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Why do children often get sick in kindergarten? What to do if the child is often sick?

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Why do children often get sick in kindergarten? What to do if the child is often sick?
Why do children often get sick in kindergarten? What to do if the child is often sick?

Many parents are faced with the problem of sickness in their children. Especially after the child is given to institutions. Why does a child often get sick in kindergarten? This is a very common question.

children often get sick in kindergarten

This prospect is especially frightening for working mothers, for whom sending a child to an institution is not just a concern for his socialization, but also an urgent need. After all, not every boss is able to calmly endure the constant absences and sick leave of his employee. That is why the questions: “Why do children often get sick in kindergarten? What to do and what precautions to take? - always up to date.

General information

The fact is that when brought up at home, a child comes into contact only with those bacteria that he has at home. And he only gets sickif his immune system is weak. This can happen for various reasons. Today the question is: “Why do children often get sick in kindergarten?” - remains open. And the problem is often not in the kindergartens themselves.

In kindergartens, the viral environment is much more aggressive and harsh than at home. In addition, varieties of bacteria and viruses are updated regularly. New children are coming, and those that were before have been somewhere and brought new bacteria with them.

children often get sick in kindergarten

However, it must be said that children who are ill with something serious, most likely, will not be able to come to kindergarten. Therefore, only respiratory diseases remain. These are the ones your child may pick up during regular communication with peers in preschool.

When should I start socializing?

In the last century, the practice was widespread when children were sent to kindergarten at the age of three months. Mothers returned to their jobs almost immediately after giving birth. Today, of course, hardly anyone agrees to this. But this practice was not without meaning.

What to do if children often get sick in kindergarten? What to do if the difference between the bacterial environment at home and kindergarten is very large? The answer is quite simple: the child must be sent to kindergarten at a certain age. Either after he reaches three months, when he is not yet sufficiently accustomed to the home environment and can successfully resist any other, or after four years, whenimmunity is well formed, and the child can cope with the aggressive environment that has fallen on him.

a child often gets sick in kindergarten

When should parents start worrying?

If you are wondering if your child is in the category of children who are constantly sick, then you need to know: if the baby gets sick more than twelve times a year, this can be considered a dangerous symptom. Also, if you notice that a child often gets sick in kindergarten, then you need to carefully monitor the course of his illness.

With a constant exacerbation of viral infections and colds, the child's recovery period increases. If earlier the baby recovered in seven days, now he needs fourteen days or more to fully recover. In addition, the constant use of antibiotics can affect the body's immune system and overall he alth.

The danger of this situation is also that the child may develop a number of complications or chronic diseases. In particular, chronic bronchitis.

Psychological reasons

Children in kindergarten who can be called vulnerable often get sick. After all, the state of the immune system to a large extent depends on the emotional mood of the child. People who are most stressed are more likely to get sick. A child who is constantly frustrated cannot defend himself properly against illness and becomes an excellent bait for viruses and microbes.

Why do children often get sick in kindergarten?

If your kids go to kindergarten andparting with you is torture and torment, then you should not be surprised that your children often get sick in kindergarten. Psychosomatics may be involved here. This teaching, which stands on the verge of psychology and medicine, should not be taken lightly. It is in this direction that one sometimes needs to look for answers to the question: “Why do children often get sick in kindergarten and how to prevent their frequent illness?”

Beware of worms

A fairly common cause of frequent illnesses in a child can be helminthic invasion. This disease is common in almost all children. And in kindergarten there is a high probability of having "neighbors in the body." Because if a child does not wash his hands a couple of times after using the toilet or before eating, parasites can already choose his body as quite suitable for their existence.

Hence the answer to the question of why a child often gets sick in kindergarten. Worms can not only poison the body with the products of their own vital activity, but also directly harm the integrity of the internal organs of a person.

What to do?

After it became clear why a child often gets sick in kindergarten, "What should I do?" – the question is quite simple.

The easiest way to avoid getting sick often is to keep your child he althy. It is completely contraindicated to wrap him in wadded blankets and protect him from any drafts in every possible way. In this way, you will not strengthen your child's immune system, but quite the opposite. By turning a child into a "houseplant", you run the risk of having the opposite effect - any"sneeze" will knock him down on the spot.

The child needs to be tempered, often played with him in the fresh air and exercise. The aspect of proper nutrition is also very important for improving immunity. If a child does not receive his dose of vitamins and trace elements, then what kind of he althy immunity can we talk about?

Besides, teach your baby to personal hygiene. Tell him what is the danger of worms for his body and that children who do not follow the basic rules often get sick in kindergarten. Explain what is needed:

  • Wash your hands before eating.
  • Wash your hands after using the toilet.
  • Wash fruits and vegetables before eating.
  • Use only your own personal towel.
Why do children often get sick in kindergarten?

Hardening methods

Children who are not prepared to stay in an aggressive bacterial environment often get sick in kindergarten. As mentioned above, this may be the result of a lack of hardening and an unfavorable emotional background.

The essence of hardening is that when performing procedures, there is an alternate expansion and contraction of blood vessels. These exercises keep in shape not only the vessels themselves, but also the natural mechanisms responsible for the flow of these processes.

Exposure to factors such as cold and hot water, fresh air and sunlight contributes to the hardening of the child's body. If you often get sick children in kindergarten, then at home you need to constantly work with them.

Correcthardening occurs gradually, continuously and systematically. Only with continuous maintenance in good shape of all body systems, we can talk about any positive effect. If you abandon the procedures, then the body will no longer be as strong as during hardening. "In reserve", unfortunately, it is impossible to improve your he alth.

The gradual increase in the action of irritants enhances the beneficial effect of hardening.

The list of basic procedures that can be carried out with a child of almost any age includes the following activities:

  • Air baths.
  • Sunbathing.
  • Water treatments.
  • Proper nutrition.
  • Balanced physical activity.
why a child often gets sick in kindergarten what to do

It should be noted that if you follow all the hardening rules, you will soon forget that you used to complain that children often get sick in kindergarten. The need for a constant supply of fresh air is explained by the fact that young children need twice as much oxygen as adults. This is due to the fact that the body of the child is not fully formed. Consequently, the blood runs through the full circle of blood circulation much faster, the oxygen exchange in the tissues is also accelerated. That is, the amount of oxygen consumed is much higher.

Helpful tips

If a child often gets sick in kindergarten, pay attention to his emotional state. It does not happen that a child is upset because he is ill. It happensjust the opposite: the baby got sick because he was upset, and his immune system weakened.

Very often the reason why children often get sick in kindergarten lies in the fact that they simply do not want to go there and be separated from their parents for a long time. It is important to identify such a simulation in time and stop it in the bud. See if your child has a good relationship with all the guys in the garden, if he gets along with the teachers and nannies, if there are any emotional frictions in the team as a whole.

why children often get sick in kindergarten what to do


Knowing and following all the basic rules and recommendations of children's specialists, parents will forget about the problem and will be able to fully enjoy the success of their children. After all, it is very useful for a child to be in a team, in the company of his peers. There they get to know the world, learn to communicate and get the first and invaluable experience that will definitely come in handy in adulthood.

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