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Italian wedding dresses are the best choice

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Italian wedding dresses are the best choice
Italian wedding dresses are the best choice

Italy is a country of style and high fashion, its sunny landscapes inspire designers to create real masterpieces. How to look the most beautiful at your own wedding? There is nothing easier, you just need to choose an Italian style wedding dress. No one will remain indifferent.


Italians are a unique nation. Shoes, furniture or clothes - the masters of the sunny country approach all this with great responsibility. Everything that is done by them is obviously of high quality, elegant and stylish. This is an inviolable rule of the producers of this country.

Fashion designers like Giorgio Armani and Valentino came to the celebrity podium also from Italy. Fashionistas dream of replenishing their wardrobe with products produced by these brands.

Classic wedding dress

Italian wedding dresses are a symbiosis of comfort and beauty. They do not shrink, do not interfere with movement. The outfits are created taking into account the structural features of the female body. The bride in such a dress feels light and free.


The characteristic features of the Italian style include claritysilhouette, gradually expanding downwards. Dresses emphasize the figure of the bride, hips, chest and waist, bringing the shape closer to the "hourglass". Most often, this style is called "mermaid" or "fish". Italian wedding dresses successfully combine natural feminine beauty and passion. Exquisite cut, charm and attractive design - all this is an integral part of them. Romantic and feminine, they give the bride the image of a passionate girl, covered with naivety.

Italian wedding dress with train

The purpose of purchasing any wedding dress from Italian brands is to emphasize the curves of the body so that they are seductive and gentle at the same time. Dresses sit perfectly, they do not have extra flounces or gathers, creases or folds. Everything should be in moderation.

There are other characteristics of Italian wedding dresses - even the most elaborate ones have simple lines and a clear silhouette. Simple beauty, grace and elegance are the secret of success for many fashion designers. Italian dresses have never been and never will be vulgar, defiant or depraved, but they will always be sexy. This effect is achieved using stretchy fabric that emphasizes the curves of the female body.


The variety of colors of dresses from Italian designers is amazing. Almost the entire spectrum of colors is present. But, following the traditions and customs, fashion designers distinguish only four main shades:

  • White. Yes, this is a classic of the genre, but it will never go out of style. White symbolizes the purity and innocence of the bride. He is the most sought aftercreating Italian wedding dresses.
  • Delicate green shade. The color of young grass, spring. Associated with the beginning of something new, freshness and youth. Often dresses of this color are purchased by young brides.
  • Beige. Delicate and feminine color, successfully emphasizing the fragility of the bride. Dresses of a beige shade are most often purchased by those brides who absolutely do not go white.
  • Red. Italians are very passionate natures, and there is nothing strange in the fact that red has become their companion even at a wedding. It is the bright shades of this color that can emphasize the hot temperament of the bride.
Photoshoot with wedding dresses of fashionable Italian brands

Italian traditions

Women themselves in Italy prefer dresses in a strict but sophisticated style. A very clear understanding of the length of the dress exists in the culture of this country. The bride should not go out to the guests in a short dress - this is a disrespect for traditions. The length of the product to the knee is the generally accepted minimum, the maximum can reach the floor. Trains and veils are welcome.

For a dress for one, albeit important, day, the products of Italian designers are not cheap. But it's worth it. This day is the most important in a woman's life. And if she is in a similar wedding dress, then nothing can overshadow him.

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