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When is Builder's Day and where did this holiday come from?

When is Builder's Day and where did this holiday come from?
When is Builder's Day and where did this holiday come from?

Do you know when the Builder's Day is celebrated in our country and where did the tradition of celebrating it come from? Then read on.

Where does the tradition come from?

The tradition originated in Soviet Russia - in 1956, on August 12, the Builder's Day was celebrated for the first time. The innovation appeared after a decree of the Presidium of the Supreme Soviet of the USSR "On the establishment of the annual holiday "Builder's Day"" was issued a year earlier. From that moment on, the celebration, which was held regularly, began to acquire traditions.

When is the builder's day

For example, every time the Builder's Day was celebrated, it was customary to hand over various construction projects by this date, especially for large orders. For example, they rented out houses in entire microdistricts or large stadiums, objects with the status of socially significant.

Celebrating the professional holiday of builders has become a necessity in Soviet Russia. After all, it was not just a lot to build: it was then that the most grandiose objects appeared, thanks to which our life has now become much easier. Of course, no one argues that now builders do no less work, but in those days they did not have such "smart" equipment asnow.

When do we celebrate?

In our time, not every builder can immediately answer when the Builder's Day is celebrated this time. The fact is that now the holiday is not fixed to a specific date, because the celebration falls on different numbers each time. We can say that at the moment the Builder's Day in Russia is tied to a specific day of the week.

It is still celebrated annually, and they do it in August. Every second Sunday of this month is an occasion for builders to get together and remember their achievements. And also to award the best of the best - this tradition also came from Soviet times, when the Builder's Day was a truly national celebration.

Builder's day number

The holiday, by the way, in our country in 2011 was recognized as a federal holiday, as you can see, it has not lost its significance. No wonder, now in the Russian Federation there are about 1000 large construction organizations that can provide a wide variety of services.

It is estimated that in 2012 about 65 ml m2 of housing were commissioned, and this is neither more nor less - almost 800 thousand apartments. And this figure was a record for the time during which the Russian Federation has existed. And the Krasnodar Territory and the Chechen Republic became the leaders in housing commissioning in 2012.

Without builders anywhere

In 2014 Russians will again celebrate the Builder's Day. The date on which the holiday falls this time is August 10th. It will be celebrated widely as always. Absolutely everyone respects this celebration, fromordinary citizens and ending with the highest ranks.

Builder's Day in Russia

Now it is the construction industry that is one of the most important in the system of the Russian economy. Not only that, thanks to its existence, many people have jobs, but also the production of building materials is actively developing. If we calculate how much money construction and related areas bring to the budget of our country, then the figure will be almost a third of the total GDP.

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