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Chic wedding dresses "Pronovias" - the choice of elegant brides

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Chic wedding dresses "Pronovias" - the choice of elegant brides
Chic wedding dresses "Pronovias" - the choice of elegant brides

Pronovias wedding dresses are a real luxury in the world of wedding dresses. Each piece is unique and has its own character. This is a unique union of fashion trends, elegance, restraint. A timeless classic.

pronovias wedding dresses
pronovias wedding dresses

Brand story

The Pronovias wedding house began its activity in Barcelona in 1922, selling luxury lace, hand embroidery and silk. It all started with one small shop called El Suiso. The family company Pronovias Fashion Group has developed into one of the largest Spanish bridal fashion houses.

In 1964, Spanish wedding dresses appeared on the show in Barcelona and made a splash. For the first time, collections of ready-to-wear wedding dresses (finished products) were presented at the event. Pronovias wedding dresses were characterized by simplicity and sophistication. The curiosity was the almost complete lack of decor and strict lines. With all this, the brides looked sophisticated and elegant in them.

spanish wedding dresses
spanish wedding dresses

In 42009, there was a breakthrough in the world of wedding products: the first salons of ready-made wedding dresses were opened in Spain. Until now, wedding dresses were made to order only.

World-wide fame for the company was brought by cooperation with such eminent designers:

• Elie Saab.

• Miguel Palacio.

• Lydia Delgano.

In 2014, the brand's fiftieth anniversary was celebrated in a fabulous way. The exhibition "50 Love Stories" was organized. It featured 50 pieces of wedding dresses, usually by famous owners. A sign placed next to it spoke about who the outfit belonged to.

Pronovias wedding dresses are made from quality materials:

  • taffeta;
  • organza;
  • guipure.

A common tandem - delicate and exquisite lace and dense Spanish tulle.

Designers of the wedding house "Pronovias" work in several directions and produce collections:

  • Fashion - dresses in a minimalist style. Strict straight lines can be traced in the outfits.
  • Ball Gowns are a classic for brides who want to look elegant.
  • Glamour - for ladies who follow fashion trends and dream of a luxurious outfit.
  • Costura - unique author's models of dresses.
  • Dreams - delicate and romantic wedding dresses for dreamy brides.
pronovias wedding dresses prices
pronovias wedding dresses prices

Pronovias (wedding dresses): magic outfit prices

Spanish luxury wedding dressesbrands created by talented famous designers. Products of this level cannot be cheap. Nevertheless, among them you can find models focused on a buyer with an average income. The minimum cost of a wedding dress from the brand is 1000 euros.

Celebrities choose Pronovias

Pronovias wedding dresses are now sold in 75 countries around the world. Wedding dresses from the Spanish brand are increasingly chosen by celebrities. On the wedding day of handball player Yegor Evdokimov and world volleyball champion Lesya Makhno, the bride wore a wedding dress from Pronovias. A bustier dress with a lush bottom emphasized the graceful figure of the athlete. Among domestic celebrities in a dress from the Spanish brand, screen star Anna Nevskaya, singer Maria Sobko, Anna Snatkina got married.

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