To what age do Yorkies grow: features of the breed, standards and interesting facts

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To what age do Yorkies grow: features of the breed, standards and interesting facts
To what age do Yorkies grow: features of the breed, standards and interesting facts

Video: To what age do Yorkies grow: features of the breed, standards and interesting facts

Video: To what age do Yorkies grow: features of the breed, standards and interesting facts
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Yorkshire terriers today belong to the class of elite dogs. By getting a dog of this breed, a person automatically receives not only a faithful companion, but also a devoted, cheerful friend for the rest of his life. How old Yorkies grow up to, what they eat and how to care for them - potential breeders of babies have to find out about all this in order to provide them with a decent and comfortable existence.

A Brief History of the Yorkshire Terrier Breed

The first representatives of Yorkies appeared in the North of England, in the counties of Yorkshire and Lancashire. It is these lands that are the birthplace of the closest ancestors of the kids - the Waterside Terriers. Small dogs with beautiful long hair of an unusual gray-blue color were loved by Scottish workers, who at the end of the 18th century transported their pets to the western lands. Thus began the history of Yorkshire Terriers.

Place for Yorkshire Terrier
Place for Yorkshire Terrier

Initially, dogs were intended for poor people. At that time, the mosthunting was a popular pastime, which only we althy citizens could afford. Poorer people, wanting to get rid of rats and other small rodents, were forced to start small hunters.

The official recognition of the Yorkshire Terrier breed took place in 1886. The English Kennel Club began to carefully study the dogs and write down their features in the studbook.

During the Second World War, the breeding of Yorkies was temporarily suspended. In the future, experienced cynologists were engaged in the restoration of livestock. The breed began to spread throughout the world. The first terriers came to Russia in 1970.

Description of the breed

It doesn't really matter how old Yorkies grow. The weight of an adult in any case will be about 3 kg.

Dogs have a round small head, a long narrowed muzzle and crafty eyes of medium size. According to the standard, Yorkies have high-set small ears, a compact torso with straight parallel legs. The tail is slightly curled and set just above the back.

Yorkie puppy
Yorkie puppy

Dog hair is straight, silky, without undercoat. Yorkies are one of the few dogs with human-like hairline.

Pros and Cons of Yorkies

Miniature dogs are very good companions when traveling and attending various events. They fit very compactly in a handbag and, due to their rather flexible nature, can withstand almost all the hardships of carrying. However, to get a Yorkshire Terrier,it is necessary to familiarize yourself with the advantages and disadvantages of the breed. Not the last in the choice is information to what age York puppies grow.

So, the obvious advantages of dogs include:

  • Dogs take up little space, they can even be carried in the cabin.
  • Almost all Yorkies (especially girls) get along well with other dogs.
  • In case of bad weather or other reasons, the Yorkshire Terrier can relieve itself on a diaper or a washcloth.
  • With a fairly high cost, dogs require relatively little in terms of food and treatment.
  • Yorkie is very suitable for allergy sufferers, as they have no undercoat at all and hair is similar in structure to a human.

Of course, like their other relatives, terriers also have some disadvantages:

  • Dogs have a well-developed hunting instinct, thanks to which Yorkies can chase squirrels or cats.
  • An active dog is not suitable for calm or elderly people.
  • Boys of this breed are more abundant than other dogs, marking territory.
  • Beautiful coat requires careful and frequent care.

Types of Yorkshire Terriers

The breed of decorative dogs consists of several types:

  • Regular Yorkshire Terrier - dogs weighing from 2.5 to 3.2 kg. Straight flowing coat is parted along the entire length of the back. Despite its miniature size, the dog is quite strong and hardy.
  • Mini-York (or baby-face) - a smaller copy of the usual Yorkshireterrier. Until what age do mini-yorkies grow? They mature just like their normal counterparts.
  • Beaver-York is a dog whose distinguishing feature is a two-tone coat. Usually it is black and white or white and silver. The size of the dog is the same as that of a regular Yorkie.
beaver york
beaver york

For all breeds, there is the same standard for how old Yorkies grow.

Stages of dog development

The first stage in the development of puppies is from birth to seven weeks. During this period, puppies grow rapidly and can become twice as heavy in weight in a few weeks. At three weeks, babies begin to see and move independently.

2 - 12 months - the next stage of offspring development. Dogs weigh about a kilogram and are considered teenagers. It is at this stage, given the formation of their character and habits, that you need to start training the dogs.

Yorkshire toy terrier
Yorkshire toy terrier

1 - 8 years is the third phase of a pet's life. Dogs are considered adults, this determines at what age Yorkies stop growing. Until the age of four, terriers are considered young. But they only grow up to 2 years.

At the fourth stage - from the age of eight to the end, the dog is considered elderly. The pet becomes less active, sleeps more. Yorkshire Terriers are considered long-lived. There were times when dogs lived to be 15-20 years old.

Feeding and caring for the Yorkie

Food for Yorkies is practically no different from the food for other small decorative dogs. As for natural food,it is necessary that the pet's diet is rich in vitamins and nutrients. To maintain good quality wool, ground flax seeds and a little sulfur powder can be added to the main food. Flax will make your pet's coat shiny and silky, and sulfur will prevent hair loss.

York care involves the acquisition of things necessary for the comfortable existence of the dog. The "dowry" of the pet should include a bed, at least two bowls, a leash and a collar (or harness), toys. For convenience, you can purchase a special toilet tray and several diapers.

How to care for a Yorkie
How to care for a Yorkie

Wool, the main asset of dogs, must be well-groomed. For this Yorkie, it is necessary to comb at least once a day, wash with special shampoos and take the dog to the groomer salon for cutting and nail treatment.

It doesn't matter what age Yorkies girls and boys grow up to. The main thing is how they feel in the house of a caring owner.

How are things with children?

You can safely start a Yorkie in a family with small children. A non-conflict dog gets along well in any team. The only condition is a preliminary conversation with the child in order to explain the fragility of the future pet.

Yorkshire terrier and children
Yorkshire terrier and children

The second condition for acquiring a terrier in a family with children is the responsible attitude of the latter to the dog. Living with a miniature quivering creature that requires care and training will be a good method of instilling discipline and responsibility in a child. And no matter how old they growyorkies. They always remain small members of the family.

Interesting facts about the breed

Funny stories happen all the time with Yorkshire Terriers. The reason for this may be the natural restlessness and courage of little heroes.

So, a little dog named Smokey during the Second World War bravely fought with his owner Bill Wynn. Until what age the York boy grew up is not known for certain. But thanks to a brave heart, the pet was immortalized in a monument.

Yorkie feeding
Yorkie feeding

Another testament to the pet's courage is the rescue of his master by a baby from a bear. When the man, walking with his pet, approached the landfill, he found there a predator rummaging through the waste. The animal was very aggressive and attacked the man. But the faithful pet contrived and bit the bear by the heel, which distracted him from the owner. Fortunately, both the owner and the little hero managed to escape.

York puppies have much darker coats than adults. Over time, dogs brighten.

Yorkshire Terriers entered the Guinness Book of Records as the smallest dogs. The smallest dog weighed only 113.4 grams. The age to which Yorkies grow up has absolutely nothing to do with it. In many cases, the leading role is given to the method of nutrition and the characteristics of the dog's body.