability;
  • high ergonomic performance;
  • presence of a large number of collector's editions;
  • long manufacturer warranty.

Fusion and Armor series can be especially distinguished (see photo below). In the first case, each model depicts some wonder of the world, and in the second we have interesting engravings and / or inlays. The best lighters from Zippo are presented in a wide range, so there should be no problems with the purchase.

what are the best gas lighters

Collector's editions are considered more rare, but still they are available to a wide range of consumers. In this case, some original additions are added with an accompanying patent. This is a good lighter both as a gift and for your own use - to amuse your ego. The cost of collectible models starts at 2000 rubles.


This is an Austrian brand with product quality on par with the aforementioned Zippo. Products cannot be called cheap (about 6,000 rubles), but, judging by the reviews, they fully work out the funds invested in them. Lighters "Imco" -it's high quality, reliable and hassle-free operation in almost any environment.


The products of the brand will be a great gift for a business person and all those who appreciate the exceptional quality in every thing. Imco products do not often appear on the shelves of domestic specialized stores, so many people prefer to order their favorite models online.

The main advantages of Imco lighters:

  • no wheel contact with finger;
  • completely dust-proof housing;
  • cast construction without fasteners and screws;
  • keeps working in any conditions (heat, frost, water);
  • ease of maintenance (silicon replacement);
  • long burning;
  • concise design for business people.

Among other products of the brand, we can recommend the Triplex series, and in particular the IMCO TRIPLEX 6700 RB+LS model. This decision turned out to be very successful and widely demanded. In retail, the model costs about 5,000 rubles.

The lighter has a representative appearance, an attractive edging with an ornament and is distinguished by silent operation, as well as small dimensions. The model fits perfectly in a trouser pocket and does not stick out.

But you need to be careful here. Due to the popularity of this lighter, a huge number of fakes have divorced on the market. Moreover, a good half of the counterfeit costs almost as much as the original. In addition, it is visually very difficult to distinguish a real Imco from a fake. But after a couple of clicks of the flintit becomes clear where the fake is and where the original is.


The Ronson company produces the best gas lighters, which is confirmed by numerous positive reviews from consumers. The most successful users consider turbo models. They do not care about the wind, and as a mini-burner they will do just fine.

best gas lighters

Products from Ronson are not in vain considered the best lighters. The quality of performance here is at a very high level. Holding any brand model in your hand, you can’t say that this is another consumer goods for 10 rubles. Products from Ronson from the mid-price and premium sector are perfect as a gift.


When asked which gas lighters are the best, many will probably answer that these are products from the French brand BIC. Here we have almost the most meticulous OTK in production and a huge range of models. The latter differ both in appearance and in the "stuffing".

nice lighter as at

It is also worth noting that BIC produces the best lighters for gas stoves. They are compact, reliable and easy to maintain. But the manufacturer works mainly for the segment of smokers.

The brand does not release any collection models, but on sale you can find interesting and original options, which are also suitable as a gift. Separately, it is worth mentioning the fact that BIC products are very often counterfeited. In our stores you can find junk counterfeit, which is soldrubles for 15. While even the simplest original cannot cost less than 50 rubles.


Initially, the main production facilities were located in France, but then they were transferred to the Swedish company Swedish Match, which is responsible for today's Cricket lighters. The brand's conveyor was set up as it should, and the amount of rejects was reduced to almost zero.

Cricket lighter

Products appealed to users primarily due to their practicality and reliability. The design is made of high-quality thin plastic and has a high level of ergonomics. The case is well protected from direct sunlight, so Cricket lighters do not explode, unless, of course, they are specially heated.

Features of models

Due to the thin walls of the case, a decent amount of gas is placed in it. Most models for every day come in a one-time format, that is, without the possibility of refueling. Such lighters differ only in color and pattern, and the design itself remains unchanged.

Other and more expensive models can be filled as many times as you like. Separately, it is worth mentioning the women's lighters "Cricket". The latter are decorated with beautiful drawings, inlay and engraving are added, and each product comes with a nice velvet case. The cost of this pleasure starts at 2,500 rubles, while ordinary solutions cost no more than 50 rubles.

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