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Is it easy for a child to get to kindergarten in Vladivostok

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Is it easy for a child to get to kindergarten in Vladivostok
Is it easy for a child to get to kindergarten in Vladivostok

Kindergartens as a form of childcare have become a part of human life over the past century. Perhaps the need for them will remain forever. At the moment, their number is clearly not enough in all cities and towns of the Russian Federation. The issue is especially acute in relation to the device for babies under 3 years old.

Where is my garden?

Is there a choice?

Municipal kindergartens in Vladivostok still cannot meet the urgent need of the population to place a child under the careful supervision of a teacher. The most complete catalog of private nurseries and kindergartens consists of 23 items. Some of them are still open. But the cost of services of private and municipal institutions differs significantly.

How much to pay?

If the monthly payment of a private kindergarten starts from about 17 thousand rubles, then an ordinary kindergarten in Vladivostok will ask for 2304 rubles of official payment (compared to other regions, this is very cheap) and 5 thousand for additional expenses.In addition, federal legislation has secured the right to free access to such institutions for children with disabilities, orphans and abandoned children.

Therefore, smart and prudent parents, immediately after discharge from the hospital or registration of guardianship or adoption, go to take a turn in a preschool institution. In this case, getting a ticket to kindergarten is almost guaranteed when the child reaches the age of 3.

How is the queue going?

Every autumn, the number of places in the queue changes due to the departure of older groups to school. At the beginning of the year, the number is also recalculated due to the possible commissioning of new preschool buildings. A site has already been allocated for the construction of a two-story garden at Makovsky, 157A.

A shift in the queue is also possible due to the move of the waiting list to another city or a protracted and serious illness of a child attending a kindergarten. Therefore, it is recommended to regularly learn about the current state of affairs.

Now it's quite easy to find out the queue number for kindergarten in Vladivostok:

  1. Enter the local or federal portal "Gosuslugi".
  2. Go to "Education", "Preschool".
  3. Open "Record" (transfer) to kindergarten.
  4. Press "View Queue".
  5. Enter phone number or email, password, signature.
  6. Enter full name.
  7. Name the date of birth of the child.
  8. Indicate birth certificate.
  9. Only the parent who entered the queue can watch the queue.

The formation of groups of municipal preschool educational institutions (MDOU) takes place from May 14 to July 1. At other times, small changes in the configuration are possible due to the turnover of children. It is difficult to understand how a child who was only put on the waiting list at the age of three can seep into the kindergarten, since until the age of seven children usually stay in the kindergarten of their hometown.

A ticket to a kindergarten in Vladivostok can be obtained at a consultation center in your district:

  • on the administration website;
  • on the advice center notice board;
  • in newspapers and on TV.

Need to provide:

  • your passport;
  • certificate of registration of the child (former registration);
  • his birth certificate;
  • original and copy of the document certifying the priority right to the seat.

Documents for special populations

Depending on the reason that determines the right to a benefit in kindergartens in Vladivostok, the documents listed in one of the following paragraphs are provided.

  1. Original and copy of Chernobyl certificate.
  2. Original and copy of the document on large families.
  3. Certificate of family composition with dates of birth and indication of the form of kinship, a certificate from the social security service confirming registration as in need of financial assistance.
  4. Certificate from a university, technical school or vocational school, student card, record book (for student mothers).
  5. Certificate of a police officer of the Russian Federation.
  6. Certificate from the personnel department on military service,passport or military ID.
  7. Original and copy of certificate of disability of parent or child.
  8. Original and certified copy of guardianship document.
  9. Original and copy of adoption document.
  10. Certificate of work in court, prosecutor's office, UK.
  11. Together, food tastes better

Within 10 working days from the date of receipt, the ticket must be registered at the appropriate kindergarten.

Where to stop?

Some parents who choose an institution for their child without looking at the price, but wanting to find the best option for the early development of the baby, cannot understand where they should strive. Reviews of kindergartens in Vladivostok are full of thanks and enthusiasm.

Kindergarten "Aistenok"

It should be noted that state preschool educational institutions continue to work according to educational schemes developed back in the Soviet Union. Of course, they are time-tested, but if they were impeccable, no one would be looking for new approaches in education and upbringing. Private kindergartens in Vladivostok are just accepting new world methods, trying to give their institutions an original color.

It's hard to determine which institution's personality trait will lead a child to success, but the breadth of choice is good. And the most productive at all times is the method that encourages tireless work, develops understanding, because without effort nothing will work.

If you see that teachers are tolerant and energetic, able to resolve conflicts without pressure on children, explaining to them what"good" and what is "bad", then you should stop looking for a suitable place for your baby.

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