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How to punish a dog for disobedience: training rules, maintaining authority, types of punishment and recommendations from dog handlers

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How to punish a dog for disobedience: training rules, maintaining authority, types of punishment and recommendations from dog handlers
How to punish a dog for disobedience: training rules, maintaining authority, types of punishment and recommendations from dog handlers

Any educational process consists not only of rewards, but also of punishments - a negative assessment of bad behavior and measures to prevent it. In the process of training a dog, punishment has to be used quite often, since it is impossible for an animal to explain in words or an example how to do it and how not. How to punish a dog for disobedience so that he understands his guilt?

Training or education

These two concepts are completely different, they should not be confused. Education is the inculcation of manners and the correction of behavior that we instill in the animal every day and want to see them throughout his life. Training is memorizing commands that may not even be useful in everyday situations.

Dog training begins at the age of 3-4 months, when the puppy is already able to concentrate and begins to be interested in the outside world. But the upbringing of a pet begins at the moment when heappears in your house. In this case, you do not need to wait four months, since by this time it can be difficult to change the dog's habits.

how to punish a dog for disobedience

Don't know how to punish a dog for disobedience? Remember, timely and correct punishment is not a humiliation or infringement of the rights of the animal, as some owners think. A dog that has lowered its head or gone to the side is not offended; this behavior indicates that it understood and realized its guilt. The main role is yours.

Is it possible to punish a pet

In the educational process, encouragement should be alternated with punishment for various misconduct and pranks. If everything is clear with encouragement, then things are more complicated with punishment. How to punish a dog for disobedience, so as not to spoil the relationship between it and the owner? How to make your four-legged friend not be afraid of you, but, on the contrary, perceive you as the leader of the pack and a friend?

There are two opinions on this:

  1. Some believe that it is impossible to punish a dog in any case, this is very bad.
  2. Others, on the contrary, claim that this is the only way to rein in the fidget.

Experts have their own opinion on this matter - it is necessary to find a middle ground so as not to spoil the pet, but also not to make him a bully.

Fair and timely punishment is not an infringement of dog rights, but everyday educational work, a kind of establishment of a hierarchy between him and the owner.

how to punish a dog for disobedience

Punishment time

In answering the question of how to punish a dog for disobedience, the main thing is timeliness. This should only be done if you caught your pet at the crime scene.

Many owners make a serious mistake by scolding a dog some time after the offense has been committed. In a situation where you returned home, saw scattered things and tattered shoes, do not rush to get angry, but just take a deep breath and try to calm down.

If you start scolding an animal for something done hours and even minutes ago, it won't understand. By this time, the dog will have forgotten that he did something bad, and the punishment will not bring any result.

Learn the golden rule - you can apply educational measures to an animal only in the process of performing an action. Caught the moment when the pet gnaws on the sofa? Punish immediately! Has it been a few minutes or hours? Calm down and meditate, no need to swear, it will only scare him.

Dogs have a short memory, they don't remember what was done five minutes ago.

how to punish a dog

The basic principle is consistency

In matters of upbringing, the owner needs to be consistent. For example, an animal stole a piece of meat from the table, for which he received a reprimand. And the next time she wants to do the same, and you are in a good mood and decided not to pay attention, this is not the way to do it.

If it is forbidden to carry food from the table in your house, then for this offensepunishment should always follow, regardless of whether the owner's mood is good or bad. For the same act and retribution should be the same, without exception.

The owner of a four-legged friend should not be touched by compassionate looks, otherwise the pet simply will not understand what can and cannot be done.

Methods of punishment

Don't know how to properly punish a dog for disobedience? The easiest and most correct way is verbal discontent, that is, the owner reprimands the animal. During the conversation, you can not raise your voice and shout, this can provoke an aggressive state of the pet.

Master needs to stay calm. It is necessary to call the dog by name with a calm expression on his face, bend down, look directly into his eyes and start a conversation in a strict voice that he is doing wrong and that this cannot be done. In a conversation, it is recommended to use the words “no” and “fu”. In no case should you wave your hands in front of the muzzle of the animal.

How can you punish a dog for disobedience? Minor offenses should be punished minimally. The prankster should be scolded and his attempts to communicate should not be answered for several hours.

dog punishment for disobedience

If necessary, a slight physical impact is allowed, but only if the animal does not perceive words. For this purpose, use a newspaper or paper rolled into a tube. But do not swing in front of the muzzle, the dog may bite.

Answering the question of how to punish a dog fordisobedience on the street and at home, do not forget about water educational measures. If you splash water on a pet during a "crime", then he will immediately calm down. For this purpose, you can use a regular spray gun - as soon as the dog is caught doing a prohibited activity, direct several jets at it. As a result, you will get a calm animal.

What can be punished?

When punishing a dog for disobedience, you can not use a leash, collar and other things. Even if you punish your pet with one of these items once, it may make him reluctant to use them further. An ordinary newspaper will work very effectively.

A slap with rolled paper is completely painless, but accompanied by an unpleasant noise. And in combination with a formidable voice, this measure will become a truly serious punishment. If the situation develops in such a way that it is impossible to do without physical impact, then you can lightly slap the dog with your palm. At the same time, it is important that she does not see the owner’s hand in action, and, of course, you can’t swing at the dog. Otherwise, she will start to be afraid of you, and a wave of any person will provoke aggression and an attack.

Don't know how to punish a dog? In no case should you hit the animal or kick it with your feet. Firstly, it is absolutely inhumane, and secondly, it can cause a negative attitude towards the owner and his shoes. It will be very difficult to walk with such an animal, as she will wait for a catch from your legs. It is also not allowed to kick a pet in the stomach, beat on the head, pull the tail, and alsocause other types of pain.

how to punish a dog for disobedience on the street

How to punish a puppy?

Puppy is still that mischievous, he constantly has to be educated and monitored. How to punish the little one, so that later he would not be afraid of his master. Dog handlers are advised to imitate maternal behavior. When a dog doesn't like a puppy's behavior, it will growl as a warning. If the baby does not let up, then she takes him by the withers with her teeth and begins to shake. When the owner reproduces maternal behavior, it is not the strength and degree of physical impact that matters, but the very fact of disapproval.

how to punish a dog for disobedience

Forbidden moves

About how to punish a dog if it does not obey, you now know. But there are also forbidden methods:

  1. It is forbidden to beat the dog! She will turn into a downtrodden and cowardly creature, living in constant fear. Owners love their pets, so they must restrain themselves and learn how to humanely influence behavior, without causing physical pain. Doubt, understand the length of the dog when it is punished? These are very smart and loyal creatures, so they often catch what the owner says. This does not require the use of force. Assault is not education, but humiliation and cruelty!
  2. No need to yell at the animal. If you have a small puppy in front of you, then a cowardly creature will grow out of it, and an adult dog may begin to show aggression in response.
  3. Never lock upanimal without food and water in a confined space. She will not understand that it was a punishment, but she will hold a grudge.
  4. If during the educational conversation the dog lay down on its back, pressed its ears, bowed its head, then you should urgently stop scolding it. She understood and admitted her guilt, the continuation of such a conversation may scare her.

Tips for cynologists

So, let's highlight the main thing:

  1. You need to punish the dog, but on time. After some time, she will no longer be able to remember what she did wrong, and will not associate it with punishment.
  2. Always control your own emotions. Don't raise your voice and don't get angry. This will not bring a positive result, but you will lose the trust of the dog.
  3. The severity of the punishment should not depend on the size of the committed act. That is, one should not scold more for a gnawed sofa than for a damaged hairbrush.
  4. The dog must be taught commands such as “fu” or “no”. This will help to avoid many unpleasant situations.
  5. If one of the household or family members punishes an animal for a misconduct, the rest should not interfere in the process and intercede for it. Otherwise, the dog will not understand that he has committed a bad action. An exception may be situations if in the process of "debriefing" they go too far and exceed the permissible educational measures.
how to punish a dog if it doesn't obey


To punish a pet or not is a personal matter for each owner. The main thing in this matter is not to go to extremes, so as not tobecome an enemy, but not lose the dog's respect for you as the "leader" of the pack.

Love and cherish those you have tamed!

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