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Marry a Chinese woman: features, legal justifications and interesting facts
Marry a Chinese woman: features, legal justifications and interesting facts

The marriage of a Chinese to a Russian girl no longer surprises anyone. Mixed families exist in large numbers both in China and in our country. But a rarity is a family formed from the marriage of a Russian guy to a Chinese girl. For some reason, Russian men are not very eager to marry a Chinese woman. Although in the modern world one cannot do without communication with representatives of this nationality.

Marriage with a girl from China

A Russian might want to marry a Chinese woman, having heard enough of friends' conversations, having seen enough news with the results of polls about which women are recognized as the sexiest. And these, it turns out, are girls from the Middle Kingdom. Although the result of the survey may be influenced by the opinion of Chinese men, who, according to statistics, are the majority on the globe.

marry a Chinese woman in Russia

A new fashion is developing among educated young Chinese women - to meet a foreigner, get married and go to live in his country. There is a version that for them the husbanda foreigner is a means of transportation around the globe. Although not the entire globe is in the interests of Chinese youth. She aspires to richer countries, such as the United States of America, Belgium, Germany. The opposite side - foreign guys - also often have a desire to ride to China. English teachers are in demand in this country, some companies offer jobs for managers, engineers, waiters, musicians.

Why are Chinese women getting married? Some nuances of legal grounds

should i marry a chinese woman

Russian youth, expanding their horizons and obeying the wind of change, also goes to work in China. And some, after getting to know this country, want to marry a Chinese woman. Maybe to stay in that country.

A foreigner may have various reasons that make him think about marrying a Chinese woman. These reasons include concessions in obtaining a residence permit. Because after five years of marriage, it's much easier to do that. That's what Chinese law says. In addition, some argue that Chinese women often marry foreigners solely for this reason. Relations with foreigners among young people have become a trend in China. Indeed, despite the fact that in their own country, due to historical circumstances, there is an overabundance of local suitors, Chinese women strive to get acquainted with citizens of other countries.

Why are Western men attracted?

Once, in 1983, the fact that a Chinese woman preferred a Western man to become her husband was said by alllocal press. It was a sensation. But this trend has been gradually developed, and now it is even more obvious. Women themselves call the reasons for the phenomenon confidence, attractiveness, a sense of humor, and the openness of Western suitors. Especially distinguished appearance - high growth and muscularity. Chinese girls do not take into account the fact that their own suitors are overabundant. And local men now have to put up with the fact that with the growing popularity of the country on the planet, their brides are taken away by foreigners.

Why marry a Chinese woman?

marry a chinese russian

Chinese men don't find it strange to ask if it's worth marrying a Chinese woman? Because they know for certain which of them are mothers and wives. The Chinese believe that their compatriots make excellent spouses, although very jealous. But this reason never becomes a reason for divorce. Chinese men sometimes go to great lengths to find a wife and not become an unhappy bachelor who will have to spend his life without children and the second half. And everyone wants their spouse to be perfect. Well, here's how lucky. It is said that it has become popular among Chinese grooms to turn to stylists and psychologists in the hope of changing and meeting the requirements of picky brides.

Men from China are sure that their women have many virtues. The list of reasons to marry a Chinese woman is also long for foreigners. Those who often visit the Celestial Empire know that you will not get bored with Chinese women. For them, the priority is an active life, they are curious and entertaining.With them you will be happy to travel around China, see local sights, go to a restaurant, attend a concert. Chinese women are passionate partners. They subsequently become caring spouses and mothers in family relationships. A foreigner who has a partnership with a Chinese woman willy-nilly has to learn Chinese. But if a foreigner works at a local enterprise, this will definitely come in handy for him. And a Chinese wife is a very good assistant in learning the local dialect. True, her scrupulousness makes her correct every speech mistake of her husband. It may be that this annoys someone. And those who decide to link their careers with China benefit.

I want to marry a Chinese woman

Features of girls from this country

A Russian man who has been living in China for ten years, sharing his experience, speaks not only about the visible positive aspects of family relations in Chinese families. The negative side is associated with the fact that there are much more Chinese grooms than Chinese brides. Therefore, local men have to meet the requirements and whims of their wives. Marrying a Chinese woman to a foreigner and continuing to live in China means accepting the customs and traditions of the local idea of ​​a family. A Russian man usually rarely adapts to the requirements of a woman. In Russian families, mutual respect and equality or the priority of a man most often reign. In China, it's the other way around. On the streets of large Chinese cities, you can often see couples quarreling. And it is women who will hysteria in front of others. Although Chinese women also oftencomplain that their husbands make them crawl before them.

Families in China have strong inter-clan ties. All family members, even those living far from each other, do not lose their ties and actively participate in the affairs of the others.

There was a time when even conversations and simple meetings of Chinese girls with foreigners were not welcome. Now no one will be surprised to learn about the marriage of a neighbor's girl with a foreigner. The girls here have become liberated. Many of them are well educated, striving for personal freedom and career growth, gender equality and independence. But family values ​​still remain a priority for them, despite the ways they can see if they leave China.

marry a chinese woman in china

Russian men, despite the fact that it is quite difficult to meet and marry a Chinese woman in Russia, sometimes they lose their heads and do it. Do they always realize the correctness of this act, are they always subsequently happy and satisfied with their relationship with their chosen one? In order to avoid negativity and dissatisfaction after marriage, you should, before starting family relationships, figure out what values ​​and cultural national traditions your chosen one will have to live with.

Someone will like that the girl was brought up in traditions focused on a strong family, shy, picky, modest. But who knows, maybe it's all just at first glance. Although, perhaps, passion and looseness will prevail, and perhapsthe fruits of this passion will simply force you to marry a Chinese woman. The consequences can be good too. Because Chinese women know how to take care of their husband and children, maintain comfort and cleanliness in the house, and recognize the primacy of the husband. But for this, as in any family, an appropriate atmosphere must be created and conditions must be met to maintain calm and restraint.

how to marry a chinese woman

Why does divorce happen?

The consequences may not be so rosy. Others may get the impression that before going to the registry office, now the spouses who hate each other were completely unfamiliar. The basis of unsuccessful unions is the difference in age, and the lack of one's own place of residence, and ignorance of the habits and characteristics of the character of the chosen one. A man may find out after marriage that his Chinese chosen one is convinced that she was born a princess, and requires an appropriate attitude towards herself. Although, as they say, women of any nationality can bring such surprises!

What has changed in modern girls from China?

If a man says: "I want to marry a Chinese woman", then he must understand that today's girls are now emancipated. The time has long passed when European guys only knew about Asian women that they are not obstinate and are ready to fulfill all men's whims. This idea has developed as a result of thousands of years of Chinese family traditions.

But in the middle of the twentieth century everything changed. Traditional Chinese values ​​during the years of Maoism were declared remnants. Chinesewomen began to take an active part in the restructuring of social relations. There was nothing left of the image of a fragile, barely moving on mutilated small feet (such was the idea of ​​the beauty of the female body) of the lady.

Interesting facts

marry a Chinese woman

But not everything in the behavior of Chinese women has changed. For example, the habit, passed down from mothers and grandmothers, is to cover the mouth open when smiling so that teeth cannot be seen. For many centuries, a girl who did not do this was considered ill-mannered. From the traditions absorbed from childhood, the Chinese women still have a reluctance to free intimate places from hair. It is believed that the presence of pubic and armpit hair once indicated to a Chinese groom that his bride, whom he indicated, was sexually mature.


Chinese women have enough eccentricities, however, like women of other nations. But before you marry a Chinese woman, and then maintain calm family relationships and raise full-fledged children, you still need to find out everything about them. And happy marriages are not a fairy tale, they happen too.

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