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Kindergartens of Pskov. The best preschool organizations in the city

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Kindergartens of Pskov. The best preschool organizations in the city
Kindergartens of Pskov. The best preschool organizations in the city

For many parents, choosing a kindergarten is a real nightmare. "Will they offend him there, will the conditions be suitable, will enough attention be paid to the child?" - these and many other questions are constantly asked by parents. However, if you choose a good kindergarten, then all these worries will be in vain. Fortunately, the people of Pskov have the opportunity to choose.

The best public kindergartens in Pskov

According to the opinion of the townspeople, which they actively express on the city's website and in social networks, kindergartens in Pskov differ greatly from each other, both in conditions for children and in the size of groups.

However, kindergarten No. 41 was unanimously recognized as one of the best among such institutions.

It has all the conditions for a happy and harmonious development of the child. Firstly, spacious and warm game rooms, a dining room and a bedroom. Secondly, all classrooms and halls for children are equipped with the necessary modern equipment.

The staff of the kindergarten also inspires confidence among the residents of the city, so those who want to send their child to be brought up in thisestablishment quite a lot.

Combined Kindergarten No. 1 is also one of the best kindergartens in Pskov. It has everything you need for a child, from educational toys to a spacious and safe yard with a play area.

High-quality hot meals, attentive staff, classes with a teacher-psychologist and a speech therapist - that's what your child will get within the walls of this preschool.

Private gardens in the city

In addition to excellent public kindergartens, there are also good private options in the city of Pskov.

Kindergarten "Harmony"

For example, the children's center "Harmony". This kindergarten is designed for kids and has only two groups, from one to two and from two to three years. However, according to the leadership of the kindergarten, it is possible to recruit an older group, but only if there is such a demand.

The advantage of the kindergarten is that the groups include a small number of children, which means that each of them will be given the maximum amount of attention. The premises are equipped with everything necessary for the safe and interesting development of children, and classes are conducted by professional teachers, psychologists and speech therapists.

Kalinka Child Development Center

Private garden Pskov

Another kindergarten in Pskov is the Kalinka Children's Development Center. This is an amazing cozy place in the historical part of the city.

The ennobled area resembles a fairy forest. And in the building of the kindergarten, in addition to the games room and bedroom, there is an office forpsychologist, speech therapist, music room, assembly hall and sports room.

For their pupils, the leadership of the kindergarten organized the preparation of meals on the spot, so the children always receive high-quality tasty and he althy food.

Also here, children can learn new skills in various circles and in classes with teachers. The development of children is the main task of the kindergarten.

Working hours and contacts

Happy children

Information about all preschool organizations can be found on the city's website, as well as in social networks, where city activists are actively discussing kindergartens, in separate groups.

Addresses and phone numbers of kindergartens in Pskov can be found on the city website, personal websites of institutions and in the city administration. In addition, this information is freely available in the city directory.

The standard schedule for kindergartens in Pskov is usually from 7:20 to 18:00. However, this time needs to be clarified with each individual institution. It may differ in the case of private gardens.

In order for a child to develop fully, he needs a kindergarten. Here he makes his first friends, encounters the first difficulties in relationships with people. However, if parents choose the right preschool, the process will be easy and enjoyable.

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