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The best kindergartens in Moscow
The best kindergartens in Moscow

Kindergarten is the first serious institution that a baby enters. There, for the first time, he will encounter a large number of new people, meet his first friends. Therefore, it is very important that the kindergarten is convenient for the family, and also meets all the strict educational and pedagogical requirements.

What to look for when choosing a kindergarten

Private kindergarten

Of course, the first thing parents pay attention to is the remoteness of the kindergarten from home. There are no problems with this in Moscow, because today there are enough preschool institutions, and, as a rule, there are several kindergartens in each microdistrict.

The next requirement is comfortable conditions. The kindergarten should be provided with high-quality hot meals, a comfortable sleeping area, a toilet and sinks. In addition, the premises must be heated and comply with all SanPiN standards.

The teaching staff is the third and very important point when choosing a kindergarten. Educators should be highly qualified specialists, complaints and claims against them and the management should be minimal, and,Better to be absent altogether. The territory of the kindergarten should be safe, ennobled, have a play and sports area. It should also be fenced and guarded.

The presence of a psychologist and a speech therapist is also an important condition. You can also view documentation available to parents about the childcare plan. All reports, audit results and compliance documents can also be viewed on the kindergarten website, if available. Or ask the administration.

Conditions for admitting a child to kindergarten

sports activities

Children under the age of seven are enrolled in kindergarten. It is important that on preferential terms this is only possible at the place of permanent or temporary registration.

Today, you can also put your child on the queue online, which becomes especially convenient for busy parents. Using the data of the passport of one of the parents and the birth certificate of the child, you can apply on the official website of the mayor of the city.

On the site you can choose three desired kindergartens in Moscow. As soon as there are free places in one of them, the kindergarten administration will immediately inform you about this. In addition, you can independently monitor the queue in your personal account on the city hall website.

You can also apply for a personal visit to the kindergarten. You need to have a photocopy of your passport, as well as a birth certificate. After the child is enrolled, it is necessary to go through a medical examination and provide a certificate of the child's he alth.

The best private kindergartens in Moscow

One ofkindergartens in Moscow

Private kindergartens are distinguished by a small number of children in the group, especially comfortable conditions and author's methods of education.

Language kindergartens in Moscow are especially popular. One of these is Italo Calvino. The main bias is in Italian. In addition to him, children study Russian, English and Spanish. This is a great option for those who are serious about the education of the child. A distinctive feature of the kindergarten is that most of the educators and teachers are native speakers.

Another interesting kindergarten in Moscow is called "Our children - our school". The author's technique cancels the quiet time, and children can relax or do something at their discretion. In addition, the institution has a friendly atmosphere, because the kindergarten is a family one.

cooperation school

Kindergarten "School of cooperation" also refers to the language. Communication with children here takes place in English. In addition, kindergarten teachers conduct classes aimed at developing creativity, logical thinking, design and scientific skills. The child receives all-round development.

State Kindergartens of Moscow

If there is no money or a need to go to a private kindergarten, you can choose a worthy institution among the public gardens in Moscow. At the moment, there are enough of them in the city, and parents have the opportunity to choose.

So, in the ranking of the bestKindergarten No. 1 can be attributed to public kindergartens in Moscow. The evaluation criterion includes conditions, years of existence, skill level and teaching experience, as well as parental feedback.

Kindergarten No. 47

Kindergarten "Dolphin" No. 47 is another worthy preschool institution with great experience and an impeccable reputation.

Kindergarten No. 3 in the Southwestern District can also be the best place for a child. Small groups and comfortable conditions, as well as high-quality educational services, are the strength of the preschool.

Kindergarten work and requirements for applicants

Happy children

Working in a kindergarten in Moscow always requires a special level of education. The first requirement for an applicant for the position of educator is the presence of a pedagogical education.

Also an important criterion is the length of service of the teacher. In addition, foreign language proficiency or experience in pilot programs, research activities, or publications in respected pedagogical publications will undoubtedly increase the chances of getting a job.

Since 2000, kindergartens in Moscow often conduct special professional testing, which is one of the selection stages. Testing is designed to identify the degree of qualification, stress resistance and professional suitability. Undoubtedly, in order to get a job in the garden of Moscow, you must have high professional and personal qualities.


You need to choose a kindergarten for your child carefully, becauseIt is on this that the process of socialization of the baby depends. However, based on logical and rational considerations, the choice should always take into account the preferences of the child.

Each kindergarten has a period of adaptation and acquaintance, so be sure to take this opportunity to introduce your child to the kindergarten and follow his reaction, because he will have to spend a lot of time in it.

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